May 30th, 2017 • by Sandy Zimmerman

I get calls all of the time about people who are scammed by businesses on the internet because this interaction with people across the United States leaves us unprotected. They sound honest, their resumes and websites look good but how do they act once the person receives your money? There is no way to know unless you are a psychic. Once you choose a person living in another state to do your job, before sending a deposit look at the Better Business Bureau’s list, look at employment agencies showing that person’s reviews, YELP reviews, and other reviews.

I hired Cisco McArthur, owner of ME Marketing & Design, to setup and show me how to stream on my website, on Facebook, and on Youtube. He requested $350 and I have proof he acknowledged receipt. We were to do this virtually sharing the computer on the telephone in September, 2016. He made appointments, never showed up or called. After several appointments, Cisco said he had clients in Las Vegas and would come to my office. He never showed up or called.  I asked for my money back.

Cisco said he was attending a convention in Las Vegas for 3 days and would have a lot of time to give me a few hours at my office. He didn’t call or show up. (He acts like a sadist, not only taking my money, he

I tried to take him to Judge Judy’s tv court, Cisco wrote “please don’t take him to court, he wll return my money”. (He admitted it). But Judge Judy’s tv court has to have both people attend and he wouldn’t.

I filed the complaint to the Better Business Bureau and he wouldn’t speak to them.

There are several complaints people have written about Cisco McArthur.

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