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INVITATION to our "ALL IN ONE SPA"-A HARMONY NAILS, SALON & SPA WELCOMES YOU! BY Sandy Zimmerman The Diestel Difference: Doing Turkey the Right Way for 70 Years “Experience Fogo de Chão Restaurant’s Authentic Brazilian Churrasco Dinner” By Sandy Zimmerman “Alex Boyė Opens for Jay Leno’s 2019 Aces of Comedy at the Mirage Hotel & Casino” By Sandy Zimmerman ANNOUNCING LAS VEGAS SHOWS--WORLD'S FASTEST MAGICIAN HANS KLOK


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“Celestia’s” Out-of-this-world Experience at the STRAT Hotel (Stratosphere) By Sandy Zimmermn

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Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features the Duke of Fremont Street

Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-


INVITATION to our "ALL IN ONE SPA"-A HARMONY NAILS, SALON & SPA WELCOMES YOU! BY Sandy Zimmerman The Diestel Difference: Doing Turkey the Right Way for 70 Years Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! “Celestia’s” Out-of-this-world Experience at the STRAT Hotel (Stratosphere) By Sandy Zimmermn


GIFT GUIDE-BEAUTY-- The Greeks Invite You to their Food Festival! Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! “The Park MGM Hotel’s Eataly Transports Italy to You!”- By Sandy Zimmerman SICHUAN, CHINA MUSICAL PERFORMANCE AT THE ORLEANS HOTEL


Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-



November 30th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Inspired by Celebrity Brow Expert Tonya Crooks, the Jetsetter Kit is the perfect starting point for a brow. Arches & Halos is dedicated to providing all women, no matter their eyebrow type, simple and easy to use, Eyebrow Grooming, Shaping and Coloring tools and tips. By following Tonya Crook’s simple step-by-step eyebrow maintenance instructions and using the Arches & Halos professional quality brow tools, anyone can enhance their eyebrows, and become their inner goddess.

Eyebrows, those tiny hairs that frame each eye, when groomed, styled and colored properly make your eyes your #1 beauty statement. Subtle, yet Bold your eyebrows become your new natural looking beauty hero, possessing superpowers, never to be missed, nor forgotten.

GIFTS-Arches & Halos will be the go to destination for everything brow! Anyone can now experience how easy and simple it is to achieve Goddess like brows from the Brow Master herself, Tonya Crooks.                                                                                Embodied Brows. Embodied Beauty. Be Bold. Be Graceful. Be Light. Be You.                                                          





November 17th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman


A Harmony Nail Salon is an “ALL IN ONE SPA” featuring their luxurious “Throne
Room Pedicure/Manicure Treatments” with Healing Quartz Gemstone Therapy Counter tops, Couples Massages, Color Therapy,  Gemstone Therapy, Chromatography/Led Light Therapy, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing, CBD Healing, Couples/Friends Services, 
Bridal & Special occasions, Spiritual Healing/Cleansing Soaks, Meditation, AND MORE!!

Just re-opening to show their beautiful new renovations, Paula Sadler, Owner, Sr. Nail Technician, Certified Healer, and Therapist, says, “I invite you to experience the most unique and beautiful healing spa in Las Vegas. You have never seen anything quite like this!”

Her full service salon and day spa is a great place to escape the tensions of every day life. You can relax with these full-service luxury treatments at reasonable prices and that is important! When you don’t worry about the price you can really enjoy yourself!

Paula has 20 years experience in beauty and wellness treatments and a certified Reiki practitioner. She offers a variety of beauty and wellness treatments with holistic and natural products. There’s 2,600 square feet, 12 nail stations 5 station hair salon, 5 treatment rooms for facials, massage, waxing, body treatments and holistic healing with a dedicated large studio for side by side facial and massages for couples, family and friends in the treatment room. All of A Harmony staff
are trained in the highest standards of customer service and receive ongoing education.






Take a tour of the new ‘Throne Room”, visit A Harmony Nail Spa, near the Las Vegas Strip, 953 E. Sahara Ave., inside the historic Commercial Center District Village Square, between Maryland Parkway and Paradise Road. 

Award-winning Sandy Zimmerman has produced television programs, documentaries, and travel specials: Beijing, the Yangtze River Cruise, and “Visiting a Kazakh Family in a Yurt along Marco Polo’s Silk Road”-China; “Castles, Wine and Trattorias” travel specials in Italy; and around the world as well as in the US: Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park, and the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park; an authentic real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada; and more.

With 25 years’ experience as a television talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television, Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show, and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials, Syndicated Journalist- Show & Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury. For information, questions, comments please contact Sandy Zimmerman: (702)-515-0846.  Facebook@szlvtv   



Sandy Zimmerman


The Diestel Difference: Doing Turkey the Right Way for 70 Years

November 12th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman



Fourth Generation Family Ranch Provides a Modern Take on Turkey with Progressive Farming Practices.

Sonora, CA – The Diestel Family Ranch has been raising the leanest, cleanest, most delicious turkeys since 1949 and is today one of the few small, family-owned and operated ranches left in the nation. Run by a team of passionate and forward-thinking, fourth-generation turkey farmers, the team’s innovative and sustainable farming practices are paving the way for future generations, while keeping to high standards that have remained unchanged since the ranch’s founding. The Diestel family has a relentless passion for doing things the right way, without compromise, and the result is the best damn turkey money can buy. Giving the other bird, the bird (figuratively speaking), Diestel’s chef-recognized, artisan turkey products have set the benchmark in the marketplace and are giving a contemporary edge to this classic lean protein.

When Grandpa Jack officially founded the Diestel Family Ranch, he and his Uncle Ernest knew that grit, passion and patience were what it took to raise the finest quality turkeys. They valued time as an essential ingredient at the ranch, reading the seasons, understanding the rhythms of nature, and allowing the birds time and space to mature and roam naturally. Jack’s son, Tim, and his wife Joan brought these values forward and modernized the family business by producing the first turkeys to become certified organic, the first to become Non-GMO Project Verified, and one of the first to achieve GAP 5, the highest animal welfare rating in the industry.

