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Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-


Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! “Celestia’s” Out-of-this-world Experience at the STRAT Hotel (Stratosphere) By Sandy Zimmermn


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Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-


Magic with a French Twist

July 24th, 2011 • by admin

(Photo by Holden Jay)

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the live show except for two as indicated.)

French-born Stephane Vanel brought a different type of magic to the Paris Resort. Stephane’s “The Magic of Paris” show is a perfect match, oh, la, la, as French as they get!

Stephane’s smooth card manipulations were amazing. Some of his classic movements were mixed with new innovations while others were his own creations. Switching from cards to coins and balls, Stephane took slight-of-hand magic to another level.

Stephane’s White Box illusion finale deserves rave reviews. The White Box is small and narrow only big enough for his petite female assistant. Once she enters the box the audience only sees her hands continuously moving. After he keeps making the box smaller and smaller, the audience wonders, “What happened to the girl?” You really have to experience this illusion for yourself.

Even though I was photographing the show near the stage, I couldn’t see how he did it!

Besides making objects or people appear and disappear at will, Stephane’s dancing talents are also demonstrated in his very sensual, hot tango that would probably win on “Dancing with the Stars”.

(Photo by Holden Jay)

Although Stephane has appeared in several Las Vegas shows, this is his first time as headliner. His credits include a seven-year run in MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris, as well as appearances in “Crazy Girls” at the Riviera.  In France, Vanel gained fame hosting his own television series “Fun TV Magic” and soon became a worldwide success noted for his charm and magical skills.

But there is more than magic and illusions, you will be happy to see the show is also packed with a variety of acts-

Mark Kornhauser-

comedian Mark Kornhauser’s comedy, puppeteer Anthony Rais and a pair of beautiful female dancers.

Have Needle, Will Sew!

July 11th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Sew-lutions makes sewing easy!  Sew-lutions is like solutions but with sewing solutions.  Deborah Miklosko, the owner of Sew-lutions, offers suggestions to help her clients brighten up their accessories, to learn special embroidery techniques, quilting designs, and much more. Create personalized gifts they will always remember or sew 3-Dimensional beaded multiple flower pedals on a jacket or purse.

The ancient art of quilting began in Egypt, continued through the Middle Ages, and was very popular during the time of the early colonial settlers in the United States.

The art of embroidery, or intricate needlework, also has ancient origins. I am always amazed at the beautiful embroidered designs that are displayed in clothing and linen around the world. Some embroidery techniques were adapted from ancient Chinese paintings.

With the bad economy, this is the reasonable way to make your own creations. Your clothes could have the colors, size, and decorations exactly the way you want them.

They offer beginning sewing classes to assist in providing a foundation for learning the basics of how to sew and getting acquainted with the sewing machine.

The Largest Pizza in the World

July 5th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

“The Largest Deliverable Pizza in the World”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

I found a unique pizza parlor that is different from any other I have ever seen!

Its Big Mamas and Poppa’s Pizzeria, home of the giant 54” pizza, the largest deliverable pizza in the world.

They were awarded the title by Guiness World record.

There are eight pizza boxes around the walls showing their great selections.

The 54” takes an entire wall by itself.

It looks as big as a table.

With so many pizzas, it’s difficult to decide on the size (54” X 54″- 200 slices, 36”- 60 slices, 28”-30 slices, 24”-20 slices, 18”-12 slices, 16”-10 slices, 13”-8 slices, and 10”-6 slices).

Many people come in just to see the pizzas.

Enjoy Life at Day Care

July 4th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

If you work during the day and worry that your parents are alone at home, Nevada Adult Day Care is the answer.

Adults can have a safe environment, a place where they can be entertained and meet people.

Just think of everything that senior residential communities offer, but at Nevada Adult Day Care you can go home at night!

Chris Vito, Nevada Adult Day Care, President & Chief Executive officer, explains, “We strive to stimulate, educate, socialize, and exercise our clients.

A lot of clients were almost stoic because they just sat around their home watching television.

It is a healthy environment when people have the opportunity to meet others of the same age and interact with each other.

There is so much for them to do all day.

We have a special room for card games and bingo to stimulate their minds with mental exercises.

Different activities are  scheduled every hour with alternatives if a client wishes.

Our preventive program includes checking blood pressure, blood sugar and medication management to be certain if the doctor says the medicine should be taken at 9 am and 2 pm that is exactly when our client will receive the medicine.

Each client’s health is monitored daily. With three RN’s, LPN’s, a rehabilitation nurse, licensed occupational speech therapist, and our Director of Nursing, Christina Vito, we are ready for emergencies. Christina previously took care of open heart surgery patients and emergency medicine.

This should give the client’s families peace of mind while they are working during the day.

The James Bond Wine Table

May 15th, 2010 • by admin
When you visit Del Friscos, do not miss seeing the most amazing $1.2 million dollar James Bond table. Looking like a normal table at first, Jacque touched her remote control pad and the table suddenly opened to present the James Bond OO7 Films Wine Collection. Eighteen magnums of Cabernet wine from Napa Valley wineries each represent different Bond films. These one- of-a kind bottles are each laser-edged.

Information & Reservations
Telephone: 796-0063.
Address: 3925 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 5-10:30 pm; Sun. 5-10 pm