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Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-


INVITATION to our "ALL IN ONE SPA"-A HARMONY NAILS, SALON & SPA WELCOMES YOU! BY Sandy Zimmerman The Diestel Difference: Doing Turkey the Right Way for 70 Years Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! “Celestia’s” Out-of-this-world Experience at the STRAT Hotel (Stratosphere) By Sandy Zimmermn


The Greeks Invite You to their Food Festival! Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! “The Park MGM Hotel’s Eataly Transports Italy to You!”- By Sandy Zimmerman SICHUAN, CHINA MUSICAL PERFORMANCE AT THE ORLEANS HOTEL ANNOUNCING: SANDY ZIMMERMAN'S LAS VEGAS SHOW AIRS ON THE ENGLISH SPEAKING ASIAN CULTURAL TV NETWORK & FACEBOOK@SZLVTV


Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television Programs and Facebook Celebrity/Dining Theater Seeks Unique Entertainers, Shows and Promos! Sandy Zimmerman's Show Features Meet The Duke of Fremont Street-FREE-



October 21st, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman














I found an EVERYTHING purse- so big, you have a lot of room for whatever you need that day! This is the Porto Vino Wine Purse, you can bring the party with you! It’s a TOTE bag, WINE PURSE, fashionable purse, and you might find another way to use the Porto Vino Wine Purse!

Produced as a WINE PURSE, this holds and pours 2 bottles of wine on the go! If you are going to a romantic evening for two, a day with your friends, or whatever you are planning, the WINE PURSE is the answer! It’s new and fits whatever you are doing day or night.

Discreetly pour on the go from the hidden pouring spout stored behind the designer flap

Amaze your friends with this fashionable PortoVino wine purse that you can use every day with or without the beverage pouch

Bring wine or any beverage of Your choice with the easy to fill party pouch with spout, no glass bottles. Use Wine, Water, Spirits, etc

Keep your drinks chilled and hidden in the secret, zippered compartment designed for storing your beverage pouch

Conveniently hold all your things in the main, lined compartment or in side pockets.

Save hundreds of $$$ by bringing your own drinks wherever you go. It will pay for itself!

Give Back When you purchase a PortoVino, you’ll be feeding a child

Perfect Gift for any wine lover!



“New Ways to Enjoy Wines” By Sandy Zimmerman

October 19th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

A great non-breakable way to take wine to picnics, parties, or a romantic

evening for 2. Savor the tastes of these revolutionary new canned wines-

ICAN ROSE & ICAN CHARDANNAY and enjoy your own wine tasting party!

Mercer Estates Winery announces the launch of a revolutionary new canned wine, ICAN.  ICAN wines will be available in Rose and Chardonnay throughout the state of Nevada in restaurants, retailers, convenience stores as well as recreational areas and resorts.  The wine vessel makes wine accessible on so many levels.  The can itself has a twist top which is reliably resealable, as well as 100% recyclable or reusable.  The beverage is rechillable, allowing the consumer to take a sip or pour a glass and put the can back in the ice chest for later.

The can’s graphics expressly embody the spirit of freedom and enjoying life with wine.  The chardonnay label portrays a group of friends, (who could easily be yours or mine) heading out of town for a relaxing weekend.  The rose “can” depicts a person heading for the beach with a surfboard, under palm trees and a pretty rose’-pink skyline. Cally Burgett, graphic designer for ICAN notes, “I created designs showing scenarios where my friends and family enjoy wine.   I feel the labels carry that authenticity”.   Both scenarios represent and resonate with the target audience for this wine, 21-45 years, people who enjoy outdoor activities and free time.  No need for a corkscrew or heavy wine bottle, this can is light and self-sufficient.

Each can holds 2.5 servings or 375 fl oz.  The portion size is appealing to many who want to enjoy wine and not open an entire glass bottle.   Each varietal is hand crafted in Prosser WA at Mercer Estates Winery with the same quality and craftmanship Mercer is known for.  The ICAN has received several GOLD medal as of recent:  GOLD medal (90 points) from the Experience Rose Wine Competition in Sonoma California, GOLD medal in the International Canned Wine Competition and also a GOLD medal from the Cascadia Wine Competition held in Richland WA featuring over 1,000 wines from around the region.

As one of only two wine companies offering a screw cap wine can, Mercer sees this packaging as a real competitive advantage.  “The wine can itself is new and innovative, portable and durable and most importantly the wine is delicious and of high quality, making it the clear choice when purchasing a canned wine”, said Will Mercer, National Sales Manager for ICAN.

One of the founding principles behind ICAN wine is to offer the most environmentally thoughtful packaging alternative.  The cans are lighter and more compact from a shipping and transport position, lessening its carbon footprint.  With 75% of aluminum ever produced still in use today, the recyclability really resonated with the winery’s environmental position. Mercer Estates Winery has long been a leader for conservation and sustainability in the wine industry.  In 2010, Mercer was the first winery ever to receive “Award for Environmental Excellence” from the association of Washington Businesses.   

ICAN is produced from Mercer’s Washington vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills.  The Horse Heaven Hills enjoys a long history of award-winning wines and enviable terroir.  Approximately 25% of Washington state wines hail from this large AVA.  Don and Linda Mercer planted the first vinifera in this pristine appellation in 1972.  The Horse Heaven Hills vineyards have yet to peak and are still producing today.  Rob and Brenda Mercer started this winery in 2005 with two initial varietal offerings.  Today the Mercers, along with Rob’s brother Will Mercer and several other family members wholly operate the vineyard and winery operations.

