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“Celestia’s” Out-of-this-world Experience at the STRAT Hotel (Stratosphere) By Sandy Zimmermn

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Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features the Duke of Fremont Street

Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-


Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! “Celestia’s” Out-of-this-world Experience at the STRAT Hotel (Stratosphere) By Sandy Zimmermn


Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! “The Park MGM Hotel’s Eataly Transports Italy to You!”- By Sandy Zimmerman SICHUAN, CHINA MUSICAL PERFORMANCE AT THE ORLEANS HOTEL ANNOUNCING: SANDY ZIMMERMAN'S LAS VEGAS SHOW AIRS ON THE ENGLISH SPEAKING ASIAN CULTURAL TV NETWORK & FACEBOOK@SZLVTV


Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-


A Sustainable Organic Farm

August 30th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


By Sandy Zimmerman

 (Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

It all began with a story similar to those I have heard from so

many people, the Sostheim family visited Costa Rica and fell in

love with the country. They purchased 400 acres on the shores of

Lake Arenal, near eleven natural springs, the Arenal volcano,

rainforest, and a large river, in the middle of nowhere, as they

said, “Where the middle of nowhere is somewhere special.”

Instead of  just wanting to make money, their intention was to

develop the ranch as

a model of


conservation, to

save and preserve

the environment.

The family worked together developing the wilderness into a true

organic run farm in the rainforest.

Many people talk about sustainability, but the owners have

succeeded in creating their own environment, to make

themselves self sufficient!

After we ate a delicious buffet lunch in the open air dining room, I

interviewed the Executive Chef Anthony.

(photo: Rancho Margot)

He proudly

explained, “Our

meals are so

healthy everybody

has to come here to


We serve all of our

own cheese, milk,

bread, desserts,

fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other food without preservatives.

Even natural food has to taste good.

We use recipes from early times.

A guide took us on a tour of the ranch and farm.

It was amazing to see the latest innovations in sustainability.

The ranch does not pay for their electricity.

They feed their cattle 100% chemical- free products produced on

the ranch.

The cows and calves’ waste is made into compost, worms,  and

methane gas in the bio-digesters.


Rick Springfield

August 29th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

SHOW REVIEWS:  Rick Springfield

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the concert.)

The audience filled the Mandalay

Bay’s beautiful beach while

some people were even standing in

the shallow part of the pool

which was the closest you could

get to the stage.  Rick

Springfield’s concerts are always

special yet this tropical

atmosphere made it even more

spectacular.  Instead of sitting in

an enclosed showroom these lovely warm summer evenings, the

Mandalay Bay had an alternative.

I enjoyed Rick’s performance and complete dedication to his

audience.  As a first timer to Rick’s concert, I was totally

impressed by his powerful performance. 

Everything Rick did

seemed to rev up the audience and built until they were

screaming his name.  Rick kept moving around while playing his

guitar, seemingly caressing it then frantically flinging the

instrument in all directions as he played.  Rick continued to

move more and more, kicking his foot in the air, and suddenly

surprised everyone by lying on top

of one of the member of the band’s


An airline stewardess carried a

sign with a special message for

Rick.  She mentioned, “After

attending 10 of his concerts, he

would know what it means.”

Born in Sydney, Australia, Rick

rose to fame as easily as a comet

flies across the sky.

It all began on his 13th birthday when he was

given a guitar.  Rick’s many talents were first recognized in

Australia with a Top 10 record, in 1971.   After moving to the

United States in 1972, Rick’s acting talents were recognized in the

Rockford Files, Wonder Woman and Battlestar Galactica.  Mission

Magic, a cartoon on ABC, was created to showcase Rick’s music as

a popular songwriter.



Al Green

August 29th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos were shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the show.)

Al Green’s charisma and extraordinary talent make every

show a celebration.

When you want to experience

the “real thing”, Al presents R&B as

it was meant to be heard!

His musical interpretations are

“Souly” his own, personalized by


The showroom brightened

when Al began the show singing

his classic hits.

He puts such feeling into each song!

One of the highlights of the evening, Al sang Roy Orbison’s “Prett

Woman” adding his own special touches. 

