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Hertz NeverLost Means Never Lost

May 25th, 2013 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Hertz Rental Cars are located around the world!

Choose from convertables, luxury and green car options.

Joel Eckroth Sr. VP & Chief Information Officer of Hertz and Hertz Holdings.

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NeverLost Means Never Lost


















Interview: You are NeverLost with Hertz's Never Lost GPS

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Hertz unless indicated)

Sandy Zimmerman's interview with Joseph Eckroth, the Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Hertz Holdings and Hertz.

(S. Z.): Hertz's NeverLost GPS allowed me to relax, watch the road and just listen to the directions.

With all of the latest developments at Hertz, I wouldn't be surprised if they invent a remote control pilot that could take over the driving. 

(J.E.): Today NeverLost has a whole new set of capabilities way beyond navigation with over 6.5 million points of interest including places to eat, places to stay, ways to explore the city and pick out a guided tour.

It even translates into a mobile app that will do the same thing while you are walking or riding public transportation.

We boast to having one of the best data bases up to date in terms of new streets and construction. When things are changing, we try to stay right on top of that.

(S.Z.) NeverLost anticipates everything the business, family or recreational traveler would want.

(J.E.)  If you are on a multi-segment trip and will visit a couple of cities and you want to know what the weather forecast is in those cities the NeverLost GPS will tell you so you can be ready for cold or hot weather.

Even if you have to change routes during the trip there is an (800) number to add more cities.

NeverLost GPS also offers flight status and airport delays so you don't have to sit around the airport all day.

It is one of those golden oldies from the get go of NeverLost, I love the fact that I can hit Hertz Return and it tells me exactly how to get to the location. This saves me a lot of anxiety because the trend in most of the major airports is they are consolidating the rental areas so the place to return your car has changed. We update that right away so you don?t have to worry about it.

NeverLost helps you when you begin your trip to when you return the car.

It is all about handling every step of your journey.

We just introduced in the last 18 months, a whole new series of customer experiences that enhance our customer's ability to have a good trip.

With our NeverLost on-line trip planning tools, you can plan your entire trip each destination before you leave your home or office.



Joseph Eckroth serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Hertz Holdings, Hertz and Global Customer Care. Mr. Eckroth also oversees the Global Document Management function and Navigations Solutions business and serves as a member of the Board of Navigation Solutions L.L.C., which is the exclusive provider of the Hertz Neverlost units and related services.  


Award winning Sandy Zimmerman has been involved in producing television programs, TV commercials, and travel specials for more than 28 years. Sandy is a syndicated Show and Dining Reviewer, travel writer, Health journalist, professional photographer and talk show host of the Las Vegas Today Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials.