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The Unique AquaKnox Experience

August 30th, 2013 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Executive Chef Steve Aguglia-WILD ALASKAN HALIBUT

Executive Chef Steve Aguglia- NEW ZEALAND ORA KING SALMON

Sandy Zimmerman is standing at the entrance to the AQUAKNOX Restaurant


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The Unique AquaKnox Restuarant Experience










































By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

The waterfalls wall is the first sign you have arrived at the entrance to the AquaKnox Restaurant.

In just a few steps, there is an enormous wine tower that nearly reaches the ceiling.

The AquaKnox has distinguished themselves by the uniqueness of their dishes, original recipes and atmosphere.

The ocean's treasures are awaiting their guests.

Executive Chef Steve Aguglia explained, "We try to go outside the box. Our Global Seafood cuisine is inspired from Asia, France, Latin America and other countries.

We can trace all of our seafood back to the original ship, the place where it was caught, and even the latitude and longitude. We are happy to tell our guests exactly where their dinner was caught."

Chef Steve wants his guests to know how much he values a healthy kitchen. "The New Zealand Ora King salmon are farm raised isolated away from the rest of civilization. In this environment, the feed for the salmon is also organic and the water is pure enough to drink.

This salmon is almost like the wagyu of salmon because it has so much Omega 3, so much marbling and fat inside the salmon that it cooks quickly.

The salmon's carrot Miso sauce is prepared with Miso paste, fresh ginger juice, carrot juice, a little red chili, extra-virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed orange juice and Champagne vinegar. This sauce does not overpower the salmon. The salmon sat majestically on a bed of micro greens.

You have to know how to cook halibut to keep it moist so it has a delicate texture and richness from the butter.

We lightly saute the wild Alaskan halibut with olive oil then add 3-4 tablespoons of butter. It is important to baste the halibut with butter, a little water and wine. Then we baste the halibut and slowly roast it so the fish absorbs all the butter and goodness inside the fish.

When the server opens the lid of the large cast-iron pot, it is filled with Prince Edward Island Mussels. They are served to guests in individual pots.

The sauce is combined with the juice from the mussels, chardonnay and shallots.

The mussels are sauteed with extra-virgin olive oil until they open then we add a little butter and more virgin olive oil to make a rich creamy sauce.

Later freshly chopped herbs are added."

Guests will want to dip their bread into the tasty sauce. This is another appetizer which could be considered a meal.

AquaKnox Restaurant is located inside the Venetian Resort, on restaurant row. For information, call (702)-414-3772. http://www.venetian.com/  



Award winning Sandy Zimmerman has been involved in producing television programs, TV commercials, and travel specials for 28 years. Sandy is a syndicated Show and Dining Reviewer, travel writer, professional photographer and talk show host of the Las Vegas Today Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. For information or questions about any of Sandy's columns, contact Sandy Zimmerman at (702)-735-5974.