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August 8th, 2010 • by admin

Now you can experience the “real” INSIDE Las Vegas with us as Sandy Zimmerman meets the stars backstage to tape interviews backstage in their dressing rooms, cook with the top chefs in their kitchens, learn about unique spa treatments, visit fitness centers, and discuss the latest developments in medicine with doctors.

It is like a REALITY SHOW, but MORE because Sandy covers

ALL of these topics, not just one!

ANY TIME the Public is Invited we will let you know!

WATCH FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS about Las Vegas Openings, Events, Red Carpets, Free Entertainment, Cooking Demonstrations,

Wine Tastings, Openings, Celebrity Appearances, Discounts,

and Specials.

Sandy’s articles are not like any

other publication,

they are written as “in depth

pictorial stories where you feel you

join us in the experience.

Our FOUR website Magazines are

interactive, just ask questions,

make comments, and join the fun!


Each day is different as Sandy covers Las Vegas and produces

travel specials in other countries.

Sandy and her guest Phyllis Diller in the 80's

Sandy Zimmerman is a




published in

Dubai, Japan,

England, South

America, as well as

other countries

and in the United States;  

She is talk show host of

the Las Vegas Today

Show programs

and Discover

the Ultimate Vacation

travel specials taped on

location in Las Vegas


around the world;

Celebrating 29 years as

the longest running talk show host, columnist, and

entertainment reviewer in Las Vegas, Sandy also covers dining

reviews, travel, spas, health and lifestyles;  

Two of Sandy’s programs were named “Program of the Week” by

the Review Journal for her “Marco Polo’s Silk Road Tour of

China” and “Food, Wine and Castles Tour of northwestern



Sandy Zimmerman


Discover the Ultimate, Discover the Ultimate Dining, Discover the Ultimate Health (Spas), Discover the Ultimate Entertainment.

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INVITATION (Continued)

You have a choice of a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to ONE or ALL FOUR of our Discover the Ultimate Magazines.

This is a DIRECTORY of the "Best in Las Vegas"- DINING, ENTERTAINMENT, TRAVEL and HEALTH (Spas, Fitness, Medicine) as well as the "Best Around the World".

SUGGESTIONS:  We are always looking for restaurants, spas, resorts,entertainment, or services to review.  Recommend your favorites and you may win a prize.

Please SEND YOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS about  your red carpets, events, openings, entertainment, wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, specials, and discounts and we will include them in our publications.  These are YOUR magazines, please feel that you can join in and ask questions, make comments and suggestions.