Winery Address:  3100 Lee Road, Prosser WA   99350; Phone:  (509) 786-2097


“Experience Fogo de Chão Restaurant’s Authentic Brazilian Churrasco Dinner” By Sandy Zimmerman

October 10th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

The Fogo de Chão Restaurant is very special, not the usual restaurant experience. I was invited to Fogo’s media dinner celebrating the completion of their renovations.

Interview with Marcio Bonfada, Fogo de Chão Area Manager:

Bonfada: “Fogo de Chão opened in Las Vegas in 2011 and recently we wanted to change the decor, the walls, and pictures with everything new, especially the bar. The lounge is a comfortable waiting area now.

We offer a great Happy Hour from 4:30 to 6:30 pm to enjoy snacks, drinks, and Bar Fogo- small and large plates of appetizers and Brazilian inspired drinks.”

SZ: “I love the way the servers come to my table, their skewers filled with gigantic cuts of meats and I can eat as much as I want.

There’s several different cuts of steak, some not found in other restaurants.”

Bonfada: “We have a variety of roasted meats and authentic Brazilian cuts like our signature Steak Picanha- the prime part of top sirloin, the beef Ancho Ribeye, Alcatra Sirloin, Fraldinha- bottom sirloin, Costela beef ribs, bacon wrapped steak, the Filet mignon, and New York strip steak.”

SZ: “What If someone has a health diet or can only eat certain foods?”

Bonfada: “We also offer pork, chicken, lamb, sausage, and seafood.  

Our seafood is served with a Brazilian twist. There’s smoked salmon, chilled lobster, shrimp appetizers, Mango Chilean Sea-bass, pan-seared salmon, shrimp cocktail, and garlic shrimp.”

SZ: “What is on the Market Table?”

Bonfada: “The Market Table features specialty salads, imported cheese, cured meats, antipasti, charcuterie, and side dishes with over 60 items.”

SZ: “The Market Table is a meal in itself!”

Bonfada: “Absolutely!”

SZ: “In the main dining room, the servers cut the food in front of us at each table but what about banquets?”

Bonfada: “It is the same way for banquets, tonight you will be in the banquet room and each person will receive personal attention. We cater weddings, business meetings, and other celebrations.  

For reservations or information, call (702) 431-4500. Fogo de Chão is located at

360 E. Flamingo Rd., in the Hughes Center business park, near Las Vegas Boulevard, South. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouses are also in Brazil, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Middle East.   

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Award-winning Sandy Zimmerman has produced television programs, documentaries, and travel specials: Beijing, and on the Yangtze River Cruise, both in China; “Castles, Wine and Trattorias” travel specials in Italy; “Visiting a Kazakh Family in a Yurt along Marco Polo’s Silk Road-China,” and around the world as well as in the US: Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park, and an authentic real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada,   and other destinations in the US.

With 25 years’ experience as a television talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s
Las Vegas Today Show, Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show, and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials, Syndicated Journalist- Show and Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury writer, Health, Photographer/ Videographer.

For information, questions, comments please contact Sandy Zimmerman: 

(702)-515-0846.  Facebook@szlvtv


“Cherry Boom Boom: Wild Burlesque Show” By Sandy Zimmerman

October 2nd, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

I was invited to the “Cherry Boom Boom’s” grand opening red carpet event at the OYO Hotel, formally Hooters and was happy to find a very different show!

“Cherry Boom Boom” is different from any burlesque show you have ever seen! Instead of sensuous romantic music, you will experience a more intense, more dramatic version of high energy dancing.

The drama continues with wild, undefined movements, quick turns, and dancers hanging seductively from the bars. Suddenly one of the dancers jumps up and then continues her dance. Dancing to Heavy Metal music brings a whole new view of burlesque!  They don’t strip, the are not topless, and all of the dancers are professional with a lot of action, fun, and unexpected surprises. Watch for the surprises!

One woman dances and performs a special act hanging by her neck in a chocking stance. The cast continually moves from the stage to the middle section of the showroom. One dancer crawled along the railing, another danced on the railing, they each used this area to show off.

With some high energy almost like Metal Head rock concerts, you’ll see jazz pieces and a wide arrangement of styles. There’s something for everyone!

As a reviewer for more than 20 years, I did expect something different and wow, “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” is different! In fact, I don’t think this is a burlesque show because the cast doesn’t strip.

Located in the OYO Hotel and Casino, formally Hooter’s Hotel, 115 E. Tropicana Avenue.

Sandy Zimmerman is a syndicated columnist featuring Show and Dining reviews, Travel, and more. Sandy is talk show host of “Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Show” programs and “Discover the Ultimate Vacation” travel specials. To suggest topics for articles, for information or ask any questions about Sandy’s articles, call (702)-731-6491 or email


The James Bond Wine Table

May 15th, 2010 • by admin
When you visit Del Friscos, do not miss seeing the most amazing $1.2 million dollar James Bond table. Looking like a normal table at first, Jacque touched her remote control pad and the table suddenly opened to present the James Bond OO7 Films Wine Collection. Eighteen magnums of Cabernet wine from Napa Valley wineries each represent different Bond films. These one- of-a kind bottles are each laser-edged.

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