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February 18th, 2018 • by Sandy Zimmerman

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by VOX Communications)

I was invited to The Mob Museum, a museum that specializes in the history and understanding of the impact of 0rganized Crime in the past and present.

One of their new exhibits includes Organized Crime Today, explaining how organized crime has evolved throughout the years. This is a comprehensive multi-faceted study featuring organized crime in depth, a look into the stories, the famous early mobsters dating back to Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, John Gotti and others, in the days of the speakeasies, mob-run casinos and when the Mafia became involved in crime.

This extensive research data reaches throughout the United States and even around the world. You will see so much here at the Mob Museum, it may be necessary to come back again another day to finish your experience.The museum explains, “From trafficking in exotic species to engaging in cyber-scams, crime syndicates routinely cross both physical and digital borders to execute their elaborate schemes. Using a 17-foot-wide interactive touch wall, discover where organized crime operates today and how law enforcement is fighting back.”

With interactive exhibits, you can enjoy films, displays, photographs, digital experiences, one-of-a-kind mob and law enforcement artifacts, case files and more.They have also added two new experiential spaces which include the Use of Force Training Experience and Crime Lab, which join the Museum’s already robust experiential platform, focusing on methods employed by law enforcement to apprehend and prosecute criminals and their organizations.

Visit the Crime lab and learn how they catch criminals, don’t miss the Basement- Prohibition Era to enter a speakeasy. Crime Lab Experience and Use of Force Training Experience are timed entries. RSVP’s required- Use of Force Training Experience.

You can arrange for groups or parties to enjoy areas of the museum.

Some special areas you should see:

Organized Crime Today: Visit the Organized Crime Today exhibit at The Mob Museum where you’ll see the new face of organized crime

They called it The Beer Wars. It was Chicago, during Prohibition. Well-meaning citizen’s groups had lobbied for law enforcement.

The Mob Museum considers the museum a bold and authentic view of organized crime. They want you to explore the real stories and actual events of Mob history through interactive exhibits and one-of-a-kind Mob and law enforcement artifacts found inside their restored 1933 former courthouse and post office building located 300 Stewart Avenue, Downtown Las Vegas, just minutes from Fremont Street. Parking is limited for a nominal fee. Open: 9 am – 9 pm.

Award-winning syndicated columnist Sandy Zimmerman  and talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV. For information, questions, or to recommend subjects, please call (702)-515-0846.  FACEBOOK@SZLVTV

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