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Sandy Interviews David Goldrake, star of “Imaginarium” By Sandy Zimmerman “Jeffrey Osborne Feels Love is worth it All”-ALIANTE Hotel, September 15- by Sandy Zimmerman CHEF KENNY CREATES THE DIFFERENCE IN ASIAN VEGAN CUISINE Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-


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Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features the Duke of Fremont Street

Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-





Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-



December 5th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman



ANNOUNCING: SANDY ZIMMERMAN’S LAS VEGAS TV SHOWS AIR 14 X’S A WEEK  (different hours each day) along with Sandy’s CELEBRITY & RESTAURANT THEATER on FACEBOOK airing 24/7  AND ALSO SYNDICATED ARTICLES for Multi-Media coverage!


Would you like advice about creating an image/brand for yourself, for you as a professional, your band, or business?  

Sandy’s award-winning productions, known for more than 20 years on television and radio, include producing TV commercials, television programs, travel specials, infomercials, internet and specialized videos.

For information, suggestions, or questions, call Sandy Zimmerman: 702-515-0846.


Sandy Interviews David Goldrake, star of “Imaginarium” By Sandy Zimmerman

October 14th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photo of DAVID GOLDRAKE during interview and “ESCAPE” Photo by Sandy Zimmerman)

was invited to attend the closing night of “Imaginarium” after a successful run and discussed his plans in his dressing room after the show.

SZ: “Imaginarium” was so different, I heard you’re going to produce a new show.”

GOLDRAKE: “We had 369 shows in one and a half years and it’s been an amazing adventure at the Tropicana Hotel. We’ve had lots and lots of support through the local community as well as people from around the world coming to see us. This has been an amazing run.”

SZ: “Your show has changed from when I saw it opening night, you added so much more and you even hung from a rope in the ceiling being propelled across the audience to the stage.”

GOLDRAKE: “Yes, we’ve changed a lot of the show. When we opened,we had a vision for the show and were able to implement a lot of that vision in the last 16 months and happy we’ve gotten to this point. I’m excited to continue the progression and illusions of the show in our next venues.

We plan to do a new show in 2019 and are currently talking to a couple of people here in Las Vegas and have some options which are extremely interesting. I’m very excited to be able to develop the show and go in a new direction possibly.”

SZ: “There so much in this show how can you add any more?”

GOLDRAKE: “The skies the limit!”

SZ: “Can you tell us anything about your new show, I know it must be a secret!”

GOLDRAKE: “I won’t tell anything yet but you can expect it’s going to be bigger than the one we currently have, or it is going to be a completely new concept which is going to be a 360 degree surrounding environment. It all depends on whoever gets the show. I’m very happy to work on both projects now.”

#   #   #

“Imaginarium” is a spectacular show with exciting acts combined with magical feats, grand illusions, dancing routines, sideshow performers, and especially Goldrake actually performs Houdini’s dangerous under water escape as he perform on-stage almost the entire time of the show! You will be delighted with your experience. This show can be savored for its latest 20th century techniques or simply enjoyed for the fun of it by the whole family.

David Goldrake is known as the ‘International Man of Mystery.’ His artistic versatility and ability to speak seven languages fluently make him a unique magician, speaker, and actor who has inspired audiences all over the world. David Goldrake has performed for royalty, international celebrities and fortune 500 companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Samsung Electronics, J.P. Morgan Chase and Disney. His performing venues have ranged from the Moroccan desert to the world’s largest indoor stage at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV.

Award-winning Talk Show Host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show & Sandy Zimmerman’s Celebrity Theatre/ Syndicated columnist/TV Productions. For information, questions, or to recommend subjects, call (702)-515-0846, email Facebook@szlvtv

Sandy Zimmerman Hosts The Red Carpet at the Fifth Annual Pin-Up Pageant Scheduled October 13 in Las Vegas

September 22nd, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman
You will have all of the fun of an old fashioned Pin-Up Pageant in Las Vegas on Oct. 13, 2018, from 6 pm -1 am. The 5th Annual Pin-Up Pageant is the largest in Nevada with over 1,000 in attendance.

There is so much happening at the Pin-Up Pageant packed into one big night for your enjoyment! They are featuring a Red Carpet, Celebrity Judges, Talent Show, TWO bands: Lil Mo’ & the Dynaflos (LA) & The Dreamboats (Canada), Dapper Men’s and a Women’s Pin-Up Competition, 30+ Sponsors as well as Vendors.

Award-winning Talk Show Host/Journalist Sandy Zimmerman, of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show, will host the Red Carpet and also Meet & Greet. Sandy’s celebrity interviews are aired on her 2 shows and in articles.

The list of Celebrity Judges includes Jake DuPree (Actor & Fitness Guru), Barrie (Fables by Barrie), Sveinn (International Photographer), Peter Martini (2017 Dapper Man’s Winner), and others to be announced.

