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#2-The ULTIMATE Dining Experience!

August 24th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Michael Feighery, President, Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

Known as America’s premier traditional steakhouse, this title

says it all.  As their President, Michael Feighery, explains, “We did

not give the title to ourselves; it was given by our customers over

(Photo by: Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group)

Smith & Wollensky

stands as an example of

the standards and

elegance of the past.

Perhaps this is because

S&W was established

in 1977, a time when

restaurants cared about

service and the

quality of their food.

The moment you walk into S&W, you know

this is a very special place.

You have the choice of two restaurants, the Smith & Wollensky

Steakhouse and the more relaxed Smith & Wollensky Grill.  With

two restaurants, you can indulge in the finest food from either

menu.  The Steakhouse’s traditional menu is filled with

selections of MEGA-cuts of beef while the Grill has a lighter, more

casual version with salads, sandwiches, and of course, their juicy

Filet Mignon Oscar-Style (Photo by: Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group)

What is the secret of their


Michael feels, “The

combination is our food

quality with Corporate

Executive Chef John

Piccolino and our


As a national chain, we are

very, very personable and that is important to us.

I think it is consistency and respect for our guests without

compromise on quality.

When Michael Feighery arrived in the United States, in 1985,

from Ireland, he worked for the Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse in

New York City as a butcher.

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#2-The Ultimate Dining Experience! (Continued)

 And now Michael is the President celebrating his

anniversary in January, "I did not think

 that would happen.  It has been a

 wonderful experience.  John and I

 have worked together for 12 years. 

We sat like a good Irish guy

and an Italian guy to have beer at the bar

and hit it off straight away.  I convinced

 John to come to Las Vegas and open this


You will never feel crowded in Smith &

Wollensky's 30,000 square feet building,

their three floors are filled with banquet

rooms and intimate hideaways for the

guests.  Whether it's seating for a family,

group, wedding rehearsal, party, or

romantic dinner for two, they have the

 perfect setting.

Michael designed his Las Vegas

restaurant after the original

restaurant in Manhattan, but said

"We added a little quirkiness to

the different rooms, each with its own

look, individual style and


Choose the Chef's Table Room to dine

while looking through the

wall of glass to watch the chefs preparing

 all of the food in the

kitchen. This is just another one of the

luxuries at S&W, not many

restaurants have an interactive Chef's


One of the few restaurants to have a

sidewalk cafe overlooking the

lights and excitement of South Las Vegas

Boulevard, across the

street from the Monte Carlo Resort and

just steps from the MGM

Grand Hotel.  For information, call 862-

4100.  The Smith & Wollensky

Steakhouse/ Smith & Wollensky Grill is

located at 3767 South Las Vegas

Boulevard. www.smithandwollensky.com