Today, the ranch is led by dynamic daughter Heidi, science-driven son Jason, and adventure-loving son-in-law Jared. A powerhouse blend of youthful energy, new ideas, and time-tested tradition, this fourth-generation trio adopted their parents’ insatiable hunger for always doing better and are driven to go above and beyond what’s expected. With a focus on careful farming practices and quality craftsmanship, they continue to define the Diestel Difference. From the farm and their family to the food and our future, the gist is, if there’s a right choice, they’ll make it. No compromises; no question. 

FARM: From walking the flock daily and paying close attention to the turkey’s health (removing the need for antibiotics), to lining their barns with fresh pine wood shavings and using 100% organically approved probiotic and natural cleaners, Diestel is committed to thoughtfully raising healthy and wholesome birds. Unlike most producers in the industry that use only one standard breed to fill a 10-40+ pound weight range, Diestel uses many different breeds of turkeys and allows each to fully mature at their naturally intended weight and exhibit natural behavior. Slow grown with plenty of fresh air and space to roam, whether indoors or outdoors, Diestel turkeys are raised with double the space as conventional birds. In addition, they’re given a slow-growth formula of corn and soy fortified with vitamins and minerals that results in the birds taking 25%-45% more time to reach their ideal weight than conventionally grown birds. The freshly ground, 100% vegetarian, free-choice mash (no pelletized feed or dried distiller grains!) is produced at the family’s own grain mill on the farm. Operating under the strictest animal welfare, quality and safety standards, Diestel’s farms are certified by the Global Animal Partnership, Non-GMO Project Verified, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, and Where Food Comes From certified. In addition, their plants are certified by the USDA and the Non-GMO Project. These organizations conduct regular audits to validate the farming practices of the Diestel ranches and its partners.

FAMILY: Over the past 70 years, the Diestel family has grown a lot—and not just by blood. Each of its customers, partners, team members and the community has helped to make the company what it is today and are treated like an extension of the family, with kindness and respect. Diestel’s employees receive competitive pay and terrific benefits. When it comes to the community, each year Diestel donates over 100,000 pounds of turkey to their local food bank, partners with Meals on Wheels to provide meal home delivery to isolated seniors living in Tuolumne County, and donates Diestel compost to schools that employ on-site gardens. Diestel birds have always, and will always, give back.

It’s not enough to protect the earth; Diestel is on a mission to restore it. Committed to the environment and conserving biological resources, Diestel practices regenerative agriculture on its farms. They invest in their own composting (that’s good s%*t!…literally) and water treatment facilities on the ranch to reduce waste stream, conserve ground water, and reuse valuable resources. They’ve also completely eliminated toxic chemicals, fertilizers and inorganic substances on their farms, including chlorine and ammonium-based sanitizer, and use effective cleaners certified by the Green Clean Institute and oxygenated water at their production facilities to ensure food safety. Constantly pursuing new and innovative farming practices, Diestel is shrinking the boot that makes their environmental footprint and paving the way for future generations. They’re not just rolling up their sleeves to make a difference. They’re tearing them off!

The Diestel Family Ranch produces premium-quality, natural and organic, year-round and holiday products that are sold at select retailers nationwide and online at New product launches include a lineup of fresh ground turkey, turkey franks and turkey bacon, a holiday cook-in-bag turkey breast, and beef and pork deli slices. For more information visit or contact 888-4-Gobble / Also find @diestelturkey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.





October 21st, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman














I found an EVERYTHING purse- so big, you have a lot of room for whatever you need that day! This is the Porto Vino Wine Purse, you can bring the party with you! It’s a TOTE bag, WINE PURSE, fashionable purse, and you might find another way to use the Porto Vino Wine Purse!

Produced as a WINE PURSE, this holds and pours 2 bottles of wine on the go! If you are going to a romantic evening for two, a day with your friends, or whatever you are planning, the WINE PURSE is the answer! It’s new and fits whatever you are doing day or night.

Discreetly pour on the go from the hidden pouring spout stored behind the designer flap

Amaze your friends with this fashionable PortoVino wine purse that you can use every day with or without the beverage pouch

Bring wine or any beverage of Your choice with the easy to fill party pouch with spout, no glass bottles. Use Wine, Water, Spirits, etc

Keep your drinks chilled and hidden in the secret, zippered compartment designed for storing your beverage pouch

Conveniently hold all your things in the main, lined compartment or in side pockets.

Save hundreds of $$$ by bringing your own drinks wherever you go. It will pay for itself!

Give Back When you purchase a PortoVino, you’ll be feeding a child

Perfect Gift for any wine lover!



“Experience Fogo de Chão Restaurant’s Authentic Brazilian Churrasco Dinner” By Sandy Zimmerman

October 10th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

The Fogo de Chão Restaurant is very special, not the usual restaurant experience. I was invited to Fogo’s media dinner celebrating the completion of their renovations.

Interview with Marcio Bonfada, Fogo de Chão Area Manager:

Bonfada: “Fogo de Chão opened in Las Vegas in 2011 and recently we wanted to change the decor, the walls, and pictures with everything new, especially the bar. The lounge is a comfortable waiting area now.

We offer a great Happy Hour from 4:30 to 6:30 pm to enjoy snacks, drinks, and Bar Fogo- small and large plates of appetizers and Brazilian inspired drinks.”

SZ: “I love the way the servers come to my table, their skewers filled with gigantic cuts of meats and I can eat as much as I want.

There’s several different cuts of steak, some not found in other restaurants.”

Bonfada: “We have a variety of roasted meats and authentic Brazilian cuts like our signature Steak Picanha- the prime part of top sirloin, the beef Ancho Ribeye, Alcatra Sirloin, Fraldinha- bottom sirloin, Costela beef ribs, bacon wrapped steak, the Filet mignon, and New York strip steak.”

SZ: “What If someone has a health diet or can only eat certain foods?”

Bonfada: “We also offer pork, chicken, lamb, sausage, and seafood.  

Our seafood is served with a Brazilian twist. There’s smoked salmon, chilled lobster, shrimp appetizers, Mango Chilean Sea-bass, pan-seared salmon, shrimp cocktail, and garlic shrimp.”