This event is also special because they will be Benefiting: 501 (C) 3 Femmes & Fellas Non Profit, High School Senior’s Scholarship Fund. You can have fun and help a high school senior!

For information contact: Amberjoy Burkhart 415-310-8950.

Volunteers for the event are still being accepted.


July 13th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman


“Chef Kenny creates the difference to Asian Vegan

By Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman and Chef Kenny)

When you taste Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan cuisine,it’s an experience you will long remember!

Savor the delights of Kenny’s real Vegan cooking and see how
healthy food should taste.

Chef Kenny explained, “I have Mandarin, Vegan, sushi,
and some dishes that I created myself. Some dishes
replicate Kung Pao chicken and beef converted to plant-based food.

On my menu, I have 17 Chinese dishes and from 12-15 on the Vegan side with sushi rolls.”

Most customers love my cooking. They say, “Chef you are so amazing. They love the sushi I created and continue to create.

I offer Vegan salmon, Vegan tuna and Vegan eel. I want to inspire people to see how we do real Vegan food.

I cook a lot of dishes just like beef, shrimp and fish- looks like, tastes like, and the texture is very close. Soy is substituted with delicious sauces.

Before I started my restaurants, I was involved in a wholesale business so I know how to choose food and pick up very good ingredients.

In 1988, I owned three restaurants in San Diego, moved
to Las Vegas and sold meat and seafood to hotels then I opened my first Vegan restaurant, in 2016, the Vegan Burger, and Chef Kenney’s opened last week. I want a Vegan sushi bar next year.

This is my seventh restaurant. In 2001, Other vegan restaurants use simple ingredients and just a few selections, people get more here.

For information, call 702-889-0939. Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant is located at
6820 Spring Mountain Road, and Rainbow. (Soybeans are legumes that originated in East Asia)

Sandy Zimmerman’s Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-

May 12th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“The Public is Invited to Sandy Zimmerman’s Meet The Duke of Fremont Street Free Event”



JOIN Talk Show Host/award-winning Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Show to meet a real-life adventurer, although he does not have mythical powers as in the movies, The Duke of Fremont Street seems to have nine lives and is using all of them!

As he explained, “Over my lifetime I have been blessed, I do have nine lives. I have been stung, stabbed, bitten, fallen off cliffs (plural), gone through windshields (plural). You’re not talking to the Duke, this is the remnants of The Duke after everything!”

Sandy, “This is what’s left of The Duke? Just as “normal” people find a Holiday Inn for their vacation, he seeks remote jungles.”

MEET & ASK The Duke QUESTIONS, WATCH SANDY’S HUMOROUS DOCUMENTARY ABOUT The Duke! Sandy filmed her documentary tracing his adventures to New Guinea, Botswana, Africa, Morocco, Amazon jungle, Brazil, and other countries.

RESERVATIONS- ATTEND Sandy Zimmerman’s FREE event: Please call 702-515-0846.
The Duke of Fremont Street appears- 1 pm, Saturday, June 2, at Tommy Rockers’ Restaurant & Bar, 4275 Dean Martin Drive, take Flamingo Road east, before the I-15 freeway, the far right lane direct to Dean Martin.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE FEATURED ON ONE OF “Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Specials”, “A SHOW ABOUT YOU”, please call 702-515-0846.

“Bruce Merrin Celebrates the Sixth Anniversary of his Sterling Club”

February 18th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Bruce Merrin Celebrates the Sixth Anniversary of his Sterling Club”
(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Bruce Merrin, known nationally for his distinguished career as President/Owner of the Celebrity Speakers & Entertainment Bureau, Inc., marked the sixth anniversary of his Sterling Club (social and business networking) at the Heartland Mansion.

Congratulations to Merrin for six years of bringing all the most prestigious worldwide meeting planners, as well as famous sports stars, entertainers, best-selling authors, newsmakers, politicians and distinguished guest speakers to the Sterling Club each month to assist members.

Merrin explained, “Of course we also book leading business authorities, motivational and inspirational speakers. This month we booked actor William Shatner and Dr. Wayne Dyers for big events in Florida.”

The beautiful Russian songstress Irina Nero headlined Bruce Merrin’s party and I had a chance to interview Irina before her show.

SZ:  “What type of music do you sing?”

IRINA: “I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra and other American singers. American music and movies are popular in Russia, I like soul, gospel and old style music but love jazz a lot.”

SZ: “I liked your personal interpretations and additions to each song during the rehearsal.
How long have you been singing?”

IRINA: “Since before I could walk!”

SZ: “Las Vegas is the best place for you with all of the entertainment here.”

IRINA: “I sing in the Italian American Club, Tuscany, and other beautiful restaurants in Las Vegas. If you want to spend an amazing dinner come to see me on Saturdays at the Mayakovski Russian Restaurant. I will sing for you all the beautiful Russian, American and songs from Armenia and other countries.”

SZ: “You must have a great repertoire!”

