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“Put Life into Your Hair and Appearance”

December 10th, 2013 • by Sandy Zimmerman
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PAUL JUMA- Hair Colorist & Extensions Specialist

View of Pool from Cristophe of Beverly Hills at the MGM Grand Hotel, in Las Vegas.

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Before trying a new “look”, make sure it is the right “look” for you. Many hairstyles, hair colors and make-up techniques will not work on everyone.

Paul Juma, hair colorist and certified hair lock stylist and extension specialist, explained, “I use the latest products that help in improving the application of extensions. Now extensions are applied faster and easier. With the latest products, I do not have to apply glue or bonding material on the hair.

First the client’s hair color is matched with the extensions before they are applied. The process is finished with a custom haircut and style.

The hair looks thicker and fuller while it keeps growing.

Compared with the traditional method of applying hair extensions, this method is safer and does not damage the hair. The Hair Locs extensions system is becoming “the favorite” method for any hair.”

As a color specialist, Paul blends the hair colors and combines different shades to become more coppery or more vibrant. The colors are going to stand out.

Another beauty expert, Carolyn Allen, make-up artist, knows the best techniques for all clients. Whether you want to keep in style with wide-open eyes or longer eyelashes, she knows the latest looks.

The “nude look” refers to wearing make-up with natural tones for a healthy glow.  Shimmering metallic eyelids stand out during an evening of dining and nightlife.

When you meet someone, your face is the first thing the person sees. You should try a make-up session or lesson. How can you look good and create the best image? Carolyn studies each client to customize his or her looks.

Ask Carolyn how you can change your beauty regimen with the seasons. Just as you buy different fabrics for your clothes during the summer in contrast to winter other changes should be made.

Juan Mejia, hairstylist and extensions specialist, has an international flair with hair. He is familiar with styles from the United States and Mexico.

Juan suggests a consultation before you make decisions. Discuss the type of hairstyle you prefer, your lifestyle and bring photographs of any style you like.

If you are too busy to spend time on your hairstyle, a quick, short style may be best. For the client who wants a dramatic “look”, Juan is ready with suggestions.

Juan’s extensive repertoire of styles along with his creativity provides the perfect basis for your hairstyle. He even accents his own hair with a distinctive touch of red. Juan has tips for protecting hair during the winter.

Paul Juma, Carolyn Allen and Juan Mejia are at the Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills in the MGM Hotel. Cristophe is at 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, in Las Vegas. For information, call (702)-891-3339.

The Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills at the MGM Grand Hotel, in Las Vegas, keeps up with the latest products and techniques for their staff.

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