SZ: “What is on the Market Table?”

Bonfada: “The Market Table features specialty salads, imported cheese, cured meats, antipasti, charcuterie, and side dishes with over 60 items.”

SZ: “The Market Table is a meal in itself!”

Bonfada: “Absolutely!”

SZ: “In the main dining room, the servers cut the food in front of us at each table but what about banquets?”

Bonfada: “It is the same way for banquets, tonight you will be in the banquet room and each person will receive personal attention. We cater weddings, business meetings, and other celebrations.  

For reservations or information, call (702) 431-4500. Fogo de Chão is located at

360 E. Flamingo Rd., in the Hughes Center business park, near Las Vegas Boulevard, South. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouses are also in Brazil, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Middle East.   

 Watch Sandy’s television programs on KBNB Cable TV, airing on COX and most cable networks.

Award-winning Sandy Zimmerman has produced television programs, documentaries, and travel specials: Beijing, and on the Yangtze River Cruise, both in China; “Castles, Wine and Trattorias” travel specials in Italy; “Visiting a Kazakh Family in a Yurt along Marco Polo’s Silk Road-China,” and around the world as well as in the US: Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park, and an authentic real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada,   and other destinations in the US.

With 25 years’ experience as a television talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s
Las Vegas Today Show, Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show, and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials, Syndicated Journalist- Show and Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury writer, Health, Photographer/ Videographer.

For information, questions, comments please contact Sandy Zimmerman: 

(702)-515-0846.  Facebook@szlvtv


The Greeks Invite You to their Food Festival!

September 21st, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Come to the annual Las Vegas Greek Food Festival, 3 exciting days and nights, Friday, Sept. 27, Saturday, Sept. 28th. and Sunday, Sept. 29.  A family oriented fun event located and sponsored by St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, 5300 South El Camino Road, Las Vegas. Music and dancing, Greek cuisine, Greek Folk dance performances, Greek pastries, kid’s fun zone and tour their magnificent Byzantine Church.

The Gyro Booth features traditional gyro meat sliced and served on pita bread with diced onions, tomatoes, and topped with our very own special Tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber) sauce. 

The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival brings all the aromas, sounds, tastes, and traditions of Greece to your doorstep. Your admission ticket becomes your passport.

One of the biggest thrills is to join their dancing in the round, just try to follow their steps but it’s okay, just have fun! This festival has so much to offer!

I remember in the 80’s attending their Greek Food Festival every year as were earning money to build their church. This is an excellent cause and fun!!


“Alex Boyė Opens for Jay Leno’s 2019 Aces of Comedy at the Mirage Hotel & Casino” By Sandy Zimmerman

July 20th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman


“Alex Boyė Opens for Jay Leno’s 2019 Aces of Comedy at the Mirage Hotel & Casino”
By Sandy Zimmerman

Don’t miss experiencing the newest singing sensation Alex Boyė and his unique African-Pop music on Friday, July 26th!

Afro-pop is Alex Boyê’s own mixture of African and pop music, following suggestions from his Nigerian mother, “You have to put some African influence in your music.” Alex thought, “Nobody wants African influence in music, I live in Utah!”

As a joke, Alex performed an Africanized version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and the song went viral. He was contacted by AMERICA’S GOT TALENT to sing the song on their show. This was called the African Hipster version.


Alex feels, “Everything has been truly amazing. The person who is the happiest is really my mom.”

She was right! 

Alex Boyė also was featured in Marie Osmond’s afro-style song “Then There’s you”.

 Alex can be proud of his singles “Bend Don’t Break” and “Still Breathing” as they are similar to mega-production stage shows with a cast of hundreds of people.  

His Coming to Amerika album releases September 6th and Boyé has also released two powerful life-saving videos which he calls “Life Saving Videos”- When life gets too much, you have to “Bend Don’t Break” and take one day at a time. “Still breathing” is about mental illness, looking at what’s really important and trying to enjoy even thru your struggles.




“Bend Not Break” and Still Breathing” (video concept inspired by Game Of Thrones) about mental health awareness and suicide prevention. “Bend Not Break” is executive produced Randy Jackson (“American Idol”), produced by K.C. Knight, and penned by Jordan Powers & Alex Boyé released on May 3rd. “Still Breathing” was co-written by Boyé and produced by The Aristocrats (DJ Khalid).

Alex feels, “These messages of hope bring comfort. Part of my mission is to help. That doesn’t mean I’m the answer, I want to provide a very deliberate path to help aid in that struggle.

One of the things that helped me, one of the most powerful things is music. Music I believe is very, very healing. I’m so glad I heard that song, I feel so much better. I want to let the music speak for itself.”

Alex performs with feeling and seems so sincere. In today’s world, it is good to see people who think of others.

The show is scheduled for July 26th with ShowTime at $59.99 (not including applicable taxes and service fees) and can be purchased at any MGM Resorts International box office, online at  or or by calling (800) 963-9634 or (702) 792-7777. 

Sandy Zimmerman produces television programs, documentaries, and travel specials around the world- in Beijing and on the Yangtze River Cruise in China, and in addition to travel specials in Italy and other countries as well as for Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park, a real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada, and other destinations in the US.                              

Talk Show Host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials.
For information, questions, interviews, or comments, please contact Sandy Zimmerman at-   702-515-0846.   





July 12th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman
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Photo credit Linda Doubletheman.jpg

Internationally Renowned Magician Hans Klok Takes Over Las Vegas

With All-New Production – Hans Klok: The World’s Fastest Magician – Performances Begin July 29, 2019 at Excalibur Hotel & Casino
Featuring more than 50 electrifying  illusions packed into a 70-minute Las Vegas extravaganza, internationally renowned magician Hans Klok brings his award-winning, world-class magic to Excalibur Hotel & Casino with his new production, Hans Klok: The World’s Fastest Magician.  In a new, state-of-the-art, immersive showroom, Klok will suspend his fans’ belief of reality. Show-goers will be mesmerized in this family-friendly, fun-for-all-ages, magical adventure, beginning Monday, July 29 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale now!