IRINA: “When I came to America, I only knew 12 songs, now I sing 70.”

SZ: “You probably know whatever song they want to hear.”

IRINA: “I want to tell my appreciation to Bruce Merrin for the anniversary of his Sterling Club. I wish Bruce good health, great mood, amazing happiness and what else, a huge success. Bruce is doing an amazing job working every day with a lot of energy and gets a lot of results.”

Merrin’s first major PR client was Michael Landon. He explained, “When I booked Michael on the Johnny Carson Show, we were both invited to Johnny’s home in Malibu for dinner. Johnny and Michael gave me the idea to begin my Celebrity Speakers & Entertainment company. They were my first two clients. We have booked every major President of the U.S. since Pres Reagan. We are currently booking the BEYOND THE SECRET presenters from the new movie/DVD for worldwide engagements.”

Award-winning syndicated columnist Sandy Zimmerman  and talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV. For information, questions, or to recommend subjects, please call (702)-515-0846.  FACEBOOK@SZLVTV

ANNOUNCING- Do you have a fave comedian, magician, illusionist, hypnotist, singer, variety act, group, entertainer, or Las Vegas show? Please send your choice, reasons for choosing the entertainer, your name, email, and you may win free show tickets or other prize.

Murray SawChuck’s Shrunken Head Party”

June 19th, 2017 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Now Murray Has His Own Shrunken Head

By Sandy Zimmerman

Murray SawChuck Celebrity Magician, at the Planet Hollywood, has always been ready to have a party but this one was really different!

The Golden Tiki Bar’s classic south Pacific look is the perfect place to see shrunken heads. They opened the curtain and the Shrunken Head ceremony began with The Baron of the Universe, The Golden Tiki’s managing partner Branden Powers and celebrity magician Murray SawChuck. Brandon opened the box and the shrunken head was presented to Murray.

Murray’s head looked like him complete with his swept-up hair and glasses. Glasses on a shrunken head? Well the Smithsonian artist Terry Barr wanted to be as accurate as possible.

There is really a method for making shrunken heads, not many people know how but being with the Smithsonian Museum, Terry Barr creates those on display at The Golden Tiki Bar.

Murray SawChuck Celebrity Magician (Planet Hollywood) and Douglas "Lefty" Leferovich Magician (Planet Hollywood)

He takes over four weeks with each of these special celebrity heads. There are now seven shrunken heads for you to compare with the “real” celebrities- Murray SawChuck, Vinnie Paul, Marky Ramone of The Ramones, Carrot Top, Frank Marino, Robin Leach and Norm Clarke.

Besides making shrunken heads, The Golden Tiki Bar offers dining and events.

Murray is known as a magician, comedian, actor, host, humanitarian (charity events) and maybe more. His show at the Planet Hollywood offers fun for the whole family.

Murray dubbed himself “The ‘Dennis the Menace’ of Magic,” and his shows often consist of a blend of “comical mishaps” that result in illusions and magic tricks. He was featured in the fifth season of America’s Got Talent, and is the resident magic historian on Pawn Stars. He has also appeared as a magic coach on five episodes of the VH1 series Celebracadabra, and has been a guest star on shows such as Reno 911! Last Comic Standing Celebrity Blind Date, War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave, Ring of Darkness and on tour worldwide.  For information about Murray SawChuck celebrity magician, see him at the Sin City Theater, Planet Hollywood, 4 pm, SUN, MON, THURS. & SAT. Call: (702) 777-6737.

Murray SawChuck Celebrity Magician and Chris Phillips AKA Zowie Bowie

The Golden Tiki is the vision of hospitality veteran Branden Powers, in collaboration with Seth Schorr, Jeff Fine and Joe Cain, The Golden Tiki has spared no expense in recreating the classic mid-century Tiki bar, reminiscent of Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s storied establishments. The cocktail menu features nostalgic classics and new creations, as well as a traditional Martinique TI service and a special treasure chest VIP experience.

For more information about The Golden Tiki Bar, visit or call 702-222-3196. Located in Chinatown, 3939 Spring Mountain Road.

Award-winning syndicated columnist Sandy Zimmerman is a Show and Dining reviewer as well as travel, health, luxury and more. Sandy is talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV. If you wish information, have questions about any of Sandy’s articles, wish to recommend subjects, call (702)-731-6491.

SUGGESTIONS: Do you have a fave comedian, singer, musician, hypnotist, ventriloquist, specialty act, production show or any other entertainer? Let Sandy know your fave, the reasons for your choice, your name/ email and you may win a prize.

Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Network is Airing “The Pick-Up” Country Program.

February 8th, 2016 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“The Pick-Up” cruises into February with another star-studded episode featuring Kenny Rogers, Randy Owen, The Oak Ridge Boys & The Bellamy Brothers, an exclusive interview with Lorrie Morgan, a tribute to The Eagles’ Glenn Frey and performance footage of Whoopi Goldberg joined with Hank Williams Jr., on “Wrapped Up, Tangled Up in Jesus” from Williams’ highest-charting studio release to date, IT’S ABOUT TIME, plus major news on other Country headliners.

