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““Blanc de Blanc’s” Flamboyant Opening at the Sahara Hotel” By Sandy Zimmerman

September 7th, 2019 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Scott Maidment, Creator/Director of “Blanc de Blanc”- at red carpet opening during Sandy Zimmerman’s interview.

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Most Las Vegas shows celebrate their openings with red carpets but the “Blanc de Blanc” show is different. They cleverly designed 3 settings- a lounging couch surrounded by balloons and signs, another with neon lights and balloons, and a third mega-billboard with a video! That reminded me of the Las Vegas’ Pizazz I experienced as a show reviewer in the ‘80’s and ’90’s.

Illusionist David Goldrake, star of IMAGINARIUM, TROPICANA, is being interviewed by Sandy Zimmerman at Blanc de Blanc’s opening red carpet.

I interviewed many celebrities as they filled “Blanc de Blanc’s” lobby.

Scott Maidment-“Blanc de Blanc” show Creator and Director-SAHARA:

SZ: “That’s so important to create the concept of a new show with so many pieces to put together. Is “Blanc de Blanc” a big show?”

Scott Maidment: “We have been doing the show for three years with a two hour version and filed it down to a smaller version so the show is even more exciting, punchier than it’s ever been.

We sold out in Australia, London, and New Zealand and are very happy to be here at the launch of “Blanc de Blanc” at the Sahara.”

SZ: “What does “Blanc de Blanc” mean?”

Scott Maidment: “It’s a type of champagne, a white grape drink. It’s fun, I like the sound, the name sounds like champagne corks are popping! Have a good time at the party!”

SZ: “From the photos I saw, your show looks like it’s going to be a party.”

Scott Maidment: “It is more of a party than a show. The audience are invited to kind of come on the journey with us, party, and get involved as well.   

We are looking forward to seeing how much Las Vegas loves “Blanc de Blanc”. The rest of the world has loved it so we’re ready to come before you in Vegas.”

David Goldrake-Illusionist “IMAGINARIUM” Tropicana:

SZ: “I interviewed you in your dressing room at the closing of your successful “IMAGINARIUM” and happy to see you back in action on the red carpet again.”

David Goldrake: “We have been traveling all over the world having a lot of fun performing my bigger show and my smaller shows since the closing.   

 SZ: “You are producing a new show, will it be all new or have parts of your previous show?”

David Goldrake: “We are going to have some parts of the old show but some new material, new people, and a new cast. I’m very excited about that.”

SZ: “Your first show, “Imaginarium” was so good! Similar to our production shows I reviewed in the 80’s and 90’s.”

David Goldrake: “I am happy to have started my Las Vegas career at the Tropicana and now we are ready for new adventures.”

 SZ: “Have you heard about “Blanc de Blanc”?”

David Goldrake: “It is exciting to see “Blanc de Blanc” because it is such a unique show, very different and am wishing them a lot of success and a very long run.”

Blanc de Blanc shows appear at 7 pm, Thursday to Monday, in the BLANC de BLANC Theater, from August 16-December 30, 2019.

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