“After traveling the world performing illusions for audiences of all ages, including kings, queens and celebrities, I am thrilled to return to Las Vegas to present my all-new show,” says Hans Klok. “I’m looking forward to performing in the new Thunderland Showroom at Excalibur and bringing my magic to ‘the castle’.”

For decades Klok has been entertaining millions in sold-out shows around the globe with his spectacular magic, which is renowned for the speed and agility of his illusions. From China to Dubai, Mexico to Russia, Norway to Canada, Hans has performed in every corner of the world for both royalty and celebrities alike, including Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of Holland, Sir Paul McCartney, Rihanna, P!nk, Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres, Heidi Klum, Sylvester Stallone, Stella McCartney, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, among others. Klok’s 2007 Las Vegas limited engagement, “The Beauty of Magic,” featured Pamela Anderson, from the worldwide TV phenomenon “Baywatch,” at Planet Hollywood.

On February 19, 2019, Hans was Knighted as Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau, a very exclusive title awarded by the King of The Netherlands to those with exceptional personal commitment, vision and whose achievements are beneficial to both their country and society in general.  With that, Excalibur will now be home to an official knight when Klok takes up residency in July.

“I am incredibly honored to be named an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau, it was completely unexpected,” says Klok of being named a Knight. “I will not let this award disappear!  It is a promising sign for an incredible Las Vegas chapter!”

Adam Steck, Founder & CEO of SPI Entertainment and Producer of the show, said, “I am excited to welcome Hans Klok to the SPI Entertainment lineup of shows and to showcase his world-renowned magic in Las Vegas. Audiences will be amazed by the speed of Hans’ illusions and his incredible, new production.

George Kliavkoff, President of Entertainment & Sports for MGM Resorts International, said, “We look forward to Hans’ arrival this summer at the Thunderland Showroom at Excalibur.  Adding an entertainer of his caliber to our lineup will bring another level of entertainment to the Las Vegas Strip.”

Having sold more than three million tickets worldwide, Hans’ new production will also feature his Divas of Magic dancers and one-of-a-kind illusions that will make their debut in the fully immersive, 425-seat Thunderland Showroom at Excalibur.  The dazzling venue will feature high-resolution LED walls on the main stage, several performance platforms throughout the showroom, as well as breathtaking special effects, sound and moving light systems.  Guests can also enjoy the cozy VIP Booth section and adjacent lounge for pre- and post-show cocktails.  All of these elements combined create a visually intoxicating space that allows for large-scale illusions in an intimate showroom.

Hans Klok: The World’s Fastest Magician will perform nightly at 7:30 p.m. (dark Fridays) inside the Thunderland Showroom at Excalibur, with matinees on Saturdays and Sundays at 4 p.m. Tickets range from $44.95 to $104.95, plus taxes and fees. For an additional $40, a personalized post-show meet and greet can be added to any ticket type.  Tickets can be purchased at any MGM Resorts Box Office.  Follow Hans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @HansKlokVegas and for more information please visit


July 12th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

The show that pops your cork!

Strut & Fret presents 


Opening Friday, Aug. 16 at SLS Las Vegas

BLANC de BLANC (Credit: Daniel Boud)

International cabaret sensation BLANC de BLANC will make its debut on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, Friday, Aug. 16. The acclaimed production, which blends vintage glamour and high-end spectacle with theatre, circus, and aerial performances, will perform at SLS Las Vegas – which will be re-branded as the new SAHARA Las Vegas in Fall 2019. Tickets for the show, which has sold out the Sydney Opera House, London’s West End, the Brisbane Festival and Adelaide Festival, are now on sale.

BLANC de BLANC is the Vegas debut of Strut & Fret Production House, one of Australia’s preeminent theatre and major events companies. This award-winning production plunges audiences into a world of overflowing champagne bottles, sparkles and glamour leaving every spectator breathless with delight.

Devised by an electric creative team, BLANC de BLANC was conceived and directed by Scott Maidment (cabaret sensations LIMBO, Cantina, Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour), choreographed by Kevin Maher (choreographer for Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Madonna), with costumes by James Browne (costume design for musicals Cabaret, Ghost and Xanadu), lighting and set design by Philip Gladwell (Magic Mike Live, The Exorcist), and a thumping soundtrack from Danish electronic artist Kenneth Bager.

Aptly described as a “champagne cabaret,” BLANC de BLANC transports guests from a sophisticated French lounge to a pumping nightclub party with the world’s finest acrobatic talent, big moves, great tunes, lots of skin and more than a few surprises.

BLANC de BLANC is a complete night out – a premium, only-in-Vegas-style experience that starts the moment guests enter The Foundry. A select number of VIP seats, where guests will be able to watch the show from inside hot tubs, will be offered for those thirsting for a truly immersive experience.

“I wanted to create a new sort of circus, one that takes the audience into a heady, bubble-filled, overflowing, crazy party, inspired by champagne,” said BLANC de BLANC Director Scott Maidment. “This show has had a brilliant reception around the world. I know that Vegas is going to love it.”

“Guests not only come to be entertained and take in the spectacle of BLANC de BLANC, they become part of the party,” said Meruelo Entertainment President Jeff Henry, who is responsible for entertainment programming at SLS Las Vegas and its sister property Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. “This show perfectly encapsulates the unique, unexpected experiences we are creating as we renovate the resort and we are thrilled for BLANC de BLANC to make its Las Vegas debut at SLS Las Vegas.”

Metro UK has praised BLANC de BLANC as “simply mind-blowing,” while Broadway World describes it as “bubbles, bare flesh and breathtaking acrobatics.” Theatre People says the show is “a celebration of all things French cabaret, performing arts, dance, music and having an (adults only) great night out,” while Clique Magazine celebrates the show as “the perfect combination of entertainment and spectacle.”

BLANC de BLANC will perform Thursdays through Mondays (dark Tuesdays/Wednesdays) at 7 p.m. with additional 9:30 p.m. shows on Saturdays. Tickets range in price from $49 to $129 (Hot Tub tickets are priced for groups) and are on sale now at For more information, please visit or follow the show on Facebook and Instagram.