“The Pick-Up” national television program moves fast with all your favorite country music stars and news. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with the country scene. The Pick-Up is real country, everything you want to see! Click Here to see episodes of “The Pick-Up”:

Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Network offers unique, one-of-a-kind, streaming television programs and music videos, along with multi-media reviews, reviews, articles and networking. The programs include “Sandy Zimmerman’s Celebrity Interviews Along the Academy Awards Red Carpet and most Las Vegas Red Carpet Events”, “Show Your Talent”, “Reality Shows” “Stars of Las Vegas” and “Host your own show.” Sandy has added social touches to make the network interactive like “Casting Calls”, “Meeting Announcements”, search for new talent and assisting people to host their own show.

For information, contact Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television at (702)-731-6491.


December 1st, 2015 • by Sandy Zimmerman

SEEKING SPECIAL GUESTS, TALENT, INTERVIEWS, VIDEOS, EVENTS, OPENINGS, & INFORMATION FOR THE FOLLOWING . . . SANDY’S CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS ALONG THE RED CARPET, “STARS OF LAS VEGAS”- Today’s Stars Make Las Vegas Great, “Show Your Talent” on Television, “Host Your Own Show”, Shows/ Dining/Cars & Film Reviews, Medicine, Luxury Living,  Travel and More! Multi-Media Articles, One Page Websites. “STREAMING LIVE SHOWS “On Location” Around Las Vegas; Award-Winning/ Syndicated Columnist/ Talk Show Host/ CEO Sandy Zimmerman, CEO, Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Network (702)-731-6491 P.O. Box #750211, Las Vegas, NV. 89136, Email:

Gift Guide- Holland House Books-

December 11th, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Some people inherit the strangest things… A dark, unsettling story of family, obsession, and the choices people make in life: a story about difference. Holland House Publishing.

A CRASH COURSE in social skills for teens to ensure success in school, work and life. The solution to get your teens to put down the electronics (and feel good about it!), make eye contact, and have a conversation! Get A Good Job. Make More Money. Make A Difference.

Gifts- Wild Child Publishing

December 11th, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman

When Ashley Brown was five years old, her parents left her in the care of her grandma, though her mother promised to return for her. At fourteen, Ashley is still living with her grandmother in Highland, a city on the outskirts of Maryville, a place known as the “ghetto.”

Ashley has shadowy memories of her mother taking her to her favorite place, the library. Reading a good book allows Ashley to escape her poverty and crime infested community.

One afternoon after listening to the mayor’s press conference, Ashley discovers that the mayor is taking away the community library. In spite of being put on punishment for a week by her grandma for defending herself from the school bullies, Ashley feels it is worth the risk to sneak out of her apartment to mail a letter she has written to the mayor about keeping the library open.

Every day homeless people approach her and beg for something to eat or for money. The most frequent requests come from two disheveled individuals Ashley has nicknamed “Orphan Annie” and the “business-man bum.” As if escaping the homeless people isn’t enough, there

Sandy Zimmerman’s Videos for Every Reason

November 22nd, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Talk Show Host/ Syndicated Columnist Sandy Zimmerman produces custom-made videos for weddings, parties, resumes, red carpet events, business, demonstration videos, travel specials, for websites, gifts and much more! Contact Sandy Zimmerman for information and questions, 702-731-6491


September 9th, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Make a Big SPLASH with a Whale of a Cookie!

Hawaii’s whale season started early this year, with September’s first sighting of a Humpback Whale in Hawaiian waters. To celebrate, Honolulu Cookie Company (HCC) is proud to release their new Whale Cookie, a delicious shortbread treat shaped like the distinctive flukes of a Hawaiian Humpback Whale.

The Whale Collection has limited availability and can only be ‘spotted’ in Honolulu Cookie Company’s two Maui retail stores, Front Street and Whaler’s Village, and in four Oahu retail stores:  Ala Moana Shopping Center, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach and Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, as well as online at

“Every year we get excited when we see the humpback whales return to our Hawaiian waters,” said Ginger Waters, Vice President of Marketing with Honolulu Cookie Company.  “These seasonal cookies make a great gift, and they also celebrate our partnership with Pacific Marine Life Foundation, a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to public education and efforts to sustain all 20 species of Hawaii dolphins and whales.”

“Honolulu Cookie Company is showing true aloha for the whales by giving back to these wonderful creatures who give all of us so much pure joy,” said Jason Price, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Pacific Marine Life Foundation (PMLF). “We are grateful for Honolulu Cookie Company’s partnership and generous support.”

The Whale Collection comes in beautiful sea blue packaging decorated with humpback whale motifs.  The deep blue Whale Collection Wrap Box, bearing a large cut-out of a joyful leaping whale, holds 12 whale cookies in 4 Honolulu Cookie Company flavor favorites, including Pineapple Macadamia and Chocolate Dipped Macadamia ($14.95).