Known for his R&B, pop, and

gospel music, Al’s show

really affected the

audience as they

continually applauded and

danced at their seats.

Al yelled, “Let’s party like it

was 1999”.

Yes, that was the feeling in

the showroom.

Al discussed his recent tour,

“It was strange performing in

Lisbon, Portugal and some of the 12 other countries where they

do not understand English.”

This shows music goes a long way to unite people around the


After joking about hiring his family, Al introduced his three

daughters Alva, Rubi and Kora, the backup singers.

When the show was over, the members of the

audience eagerly joined the After Party to

continue the festivities.

Among the VIP’s, I was happy to see the star of

Little Anthony and the Imperials, Anthony Gourdine,

who recently starred at the Las Vegas Hilton.




Change your Hair and Change Your Personality

August 29th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


“Change your Hair and

Change Your


By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

The change makes you feel better,

inside and out.  Our wigs can

change your

personality.  A good fit should

make your eyes, lips, and other

features in your face POP out,

which is what we do during the

fitting.  A wig should take away 10

years easily.”  When I heard a

wig would subtract 10 years from

my face, I decided to buy 2 wigs

to take off 20 years!

Pat feels, “A wig provides the perfect look; it does what you want

your hair to do when it just won’t.

We have long, dramatic hair, 

super sexy, short


funky styles, the


look, or others

depending on what you

want we can make it for


You may live a

conservative life but want to become another

person for one night.

Wigs are really


and definitely will

do that for you.


even make you feel

different, it is fun to do.

First we look at the

face, look at the shape, skin color, and tones

than we choose a wig based on that. That is what we do.  If you

have very bright eyes

we select a style that

makes them POP.

With full-figured

women, we want to

have something that


into their cheeks.  We

want to bring out a

woman’s sexiness.

Wigs are really magical in a way because they make you look

perfect when you want that special look.

They are very popular with many of the hotel concierge in Las

Vegas for hair emergencies.  Just call us, we are 911 for hair

emergencies.  Sometimes you go into a beauty salon and are

given the wrong cut or color and the big event is that night.  A wig

will fix that right away.  We make sure it looks completely


You will not leave until we are certain you look just right.  A wig

is ready to go, just shape and wear.”

Pilar Moyette, the Hair for Her store manager, modeled several of

their wigs for this article.  Just to prove that a wig can take you

through many looks, she became sexy, timid, very corporate, and

then quickly changed to appear Asian, and Italian, with a choice

of colors and many, many other styles.  You can see how a style

and color can change your hair and look altogether.






Parade of the Giant Mascaradas

August 25th, 2010 • by admin

Parade of the Giant
By Sandy Zimmerman
(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Tony, the artist, and one of his creations


During one of the most fascinating tours, our guides Emilio and Stephanie, the owners of Il Viaggio Travel, whisked us away from the cities to the small community of Ciudad Colon to experience the true Costa Rican culture. The art of the Mascarada puppets can be traced back to the religious festivals and carnivals of medieval Spain.

The young boy is standing by his mask costume.

this art to make it their

own.   Each country has their

own version of the Mascaradas

according to their local


We were invited to visit the

home of

Tony, one of the famous

Mascaradas artists, for an

unforgettable afternoon.

First the family cooked a typical

lunch on their 75 year- old wood-

burning stove.  The meat is prepared then added to the

vegetables, beans, garlic, onions, leaves, and potatoes.

Everything was cooked 100% natural in only 30 minutes.

We dined with the family on the open- air porch overlooking their

garden.  Emilio and Stephanie translated our

Stephanie helped put on the mask costume.

I realized it was time for

the Mascaradas as several

young boys

arrived and entered the

artist’s small studio to


When the music started,

we were amazed to see the

mascaradas dancing on the


It was quite a sight because each of the costume’s huge heads and

small bodies stood around nine to ten feet tall.

The boys held the puppet’s 40 pound weight as they danced

Emilio is inside the mask.

The mask’s facial caricatures

resembled the devil, a witch,

policeman, priest, La Giganta

(gigantic), and other figures

taken from their folklore, each has

its own history.

After the show, we were treated to a

mask making demonstration

and received two mini-masks as


I can see all of the excitement the

Mascaradas bring to any event

especially when they dance with members of the audience and

are accompanied by La Cimarrona, musicians playing typical

Costa Rican music with trumpets and drums.

#2-The ULTIMATE Dining Experience!

August 24th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Michael Feighery, President, Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

Known as America’s premier traditional steakhouse, this title

says it all.  As their President, Michael Feighery, explains, “We did

not give the title to ourselves; it was given by our customers over

(Photo by: Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group)

Smith & Wollensky

stands as an example of

the standards and

elegance of the past.

Perhaps this is because

S&W was established

in 1977, a time when

restaurants cared about

service and the

quality of their food.

The moment you walk into S&W, you know

this is a very special place.

You have the choice of two restaurants, the Smith & Wollensky

Steakhouse and the more relaxed Smith & Wollensky Grill.  With

two restaurants, you can indulge in the finest food from either

menu.  The Steakhouse’s traditional menu is filled with

selections of MEGA-cuts of beef while the Grill has a lighter, more

casual version with salads, sandwiches, and of course, their juicy

Filet Mignon Oscar-Style (Photo by: Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group)

What is the secret of their


Michael feels, “The

combination is our food

quality with Corporate

Executive Chef John

Piccolino and our


As a national chain, we are

very, very personable and that is important to us.

I think it is consistency and respect for our guests without

compromise on quality.

When Michael Feighery arrived in the United States, in 1985,

from Ireland, he worked for the Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse in

New York City as a butcher.

#1-The Ultimate Dining Experience

August 23rd, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


Bone-in Ribeye Steak (Photo by Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group)

 (Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

Michael Feighery, President, Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

Michael Feighery, President, Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group


I received

an invitation

to “Sample

and Savor


at the Smith & Wollensky

Steakhouse/ Smith &

Wollensky Grill.

What a wonderful escape from the world, a restaurant

where we can dine leisurely while being pampered and

just let time stand still!

And it was the ULTIMATE gastronomic experience!

Entering a fine dining restaurant for the first time is always

exciting because of the anticipation of the delights we will

discover tonight.  Look at the menu closely, but even more

important, learn about the quality of the meats, produce

and seafood.

Corporate Executive Chef John Piccolino is the man who makes

the decisions about their food and creates all of the special dishes.

Chef John explained, “We only use USDA Prime meats, the best

quality meat in the United States.   Out of 500,000 head of cattle,

only 2% yields this quality.

Corporate Executive Chef John Piccolino

It is important how

the meat is aged.

We have walk-in


rooms n all of our

restaurants and dry

age the meats

between 21 and 28 days.

During that process, the enzymes in the meat start to break

down to take on a new buttery flavor characteristic, to become

even more tender and juicy while the marbling dissolves into the

meat.”  I have never been in a dry aging room before with shelves

and shelves of meats each in their own sections.

Chef John only purchases Midwest grain-fed meats from Chicago,

Atlanta and New York.  “The quality above average quality and

they have the specs for our meats and hand-select the cattle for us.”


Butcher's Cutting Room

Not only does S&W age their own beef, they also have

butchers cutting the meats exactly the way they want as far as the

portion sizes and trimming the meat to the proper specs.

After the tour, I could hardly wait to taste one of the steaks.

Looking at the main menu, I was amazed at the wide selection of

steaks and Mega-portions.  (Continued)












Deana Martin: Tribute to Dean Martin

August 19th, 2010 • by admin


Deana Martin’s Tribute

to Dean Martin”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the show)

Deana Martin’s Tribute to

her father, Dean Martin, was filled with

love and happy memories.

One of the best tributes I have seen of the Rat Pack era, Deana

featured highlights of the lives of

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin,

but that was not all.

Her personal

touches about the times she spent with Frank and Dean showed a

different side of the two men.  I reviewed Sammy Davis, Jr., and

Dean Martin many times in the 80’s and was always blown away

by their talent.

Dean shared his life with Deana.  “I was a teenager growing up in

Las Vegas with Dean and Frank as chaperones.  We had so much

fun going out on the town.

Many of the celebrity acts were not

just in the showrooms, they

appeared in the lounges.