BLANC de BLANC is produced by Australian theatre and events company, Strut & Fret Production House. The company is renowned for innovative entertainment, high-flying spectacle, nu-circus, extreme theatre, and dynamic music experiences. With over 20 years’ experience, Strut & Fret have delivered hundreds of world-class events across more than 25 countries, from Brisbane to Bogota, Perth to Prague.

Led by Founding Director, Scott Maidment, the company has recently presented exclusive seasons at the Hippodrome Casino (London) and Paradise Island Resort (the Bahamas). The follow up to BLANC de BLANC, BLANC de BLANC Encore has recently completed a sold-out season at the Sydney Opera House, and cabaret sensation LIMBO has this year celebrated its 800th performance in Amsterdam.

Maidment was part of the creative team for Madonna’s 2015 Rebel Heart World Tour and has since been invited to curate and direct entertainment for Madonna’s birthday parties in the Hamptons and Morocco.



Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos!

July 9th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman


Do you have any promos about your show, band, act, or whatever? Send your promos or we create them. Sandy invites anyone who has a one-of-a-kind, original, unique, unusual act with singers, dancers, hypnotists, magicians, illusionists, comedians, ventriloquists, paranormal experts, bands, specialty acts, animal trainers, tribute artists, and all types of entertainers to write or call.

Las Vegas is known for their bigger-then-ever entertainment and Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas television programs seek to spotlight the latest, the greatest, and the best on or off the strip! You’ll be surprised to find so many talented people packed into this city!

For more than 20 years, Sandy Zimmerman has appeared on television, radio, interviewed celebrities along the Academy Awards and other red carpets, on-the-sets, at openings and events.  Sandy Zimmerman’s Productions created the TV commercial “John and Mary” for the All American Burger fast food chain which won the “Award of Excellence”; two Seafood Galley fast food chain TV commercials; and hundreds more over the years always putting a funny spin on them;

Sandy appeared at a monthly lecture program sponsored by the Small Business Administration advising how to create an image, how to analyze your demographics, and other ways to help new businesses.

Sandy’s Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater airs 24/7, daily, Facebook@szlvtv  Sandy’s television program airs Sundays, 8 pm, prime time;

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“Celestia’s” Out-of-this-world Experience at the STRAT Hotel (Stratosphere) By Sandy Zimmermn

June 15th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by G Creative Advertising)

You will find yourself in a beautiful new universe redesigned in their outer space theme with scenes like no other you have ever experienced! 

Suddenly a space ship landed surrounded by smoke as two astronauts made their dramatic exit. Others joined them as they begin their balancing acts with one man standing on a ladder and the other balancing upside down head-on-head while twirling a silver baton with his feet.

The uniqueness of each act is amazing as they quickly change from one act to the next all performed with perfect timing and precision. There’s so much more production value making “Celestia” stand out from all of the other shows.     

Even their knife-throwing act was different. Instead of standing still, his assistant suddenly moved each time just as he was about to throw the knife.

During an exceptional aerial acrobatics act, the lady tied herself to a long flowing silken fabric as she flew suspended in the air without the use of safety lines. Her graceful poses and movements were breathtaking. 

Other acts included: Sergey and Sasha, the hand and head balancing father-daughter duo featured on seasons 10 and 13 of “America’s Got Talent,” and the Sandou Trio Russian Bar, who appeared on seasons 3 and 11 of “America’s Got Talent,” as well as the hit film, “The Greatest Showman.”

The finale, the most dangerous of all of the acts- “The Wheel of Death” is an exceptionally large rotating device that almost utilizes the entire stage for mind-blowing acrobatic and balancing feats.

Even the drummer’s music matched the theme throughout the show as very beat of the drums accented the dangers of their acts.

While we enjoyed each act everything happened at once on the exceptionally large stage, in the air, AND in the audience as the startling atmosphere within the tent brought flashes of colored lights, floating stars, moving clouds and other symbols of outer space. This setting was designed to create the out-of-this-world mood!

Joined by the world-renowned cast of “Celestia”, Brian Burke, executive producer of “Celestia”; Ruslan Zinurov, CEO of AllRise Financial Group; Sasha Evseeva, creative director of AllRise Financial Group; and Christopher Fiumara, vice president and general manager of The STRAT Hotel, Casino and SkyPod ceremoniously cut a ribbon made of stars in honor of the production’s out-of-this-world story.

CELESTIA has eight performances per week, with 7 p.m. shows on Wednesdays and Thursdays and 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. shows on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and is dark Mondays and Tuesdays. Tickets ranging in price from $29 – $89, not including taxes and fees, are available for purchase online now at For groups of 10 or more, please call (702) 785-5394 or (866) 633-0195.

Sandy Zimmerman produces television programs, documentaries, and travel specials around the world- in Beijing and on the Yangtze River Cruise in China, and in addition to travel specials in Italy and other countries as well as for Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park, a real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada, and other destinations in the US.

With 20 years’ experience as a syndicated Show and Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury writer, Health, as well as a Photographer/ Videographer, Editor, and Talk Show Host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. For information, questions, comments please contact Sandy Zimmerman at  702-515-0846.





“Criss Angel’s MINDFREAK Recreated for Criss Angel-themed Patient Exam Room” By Sandy Zimmerman

May 14th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)-

Criss Angel’s unveiling of his new “Criss Angel-themed” patient exam room at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. Criss Angel and his family arrived Shaunyl Benson, five year old Johnny Crisstopher and baby Xristos Yanni.

When a child’s world is upside down because of illness, this new concept of a celebrity-themed patient exam room becomes a remarkable calming influence for the child. Las Vegas artist Juan Muniz saw Criss Angel’s “MINDFREAK” show at Planet Hollywood and interpreted how a child would experience Angel’s mysterious, magical performance.

Typically the usual patient’s exam room is cold, without any decor, and might add to the child’s frustrations. Yet look at these walls!

Criss Angel’s room is the opposite, very inviting and even comical with hand prints, a card, tree, and other objects floating, a young Criss Angel and so much more to see! It is for kids so kid-friendly themes are important.