The larger, elegant Whale Collection Gift Box pays tribute to the majestic grandeur of these awe-inspiring mammals in a quilted turquoise blue box embossed with a silver whale design and wrapped with a silver bow.  The Gift Box contains 24 whale cookies in 8 signature flavors, include Dark Chocolate Coconut and White Chocolate Kona Coffee.

Order online at or call toll-free, 866-333-5800. And visit the official Facebook page for updates and details!

About Honolulu Cookie Company

Since 1988, Honolulu Cookie Company’s premium shortbread cookies have been made from the original recipe using Hawaii’s freshest and finest ingredients.  Baking begins every morning at 5 A.M. in Honolulu and each cookie is individually wrapped.

On Oahu, Honolulu Cookie Company has seven retail stores in Waikiki, one at Ward Warehouse and a kiosk in the Makai Food Court at Ala Moana Shopping Center.  On Maui, Honolulu Cookie Company has a store in the Shops at Whalers Village and a second on Front Street in Lahaina. A third Maui store will open in the Shops at Wailea later this year. Honolulu Cookie Company’s first mainland retail store opened in The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Palazzo in Las Vegas, Nevada in May 2014. Their first international location opened in July 2014 in Seoul, Korea.

In addition, Honolulu Cookie Company cookies are available at retail partners: Neiman Marcus, Tommy Bahama and DFS stores; go to for details.  Plus, folks are always welcome to drop by Honolulu Cookie Company’s headquarters and shop at the adjoining retail store for last minute purchases on the way to the airport!

About Pacific Marine Life Foundation

Pacific Marine Life Foundation, led by marine scientists, environmentalists and educators, supports public education and scientific research that helps identify solutions to the most critical conservation challenges facing marine species and ecosystems in the Pacific basin.

PMLF encourages responsible activities that educate the public and strengthen their connections to marine life, inspiring future generations of ocean stewards. To learn more about Pacific Marine Life Foundation, their educational programs or to volunteer or donate, visit


Think about a world where healthcare has no adverse side effects. Where you experience no pain during or after your healthcare procedures. Picture a world where our children look at us and ask incredulously, “Really!? Did people really used to swallow poisons to try to get well?” We have become so desensitized by our no-pain-no-gain attitudes that the onslaught of elective surgeries and pharmaceutical commercials letting us know that their newest pill may cause “severe stomach aches” or result in “sudden death” don’t even cause us to bat an eye.
But mention the word healer to someone and it can induce responses anywhere from eye-rolling to images of flowing robes, crystals, incense and wands. We understand that the body heals itself. A cast on a broken ankle allows it to be protected while the bone heals itself! Yet mention the word “healing” outside of a mainstream medical context and it’s as if the sky is falling. This is truly a shame as there is much more for us to discover in relation to our health that has so far eluded the grasp of mainstream conservative Western medicine… although Western medicine is beginning to open their eyes to this as newer generations take over and as more and more discoveries are made in quantum physics as to how the body really heals.
Leading expert in the healing world, Dr. Eric Pearl, is helping to legitimize new forms of health practices and reestablish the word healing as a true health term, returning it to its rightful place in today’s healthcare lexicon. As founder of Reconnective Healing®, an advanced level of energy healthcare, and author of international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself [HAY HOUSE], now in 39 languages, he travels worldwide educating healing practitioners of all fields in the art, science and philosophy of Reconnective Healing. He teaches them that there is no longer the need to add superstition and complex technique, fear-based ritual or protections or healing gadgets to their work. He points out that healing has nothing to do with faith, hope or belief and, in his tongue-in-cheek manner, admonishes about the ridiculousness of using “healing toys” in your practice.
Healing crystals, candles, protective rituals and the like are being used as marketing tools that promote fear disguised as love, fear instead of science.
Eric Pearl is bringing the science back into healing, working with the medical community and conducting clinical studies with quantifiable results. Newer scientific understandings and concepts of quantum physics such as string theory, DNA evolution and the discovery not only of new levels of light, but that we as human beings actually emit measurable levels of light, as well as how we interact with one another’s energy fields show us that we affect the health of one another without even physically touching each other.

