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After listening to Sammy Johnson’s new EP “Moonlight Lovers”,
I wanted to see his show at the Brooklyn Bowl and
interview him! His music is touching, a beautiful
mix of Reggae, R&B, and Polynesian island songs
telling the stories of love and finding happiness.
Sammy’s haunting Reggae rhythms match well with his
songs of romance as he seems to feel the words and
delivers his own interpretations.

Sammy Johnson’s sings his new EP “Moonlight Lovers” as well as the popular Reggae and R&B songs which match well together because Reggae
originated in Jamaica and represents the islands
while they say R&B is from the soul telling
stories of love.

Sammy Johnson has been described as having “Somewhere between the charismas
of Frank Sinatra, the empathetic tone of Bob Marley, and the smooth and sultry vocal runs
of Lauryn Hill lives the warm and kind voice of Sammy Johnson. 

The Australian native, New Zealand-bred soulful reggae star hits the road this Fall in support of his new EP Moonlight Lovers, 
out now and available everywhere with taste maker Mensch House Records!

During our interview Sammy Johnson explained, “The audiences is involved and is part of the show! Since I don’t have any back-up singers, I use the whole audience, everyone. They have to learn the words of the songs. If the audience is involved they become
interested and it is more exciting for them.”

Perhaps it was Sammy’s interesting background, exposure to a family from different backgrounds. His mother was from Australia and father of the Maori Tribe Indians heritage
and he lives in New Zealand.    

Reggae is in now and Sammy is riding the trend with his songs. As a travel writer, when Sammy sings, it seems as though I am back in Jamaica or Hawaii.

Sammy Johnson’s new album debuted at #1 on the iTunes
reggae charts in both Australia & New Zealand, and reached #7
on all new album releases in iTunes New Zealand!

This appearance at the Brooklyn Bowl was part of Sammy’s
2 month tour, November and December across the United States and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
http://sammyjohnsonmusic.com    https://www.facebook.com/sammyjohnsonmusic


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