Criss and Shunyl faced their own child’s three-year battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and are both thankful Johnny has recovered from cancer. Even before Angel’s personal experience gave him an awareness he was an advocate.   

 Cure 4 The Kids Foundation exists to provide high-quality, research-focused medical treatment to children battling cancer and many other life-threatening conditions. Cure 4 The Kids Foundation operates the only outpatient childhood cancer treatment center in the State of Nevada and is proudly accredited by The Joint Commission.


About Criss Angel: For more than a decade, Criss Angel has dominated the world of magic as the biggest name on the planet.  From his role as star, creator, executive producer and director of Criss Angel MINDFREAK on A&E, to countless critically acclaimed television specials, best-selling books, top-grossing retail products, sold-out touring shows and more, Criss is the most influential and imitated magician of the modern era.




Sandy Zimmerman produces television programs, documentaries, and travel specials around the world- in Beijing and on the Yangtze River Cruise in China, and in addition to travel specials in Italy and other countries as well as for Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park, a real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada, and other destinations in the US.

Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV –  702-515-0846.
 (Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)





“Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel Opened at Harrahs”

May 5th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Denise Truscello)

Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel” brings the entire story of Elvis Presley’s hits along with his life in a dazzling full-production show. This impressive show was designed to highlight the cast with two curved staircases, several risers, bold lighting, visuals, and magna-life-sized scenes of the past.

The audience watches each of the more than 18 songs with their singing, dancing, narration, 6 piece band, all entwined in the concert. It is difficult to realize, there is just one set yet everything was coordinated for continual minute-to-minute changes to suit each song.

The show began with his first RCA single “Heartbreak Hotel” (1956), and the playbook continued with “Jailhouse Rock”, “Hound Dog”, “All Shook Up”, “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Let the Good Times Roll”, and many more, to discussing Elvis’s TV and film career.

I felt the producers researched the important areas of Elvis Presley’s life, found many little-known facts, and sincerely compiled a look at the star, the man and his world! Elvis created his own original musical style as he seemed to feel each beat of the music with all of his interpretations built from the love of the sound of this music.

They said Elvis had gospel music in his soul and country music in his voice which was an unbeatable combination! He also surprised everyone with his exaggerated hip movements and gained a large female following. With all of that enormous talent and so young, Elvis Presley stood out from the other entertainers and became the King of Rock and Roll.

Elvis’s first film, Love Me Tender(1956), was a box office hit. After leaving the Army in 1960, Presley resumed his career and was soon back at the top of the charts with the soundtrack for his film GI Blues. He continued recording music and acting in such films as Blue Hawaii (1961), Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962) and Viva Las Vegas (1964).

“Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel” runs 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Mondays with added 3 p.m. matinees on Sundays at the Harrah’s Hotel, 3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, on the strip.

Sandy Zimmerman produces television programs, documentaries, and travel specials around the world- in Beijing and on the Yangtze River Cruise in China, and in addition to travel specials in Italy and other countries as well as for Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park, a real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada, and other destinations in the US.

With 20 years’ experience as a syndicated Show and Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury writer, Health, as well as a Photographer/ Videographer, Editor, and Talk Show Host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. 

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“William Draven Performs All Types of Magic & Paranormal Transitions”

May 4th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman





By Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by William Draven, interview filmed by Sandy Zimmerman)

If you want an unforgettable experience, Master Magician, Paranormal Expert & Illusionist Extraordinary William Draven opens this Tuesday, May 7, at the Artisan Hotel for his 7 pm & 10 pm shows scheduled every Tuesday.


Known on television, stage and as a paranormal simulator and expert, the audience will be thrilled to see MYTH- The Legends of the Artisan, a Paranormal simulation. Mixing magic, illusions and his paranormal knowledge. Hear true stories of hauntings and happenings of sin city and beyond, experience firsthand things you may not believe until you witness the impossible with your own eyes. Step outside of your imagination to somewhere between a dream and a nightmare and into, Myth.




Take A journey into classic parlor magic with a touch a supernatural and dash of spooky, along with masterful storytelling, engaging stage presence all blended together to creating the ultimate haunting evening experience.

As William Draven explains, “My shows feature high impact visual stunts and mind-blowing magic.”

He has been entertaining audiences around the world. Draven has been a featured performer numerous times on the national television programs such as:

Masters of Illusion on the CW, True Nightmares on ID, The Late Late Show w/James Corden, Don’t Blink on the POP Network, America’s Next Weatherman on TBS, and William has also appeared on national TV, in the Theater, Theme Parks, and Trade Shows

He’s headlined at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, headlined at Jeff McBride’s Wonderground in Las Vegas, Headlined at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, and entertained for scores of “A” list Hollywood stars.

William Draven has toured the nation as a performing member of both the Freak Show Deluxe, as well as Masters of Illusion the LIVE Wizard World Experience, and is a favorite among some of the nation’s largest Anime, Fan Conventions, and Steam Punk trade show conventions.

You can be a part of the legend, be part of the MYTH!! The Artisan Hotel is located at

1501 W. Sahara, take Sahara East and just before the freeway, turn right on Highland.

 (818) 703-2512


Sandy Zimmerman produces television programs, documentaries, and travel specials around the world- in Beijing and on the Yangtze River Cruise in China, and in addition to travel specials in Italy and other countries as well as for Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park, a real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada, and other destinations in the US.

With 20 years’ experience as a syndicated Show and Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury writer, Health, as well as a Photographer/ Videographer, Editor, and Talk Show Host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. 

For information, questions, comments please contact Sandy Zimmerman at  702-515-0846.



“The Park MGM Hotel’s Eataly Transports Italy to You!”- By Sandy Zimmerman

January 7th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman-COOK, CHEESE, SAMPLES- and other 2 photos by Eataly)

I was invited to attend the opening of the Park MGM Hotel’s unusual Eataly, a 40,000 square-feet building filled with everything Italian! It was a wonderful afternoon tasting the delicacies, cuisine, and wines of Italy.

I produced travel specials in Italy three times and feel Eataly was reminiscent of their very large markets and outside shopping areas which featured many different businesses in one place.