In his book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (, Dr. Pearl talks about string theory and how energy, light and frequencies are closely tied to our senses and perception, to our states of balance and, therefore, to our states of health: “String theory proposes that the shape and content of the entire universe is determined by vibrational frequencies in the heart of every single atom, every single particle.
The effects of vibration go far beyond what our senses are easily able to distinguish. For example, the force that makes a magnet stick to your refrigerator is the same one that enables you to see the contents of the refrigerator when you open the door at night: electromagnetism. The only difference between magnetism and visible light is the frequency of the energy’s wave motion. What are colors? Different frequencies of visible light as interpreted by our brains.
What are heat and cold? Different frequencies of molecular movement, again interpreted by our brains. In his seminars around the world, Eric teaches you how to facilitate healings not only for yourself, but for others.
Wrapping your brain around these concepts can be daunting and many in the medical community would rather stick to what they have been taught in older textbooks and leave the “mad” science – today’s new understandings – to the geeks. But science marches forward. There is a much closer connection than you may think between what we know about atoms and subatomic particles, light waves, the universe and your health. As doctors learn to see the human body both as connected to and an integral part of the universe, and not just a collection of cells, limbs and organs, progress is being made and it is clear that an important shift in the health industry is taking place.
Eric Pearl has been helping people all around the world learn how to heal themselves and others. The 2-4 day interactive and intensive seminar will next be coming to San Diego at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on November 7-11th. For more information, go to

(The opinions and practices of the authors of this book are there opinions and we do not recommend or
support these practices.)  (Ask a medical doctor before trying new remedies.)


“Healthy Feet”

August 23rd, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman

By Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by Pluggz)

There is a different way of buying shoes today, how they look and how healthy they are for the feet.

Everything about Pluggz shoes is different- their styles and construction as well as inside and outside the shoe.

Sharon Whiteley, Founder and CEO of LISTEN Brands, LLC,

“We are the only company that has the carbon and rubber technology. The foot is most sensitive in the shoe where our plug connects to the body, you are grounded.

Pluggz carries three classic styles of shoes- the ballet style flat with metallic-colored toe, the laser-cut and the moccasin.

The Laser designed needle-size cuts are open slightly making the leather shoes a little bit lighter for hot climates, summer seasons and resort wear.

The Metallic ballet-styled shoes shine with the contrasting color over the toes. It pops out accenting the toes. The shoe is not totally rounded and yet not totally pointed. We don’t want a pointy toe.

Wear them with jeans and never take them off unless they are going to a wedding.

Even the colors are different, not the usual colors. They are earth and metal colors. We look for a pop color, this year it is plum. Pluggz does follow fashion and watches the color trends.”

Pluggz leans toward the brighter side of the palliate because we are about energy and connectivity and believe the brighter colors reinforce that story.”

Turn the shoe over and look at the specially raised heel. How the pieces are put together. They have slip resistant, rubber soles.

In addition, we have arches and heals in our insoles that are padded with memory foam. They are bio-mechanically engineered with our heals to keep the body upright and stable.

Many other flats on the market are not good for your feet. If you look at the insole, they are totally flat and have no arch whatsoever.

Peoples’ feet perspire. There is no way you have a body part having friction not having sweat. By having a moisture resistant (wicking) mesh lining it breathes a little bit and doesn’t get sticky.

Pluggz are bio-mechanically engineered for true comfort. We have the trampoline heal, you don’t jump on it.

Besides our shoes being different, they are all manufactured with high quality leather skins or high quality leather suedes.

The quality is that Pluggz are hand-made shoes, reminiscent of the early shoemakers.

You can see Pluggz Shoes’ unique construction on their website’s videos and illustrations.

For information about the concept of grounding or about Pluggz Shoes, call (800)-771-8314.

Award winning Sandy Zimmerman is a syndicated columnist featuring Show and Dining reviews, Travel, Health, Spas, Luxury, Cars and more. Sandy is talk show host of the Las Vegas Today Show programs and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. If you want to suggest topics for articles, for information or to ask any questions about Sandy’s articles, call (702)-731-6491.

Reconnect Yourself to the Earth’s Energy

August 8th, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman


Pluggz “grounding” shoes not only look great and are amazingly comfortable, they are carefully designed, engrained and constructed to provide a supporting fit that is mechanically good for your body.

Every pair of Pluggz has a Trampoline heel, a cut-out on the bottom of the show that allows the heel bone to stay centered. The classical design
offers cushioning during heel strike and takes weight away rather than aclid rubber making it more comfortable to wear.

The sole and heels benefits of a wedge since the instead of sole is filled in, while keeping the look of a heel on the outside of the shoe.

This helps support the foot and keeps it more stable. As a result of this design, there is no need for a shank which keeps the

shoe lighter and softer.

By Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by Pluggz)

In ancient times, people walked barefoot. Throughout the years civilization brought modern advances.

Sharon Whiteley, Founder and CEO of LISTEN Brands, LLC, believes, “There are healthy benefits of walking barefoot. We don’t have that direct connection to the earth any more. Our bodies are electron deficient.

Science proves the physiological benefits of getting that connection restored.”

SZ: “What are the benefits of being grounded?”

Sharon, “Most of us think of the word being grounded as being balanced and getting centered and this is physiologically what happens.

I attended a conference and the subject switched to grounding aka earthing. The basic message, earth is an electrical field that has natural energy in the form of electrons and our bodies are electrical systems as well.

The very best thing that someone can do is walk barefoot on the grass or beach for 20-30 minutes but 95% of us cannot do it.

