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How to Look Younger

August 2nd, 2013 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Juan Mejia, Hair Stylist & Extension Specialist-

Kahea Hashamoto, Make Up Artist-

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How to Look Younger

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

     Makeup artist Kahea Hashamoto feels, "The trend is for a natural look even at runway shows.

I bring out the client's natural beauty and make the skin look flawless without a made up look.

It is important to study each person's coloring for the art of makeup.

I choose colors to complement the woman's eyes.

These colors can make the difference in bringing out her eyes.

The makeup should not be too dark.

My airbrush technique applies makeup evenly and gives a smoother more finished look."

The airbrush is superior to the traditional way.       

     Most people want to look younger and Paul Juma, Colorist & Extension Specialist, has the answer!

Paul explains,"That is our goal. We are talking about highlighting hair. Lighter hair brings us that back to youth look. Color changes make a big difference.

Highlights stand out.

Sometimes we need to add vibrancy to the hair.

There are many ways to do that.

We can give the illusion of multilayers and depth.

Choosing the right color for my client's hair is a science. I have to study the color of her eyes, her coloring and much more.

It is exciting that people of different ages want the new fun, happy colors.

I advise clients to keep their hair shiny which assists in helping the color last longer."

Does Paul make his clients Red Carpet ready? He says, "It doesn't matter what day it is, every day is a Red Carpet day!

I give you the best look possible."

     Juan Mejia, Hairstylist and Extensions Specialist, has a pleasant outlook on life. Always smiling and telling jokes, he brightens everybody's day.   

Just tell Juan if you are attending a party, a business meeting or an evening for two and he will know the perfect style for you.

After studying in Mexico and the United States, Juan knows all the latest international as well as the classic styles.

Whether you want to have a style similar to one of the movie star's hairstyles or the latest style, Juan is the expert! 

He also advises clients about summer and winter hair styles.

If you have a unique hairstyle in mind, show him a photo or explain and he can create the style you want.

You may want that Red Carpet look even if you are not going to a Red Carpet event.

Everyone can have the Red Carpet Look at Cristophes Beverly Hills Salon, at the MGM Hotel, in Las Vegas!

The Red Carpet Look makes you look great for that special night or that special person.


Kahea Hashamoto, Paul Juma and Juan Mejia know what to do to bring out the beauty in you. For information, call the Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills, at the MGM Hotel, at 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, in Las Vegas. For information, call 891-3339.