To provide an idea of the wide extent of food and goods available, I want to mention some details about what you will experience at the Eataly.

There are three Restaurants all specializing in Black Angus beef, beef with a high level of fine marbling, tenderness, age and color from Creekstone Farms, but each restaurant offers different recipes and styles of cooking.

The Manzo (meaning beef) Restaurant is an upscale butcher’s restaurant with an Italian wood-burning grill adding a romantic touch to dining (opening soon). 

The Gran Caffe Milano serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and the La Pizza E La Pasta Ristorante is known for their Napoli-style pizza and al dente pasta.

If you love cheese, this is the place to spend some time! Step over to each of the four Mozzarella Bars and try complimentary tastes from their mega-large blocks of cheese.

You can choose eating Mozzarella alone or they also offer Mozzarella pairings for that melt-in-your-mouth difference with flavors to tempt your appetite!

One of the Mozzarella Bars- Mozzarella Di Bufala Dop uses water buffalo milk from Campania while the second bar- Burrata  prepares the food with stracciatella as an Italian soup or dessert, the third- Stracciatella uses the hand-torn method and the forth- House made Mozzarella hand-pulls the Mozzarella. To an Italian, that does make a difference! The Mozzarella is prepared daily in-house.

Eataly offers so much to the public, this is only a part of what they have to offer. I am preparing another article in order to really tell the whole story!  

Make sure you have a few hours to really experience Eataly, try not to miss any of their unique stops and exciting cuisine. This is Italy all in one place!

Hours: Monday-Sunday from 10 am- 11 pm;

For information, call 702-730-7617. Eataly is located inside the Park MGM Hotel, 3770 S. Las Vegas Blvd.



SANDY ZIMMERMAN: Award-winning Talk Show Host/Columnist Sandy Zimmerman has produced television programs for 20 years, syndicated Show and Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury writer, Health, Photographer/ Videographer, Editor, Director, and Talk Show Host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials.  702-515-0846































Sandy Interviews David Goldrake, star of “Imaginarium” By Sandy Zimmerman

October 14th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photo of DAVID GOLDRAKE during interview and “ESCAPE” Photo by Sandy Zimmerman)

was invited to attend the closing night of “Imaginarium” after a successful run and discussed his plans in his dressing room after the show.

SZ: “Imaginarium” was so different, I heard you’re going to produce a new show.”

GOLDRAKE: “We had 369 shows in one and a half years and it’s been an amazing adventure at the Tropicana Hotel. We’ve had lots and lots of support through the local community as well as people from around the world coming to see us. This has been an amazing run.”

SZ: “Your show has changed from when I saw it opening night, you added so much more and you even hung from a rope in the ceiling being propelled across the audience to the stage.”

GOLDRAKE: “Yes, we’ve changed a lot of the show. When we opened,we had a vision for the show and were able to implement a lot of that vision in the last 16 months and happy we’ve gotten to this point. I’m excited to continue the progression and illusions of the show in our next venues.

We plan to do a new show in 2019 and are currently talking to a couple of people here in Las Vegas and have some options which are extremely interesting. I’m very excited to be able to develop the show and go in a new direction possibly.”

SZ: “There so much in this show how can you add any more?”

GOLDRAKE: “The skies the limit!”

SZ: “Can you tell us anything about your new show, I know it must be a secret!”

GOLDRAKE: “I won’t tell anything yet but you can expect it’s going to be bigger than the one we currently have, or it is going to be a completely new concept which is going to be a 360 degree surrounding environment. It all depends on whoever gets the show. I’m very happy to work on both projects now.”

#   #   #

“Imaginarium” is a spectacular show with exciting acts combined with magical feats, grand illusions, dancing routines, sideshow performers, and especially Goldrake actually performs Houdini’s dangerous under water escape as he perform on-stage almost the entire time of the show! You will be delighted with your experience. This show can be savored for its latest 20th century techniques or simply enjoyed for the fun of it by the whole family.

David Goldrake is known as the ‘International Man of Mystery.’ His artistic versatility and ability to speak seven languages fluently make him a unique magician, speaker, and actor who has inspired audiences all over the world. David Goldrake has performed for royalty, international celebrities and fortune 500 companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Samsung Electronics, J.P. Morgan Chase and Disney. His performing venues have ranged from the Moroccan desert to the world’s largest indoor stage at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV.

Award-winning Talk Show Host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show & Sandy Zimmerman’s Celebrity Theatre/ Syndicated columnist/TV Productions. For information, questions, or to recommend subjects, call (702)-515-0846, email Facebook@szlvtv


October 13th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman

The Boyd Hotel Group brought Chinese New Year’s to Las Vegas in February and NOW the Orleans’ Hotel is featuring the Sichuan Cultural Group on October 18th in their showroom.

All of the pageantry of a classical musical entertainment will be held with the authentic traditional dances, and music of a history of 5,000 years with a cast of over 20 performers. This is the closest you will come to experience the masks, ancient musical instruments, costumes, dances, acrobatics, myths, legends, humor, and excitement without traveling to China!

I visited China 5 times and each province had its own amazing culture, music

and traditions. China preserves the past with these dance troupes as we, here in the US, should preserve our traditions and culture.

They call the Sichuan Province the most diverse culture in China with a history of 5,000 years.

Don’t miss this Sichuan Cultural Dance Group, only one night, Thursday, October 18, at 7:30 pm, tickets from $28 plus taxes and fees. Contact the box office at: 800-745-3000. The Orleans Hotel is located at 4500 W. Tropicana Avenue, near the Las Vegas strip.

“Jeffrey Osborne Feels Love is worth it All”-ALIANTE Hotel, September 15- by Sandy Zimmerman

September 12th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Jeffrey Osborne Feels Love is worth it All”-

ALIANTE Hotel, September 15

by Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by Anna Webber)

INTERVIEW with Jeffrey Osborne, four time Grammy Award Nominations, Gold and Platinum albums.

SZ: “You feel Love is Worth It All”, as in the name of your new album.”