We decided to create a product that people could use in their daily lives to get them more connected to earth and benefit from this natural energy.”

SZ: “You can walk barefoot in shoes?”

Sharon: “When you walk in Pluggz Shoes, the energy comes from the ground up. You walk directly on the ground, which is grass, sand, dirt, gravel, tile and brick, city sidewalks or concrete (concrete is water and sand). You are getting connected to the earth. That is like going barefoot without being barefoot.

SZ: “Pluggz Shoes look similar to all other shoes except for the 1-¼” black circle inside the shoes and on the soles.”

Sharon: “Pluggz is a custom formulated carbon and rubber block plug. If the shoe just had a rubber sole without the carbon mixture it would not be conductive. The carbon and rubber mixture makes it conductive.”

SZ: “We can just plug ourselves in like plugging a lamp into an electrical outlet.

Sharon: “The plug on the outside penetrates through the hole in the shoe. The piece of it on the bottom is what is hitting the ground.

What makes our shoes conduct to the earth is the design of the shoes at the metatarsal area, the insole of the shoe, inside the foot pad, called the K-1 point. The ball of the foot is the most sensitive part of the foot for nerve endings to be able to get the earth’s energy into your body. It happens to be an acupressure point.

These shoes have insoles that are made of a wicking anti-microbial lining. Wicking means that there is some ability to absorb moisture so the feet don’t get sticky as feet perspire even in the winter.

For information about the concept of grounding or about Pluggz Shoes, call (800)-771.8314.

Award winning Sandy Zimmerman is a syndicated columnist featuring Show and Dining reviews, Travel, Health, Spas, Luxury, Cars and more. Sandy is talk show host of the Las Vegas Today Show programs and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. If you want to suggest topics for articles, for information or to ask any questions about Sandy’s articles, call (702)-731-6491.

Pelican Publishing Company

August 8th, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman


August 7th, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman

New York Times Bestselling Romance Author Meets Husband In A Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Could It Be The Perfect Love Story?

That’s exactly what happened to Lisa Renèe Jones, author of the sexy Inside Out Series, described as part Fifty Shades, with the thrilling suspense of Gone Girl. One day before her career took off, Lisa was in a Barnes and Noble at the New Release rack, dreaming of the day her books might be there, when her now husband, also a book addict, approached her. From there, love bloomed, and the story gets even better.

Diego was a physical therapist, laid off when the office had financial troubles, and Lisa was a starving artist. They began auction-hunting before’ Storage Wars’ made it popular. During that time, Diego found a journal and started reading. Lisa often jokes he was such a chick reading it. ‘Someone is dead next door!’ ‘She’s pregnant again!’ ‘What is she thinking?’ He decided right then that Lisa needed to write a story about a journal found in a storage unit, and either someone dies or they turn into a zombie. She opted out of the zombie idea, but after Diego “nagged” her (her words, not his) for several years, she sat down and penned the mystery.

The story tells of a prim and proper school teacher, Sara McMillan, who inherits a storage unit full of Rebecca Mason’s belongings. Sara reads Rebecca’s journal and could relate to how the other woman has feared her dreams but chased them despite that fear. When the journal ends ominously, she also fears for her life. Sara seeks out Rebecca, but is unable to find her. Somehow Sara begins living Rebecca’s life without meaning to, becoming involved with the same people that Rebecca knew, and with one man in particular. Lisa uses sex as a tool to show vulnerability when we trust someone. What if we trust the wrong people? What if we do it at a time in our lives when we feel the most exposed?

The story was an immediate bestseller and was quickly snapped up for cable television, currently in development with acclaimed producer Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland w/Johnny Depp, Austin Powers, Must Love Dogs, and more).

“Lisa has created a beautiful, complicated, and sensual world that is filled with intrigue and suspense. Sara’s character is strong, flawed, complex, and sexy – a modern girl we all can identify with. I’m thrilled to develop a television show that will tell Sara’s whole story – her life, her work, her friends, and her sexuality,”
– Suzanne Todd, Producer of Alice in Wonderland

Since the release of book 1 in the series, If I Were You, Diego and Lisa’s life has changed, their dreams have been realized, and it all started with their love of books, and inside a Barnes and Noble. Lisa and Diego can be seen weekly on YouTube with their adorable Oriental Shorthair cat, Julie. Recently, Lisa convinced the rather shy Diego to “Read from Fifty Shades of Grey and If I Were You. If that isn’t love, what is?” To see that video and more, visit Lisa’s YouTube channel:

Book 4 of the Inside Out series, No In Between, where all the secrets behind Rebecca’s disappearance are revealed, is due out August 19th. Find out more about Lisa at:

The series begins with If I Were You


August 7th, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman

True North: The Shocking Truth About “Yours, Mine and Ours”–

An Inspirational Story of Survival and Hope, by Tom North

Unlike the Movie, This Family Had Deep Dark Secrets.

Meditation was Tom North’s Saving Grace.
Today, he is a leading advocate promoting meditation for trauma survivorsand anyone who feels alone and depressed.

This book has important implications for anyone who has suffered family trauma, PTSD, depression and other major life struggles.

They appeared to be the blissful Beardsleys, the happily blended family–eight of Helen North’s, ten of Frank Beardsley’s, and two children from their union. A family so famous in America that Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda played the parents in a movie–Yours, Mine and Ours–that was the fourth highest grossing movie of 1968 and the Golden Globe winner.

You saw the family in newspaper photos, TV news, movie newsreels and even Langendorf Bread commercials. But they were anything from blissful; in fact they were the beaten and battered Beardsleys.

That’s the real hidden story behind the spotlight. And Tom North, Helen’s second eldest son, is now revealing how he survived the ordeal of living with a horrifyingly abusive stepfather that drove him to depression and drugs, and deprived him of his self-worth–and a mother who protected the image of the “perfect” family at all costs.

But True North – The Shocking Truth About “Yours, Mine and Ours” is much more than an inspiring and powerful account of a man who rose to success against all odds. It’s a story of how Transcendental Meditation (TM) brought peace to Tom North and saved his life. It brings to light how effective meditation is as a means for healing trauma survivors and especially those who have endured any form of verbal, physical or sexual abuse.

North—today an accomplished writer, motivational speaker, financial advisor, poet and adventurer—is one of meditation’s most vocal advocates for people who are disaffected or suffering from emotional pain.

“My mission is to reach out to people who feel isolated or misunderstood in the world and help them understand that they are not alone, and that their feelings may well be related to experiences they had in their early lives where they felt victimized by those who had greater power than they did. Those experiences may have caused great pain,” says North. “The more people experience their own divinity and essential nature, the more they will actually relate to humanity and see the beauty in themselves and in the world, and not the pain. It IS possible to take the broken pieces of a life, put them back together again and become a happy person.”

No one could be better to prove the point than North. The book begins in the 1950s on Whidbey Island, Washington, where Tom’s mother, Helen North, became a widow when she was just 30 years old and pregnant with her eighth child, when her Navy-flier husband is killed in an accident. Tom was six years old, the fourth child in the North family. Not long after, Helen North met and married Frank Beardsley, a man with 10 children, and she moved her family to his house in Carmel, California. The North children were adopted and their names were changed to Beardsley.

But, it wasn’t one big happy family as the movie depicted. The stepfather’s violence and abuse created a life of intimidation, confusion, turmoil, fear and depression for the North children. Tom’s only solace was with his time spent out of the house, exploring the beaches, forests and other natural environments near his home, giving vent to his natural adventurous spirit. But that was only a momentary respite. It all crushingly returned when he got home and he or one of his siblings was subjected to the next beating or episode of sexual abuse.

All hope seemed lost as Tom realized that he was caught in a prison and there was no way out. When he finally left home, he traveled on a journey of survival, self-discovery, and healing that began when he attended an introduction to TM.

Astonished at the relief meditation provided, the sense of bliss that only drugs had previously offered, and the clarity he experienced, he began to practice daily.

Having set his sights on going to college for a business degree–regardless of his stepfather calling him “stupid” and both parent’s discouragement–Tom made enough money through a summer job on fishing boats in Alaska to enter a school that offered both a business degree AND meditation–Maharishi International University (MIU) in Fairfield, Iowa.

Here the curricula covered everything from biology and accounting, to spirituality and social justice.

Having genuinely found himself and connected with his Divine nature, North ultimately returned home to Carmel where he is happily married with two grown daughters and has thrived as a financial advisor.

But while meditation had provided a foundation of emotional strength, health and spiritual connection for himself, there was still residual pain for him and all of his siblings.

The book accounts how Tom courageously and miraculously led his family to counseling sessions where the shocking truth was finally revealed and confronted. He then came full circle, as he reclaimed his father’s name and was finally, True North.

This book has important implications for anyone who has suffered family trauma, abuse, PTSD, depression and other major life struggles. To book Tom North for a compelling interview on the power of meditation to overcome and heal trauma, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details.

BOOKS for Gifts: Cote Reset Diet- Her- Eating Wildly- The Money Compass-

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“Hertz Neighborhood Rentals Revolutionizes the Car Renting Experience”

April 29th, 2014 • by Sandy Zimmerman

The James Bond Wine Table

May 15th, 2010 • by admin
When you visit Del Friscos, do not miss seeing the most amazing $1.2 million dollar James Bond table. Looking like a normal table at first, Jacque touched her remote control pad and the table suddenly opened to present the James Bond OO7 Films Wine Collection. Eighteen magnums of Cabernet wine from Napa Valley wineries each represent different Bond films. These one- of-a kind bottles are each laser-edged.

Information & Reservations
Telephone: 796-0063.
Address: 3925 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 5-10:30 pm; Sun. 5-10 pm