We laughed at Shecky Green and

Don Rickles then went to the

Casbah, at the Sahara Hotel,

to see my absolute all time favorite,

Louie Prima.”  She sang Louie’s

“Old Black Magic” in honor of Louie.

Deana’s fast moving show paused for a few moments when we all

heard a knock at the door and she went over to see who was there.

The audience never knows in advance who will be at the door so it

is a surprise.  Last night Lina Prima was there and they sang a

duet.  Lina flew to Las Vegas just to attend Deana’s show.

After some more of Dean’s songs to keep brightening the evening,

Deana was interrupted by another

knock at the door.  It was the Sweetheart of Country Music, Penny

Gilley, soon to be talk show host of the RFD-TV, “Penny Gilley

Show” live from Branson,

Missouri, starting in September.  Her show will be seen in the US

and 22 countries.  “If you love country music, you can catch us.”

One of the highlights of the evening, Deana sang “Welcome to my

World”, a virtual duet synced with one of Dean’s old films.








August 8th, 2010 • by admin

Now you can experience the “real” INSIDE Las Vegas with us as Sandy Zimmerman meets the stars backstage to tape interviews backstage in their dressing rooms, cook with the top chefs in their kitchens, learn about unique spa treatments, visit fitness centers, and discuss the latest developments in medicine with doctors.

It is like a REALITY SHOW, but MORE because Sandy covers

ALL of these topics, not just one!

ANY TIME the Public is Invited we will let you know!

WATCH FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS about Las Vegas Openings, Events, Red Carpets, Free Entertainment, Cooking Demonstrations,

Wine Tastings, Openings, Celebrity Appearances, Discounts,

and Specials.

Sandy’s articles are not like any

other publication,

they are written as “in depth

pictorial stories where you feel you

join us in the experience.

Our FOUR website Magazines are

interactive, just ask questions,

make comments, and join the fun!


Each day is different as Sandy covers Las Vegas and produces

travel specials in other countries.

Sandy and her guest Phyllis Diller in the 80's

Sandy Zimmerman is a




published in

Dubai, Japan,

England, South

America, as well as

other countries

and in the United States;  

She is talk show host of

the Las Vegas Today

Show programs

and Discover

the Ultimate Vacation

travel specials taped on

location in Las Vegas


around the world;

Celebrating 29 years as

the longest running talk show host, columnist, and

entertainment reviewer in Las Vegas, Sandy also covers dining

reviews, travel, spas, health and lifestyles;  

Two of Sandy’s programs were named “Program of the Week” by

the Review Journal for her “Marco Polo’s Silk Road Tour of

China” and “Food, Wine and Castles Tour of northwestern



Sandy Zimmerman


Discover the Ultimate, Discover the Ultimate Dining, Discover the Ultimate Health (Spas), Discover the Ultimate Entertainment.

Lolita’s Cantina will entertain you!

August 7th, 2010 • by admin

“Lolita’s Cantina will entertain you!”

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman except one as indicated)

By Sandy Zimmerman

They are dancing in the aisles at Lolita’s Cantina and Tequila Bar.  I was invited to the VIP Press party for their opening and loved seeing Lolita’s sleek modern look.  Eric De Blasi, CEO of the Medusa group, wanted his restaurant to be different and he really succeeded.

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Mind and Body Connection

August 7th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Mind and Body Connection

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Dolly Kelepecz does

things differently


it comes to fitness

training.  Just

visit her

DK Balancing,


by Dolly studio and

you will be

pleasantly surprised.  Dolly explains, “Pilates is based

on a Pilates foundation but each instructor has their own twists

and ideas.  With my extensive training in several fitness

programs and a physical therapy background,

I morphed all these theories

together into

making a type of

workout that is best

for the body.

First Pilates builds

your strength then

you should use


equipment.  I am also Gyrotonic certified using exercises which

employ movements found in swimming, yoga, gymnastics and

tai chi.  The Gyrotonic expansion equipment has so many

moving parts providing all kinds of movement.  Since it is three-

dimensional you move in circles.  If you like yoga, you will like

this.  The approach

of the equipment is

spine and pelvic


Because of Pilates’

mind and


with deep

breathing just like

yoga, these different

breadth patterns create relaxation and stress relief.