OSBORNE: “The single talks about long time relationships, it’s better to
fight the trials and
tribulations we go through with a relationship when
you truly love someone then it is worth fighting for all the trials and
tribulations – love is worth all of that. Why start all over again that creates
new problems. The best thing get through those times and you’ll find
out love is worth it all!

SZ: “Your songs are so personal, they have such meaning to you.”

OSBORNE: “I’ve been married for 36 years.”

SZ: “So you know!” (Laughing)”

OSBORNE: “Year, I know! (Laughing). I wrote and produced all of the songs in the new album except one I produced with my son, Jeffrey, Junior, a song called “Work It”. I never thought I
would write a song like that. My son went to college, hanging out in the dorm with his friends and told me he was going to be a rapper. I said, wow. He made his own music and now he travels with me and does my sound engineering. We got together and wrote a song. I thought it would be nice if he gave me something that was a little more today but his song is more R&B than any on the record. (Laughing)”

SZ: “That’s funny! (Laughing). You write with so much feeling, you exemplify the way people feel about love.”

OSBORNE: “I grew up in a house where I had to listen to everything, my father was a great trumpet player, all my sisters and brothers listened to Ella Fitzgerald, and the songs back then were all about love, it seems everything has changed. I’m not crazy about some of the vocal concepts, it’s getting a little too dark for me. I think love is a universal language and it touches people all over the world.

That’s the most important thing for me, if I’m going to sing a song about love my goal is to touch someone, I don’t think you can touch anyone with derogatory lyrics (Laughing). I think you can touch someone if you’re speaking about love from the heart.”

SZ: “You have gone thru music of different genres throughout your career and succeeded in all types of music- soul, R&B, and you do it all!”

OSBORNE: “Yes, I’ve been doing it a long time, I started recording with LTD in 1972 and I’ve seen a lot of changes in music before then. It was the jazz singer then we came into the Motown sound and moved into R&B, went to hip hop, then rap, and I don’t know what it is now. (Laughing).”

SZ: “You have a mixed vocal range and can switch from soul to punk and R&B!”

OSBORNE: “Yes, I think that was the beauty of being in a group like LTD. We had many visions and we all wrote so we had a chance to sing all types of songs from the different types of writers in the group. That’s a nice combination for a show, if we have real up tempo songs and can deliver ballads that makes the show complete.

There are not a lot of artists out there, they are either balladeers or funk and there’s not a lot of them who can mix it up and do both.”

SZ: “I like your saying, ‘I spread love the old school way!”

OSBORNE: “That’s what old school is all about. We’re into a whole new era now. Everything is remote control, back then we had relationships. The kids play video games today, no interaction.”

For interviews, reviews, contact Sandy Zimmerman,  (702)-515-0846.


August 30th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas shows are a great mix of show and restaurant reviews, celebrity red carpet interviews, openings, events, and happenings in Las Vegas! Sandy PACKS A LOT into her half-hour shows on the English speaking Asian Cultural TV Network (Cable Channel 30.6) at 1:30 pm, Saturdays and 1:30 am, Sundays, beginning September 8th and 9th.

WATCH International Singing Impressionist Bob Anderson (above) perform three songs during his recent appearance at the South Point Hotel!

Don’t miss Sandy’s very funny “Fear the Walking Dead-Survival” red carpet interviews with 9 celebrities (Fremont Experience);

(LEFT) Jennifer Romas, star/producer, (MIDDLE) ZOMBIE, & (RIGHT) Gabriella Versace singing star of “SEXXY” (WESTGATE);

During “SOUNDTRACK’S” opening (Westgate), (below) Sandy interviewed comedian/magician Mac King (Harrahs);

Sandy’s UNUSUAL HOTELS features the CRANE HOTEL (below)  in Amsterdam, Holland. You sleep up in the air on top of the crane, in the red box!Another part of Sandy’s first Asian Cultural TV show is the new Singing Shuttle opening in Finland!

PLUS- A little “Magic in the Garden” will amaze you!


If you would like to be interviewed on Sandy’s shows, for questions, or suggestions,please

contact Sandy:  702-515-0846.


July 13th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman


“Chef Kenny creates the difference to Asian Vegan

By Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman and Chef Kenny)

When you taste Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan cuisine,it’s an experience you will long remember!

Savor the delights of Kenny’s real Vegan cooking and see how
healthy food should taste.

Chef Kenny explained, “I have Mandarin, Vegan, sushi,
and some dishes that I created myself. Some dishes
replicate Kung Pao chicken and beef converted to plant-based food.

On my menu, I have 17 Chinese dishes and from 12-15 on the Vegan side with sushi rolls.”

Most customers love my cooking. They say, “Chef you are so amazing. They love the sushi I created and continue to create.

I offer Vegan salmon, Vegan tuna and Vegan eel. I want to inspire people to see how we do real Vegan food.

I cook a lot of dishes just like beef, shrimp and fish- looks like, tastes like, and the texture is very close. Soy is substituted with delicious sauces.

Before I started my restaurants, I was involved in a wholesale business so I know how to choose food and pick up very good ingredients.

In 1988, I owned three restaurants in San Diego, moved
to Las Vegas and sold meat and seafood to hotels then I opened my first Vegan restaurant, in 2016, the Vegan Burger, and Chef Kenney’s opened last week. I want a Vegan sushi bar next year.

This is my seventh restaurant. In 2001, Other vegan restaurants use simple ingredients and just a few selections, people get more here.

For information, call 702-889-0939. Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant is located at
6820 Spring Mountain Road, and Rainbow. (Soybeans are legumes that originated in East Asia)

The James Bond Wine Table

May 15th, 2010 • by admin
When you visit Del Friscos, do not miss seeing the most amazing $1.2 million dollar James Bond table. Looking like a normal table at first, Jacque touched her remote control pad and the table suddenly opened to present the James Bond OO7 Films Wine Collection. Eighteen magnums of Cabernet wine from Napa Valley wineries each represent different Bond films. These one- of-a kind bottles are each laser-edged.

Information & Reservations
Telephone: 796-0063.
Address: 3925 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 5-10:30 pm; Sun. 5-10 pm