We also have stress counseling and

massage services.  This is a one stop shop!

We offer a complimentary consultation along with a

complimentary exercise session to introduce you to my DK Body

Balancing Method.  Each new client is evaluated as an individual

because they all have different needs.  I do not rubber stamp

exercises for everyone.

Whenever you

exercise and eat

right, you feel

better.  Pilates is

health based, any

time you partake in

any physical activity


body changes.  Pilates works on secondary muscle groups.  The

movement or exercises are distributed evenly and the joints are

being stabilized by the smaller muscles so there is less stress on

the joints.   This is especially recommended for women 50 and

over because their bodies start to have hormone and sleep


The Reformer Pilates table is the most recognized of all of the

Pilates equipment.  It can be changed around to be adapted into

100’s and 100’s of exercises for so many things.   You can face

forward, face backward, stand on the box, and sit on the box.

If a client is not used to doing a lot of exercises, he/she cannot

just crank it up on the equipment, the client needs a qualified









Four Freshmen: What a wonderfully Nostalgic Show!

August 7th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

SHOW REVIEWS: “Four Freshmen:  What a wonderfully Nostalgic Show!”

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the show)

By Sandy Zimmerman

This was the first time I had the opportunity to see the Four Freshmen in my 29 years of reviewing Las Vegas shows.  I can understand why the Four Freshmen are one of the few musical groups to last 60 years!

Although the faces

have changed, the

carefree mood and

classic songs


The Four Freshmen’s song choice was perfect with the upbeat

“Something’s gotta’ Give”, and continued with more of their

songs from the 50’s and 60’s.

The group looked back at “Graduation Day”, a happy day yet

significant in defining the beginning of becoming adults.

They quipped about the song “It’s Alright with me”, “Although

the other woman is

perfect and you have the

wrong face, it’s

alright with me.  You will

do.  Do you want to go out

with me?”

Most of the songs were

romantic about love and


“You Made me Love You”, “Guilty of Loving You”, “You stepped

out of a dream,“  “Little Girl Blue”, “Day by Day”, “It’s a Blue

World”, “Polka dots and Moonbeams,” then mixed these

numbers with “Give me the simple Life”, “Easy street”, “Route

66”, and many more.  With songs like these and their

exceptional talent, the Four Freshmen will be singing and

pleasing audiences for a long time to come.  Called a free

improvisational style, the group’s creative interpretations are

worth seeing!

The Four


talent was recognized

by some of the

jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Kenton, and Woody Herman.

It was Stan Kenton who brought the group to the attention of

Capitol Records.  Their first hit single was “It’s a Blue World,”

released in 1952.  Later the vocal harmony group gained

popularity and have continued their touring all of these years.

Of course the Four Freshmen have won awards and counted

many hits.  Even recently in the 21th century the Four

Freshmen were named “Vocal Group of the Year” by Downbeat

Magazine’s readers, in 2000.   Continuing in 2001, Mosaic

Records released a multi-CD of their complete 1950’s

recordings.  Today the Four Freshmen consist of Bob Ferreira,

Brian Eichenberger, Curtis Calderon, and Vince Johnson.

Besides their happy audiences, the Four Freshmen have their

own official fan club “The Four Freshmen Society”, since 1992,

with over 2,500 members.  The members of the club filled the

audience that evening and were waiting for the special Meet and

Greet after the show.















“A Village away from the Crowds”

August 7th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“A Village away from the Crowds”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)


The charming

quaint Turrialtico

Lodge is perched

on one of the most


mountain settings

in the village of

Turrialba.   Their open air restaurant is perfect

for the sunny days and summery weather.

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The James Bond Wine Table

May 15th, 2010 • by admin
When you visit Del Friscos, do not miss seeing the most amazing $1.2 million dollar James Bond table. Looking like a normal table at first, Jacque touched her remote control pad and the table suddenly opened to present the James Bond OO7 Films Wine Collection. Eighteen magnums of Cabernet wine from Napa Valley wineries each represent different Bond films. These one- of-a kind bottles are each laser-edged.

Information & Reservations
Telephone: 796-0063.
Address: 3925 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 5-10:30 pm; Sun. 5-10 pm