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#1-The Ultimate Dining Experience

August 23rd, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


Bone-in Ribeye Steak (Photo by Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group)

 (Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

Michael Feighery, President, Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

Michael Feighery, President, Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group


I received

an invitation

to “Sample

and Savor


at the Smith & Wollensky

Steakhouse/ Smith &

Wollensky Grill.

What a wonderful escape from the world, a restaurant

where we can dine leisurely while being pampered and

just let time stand still!

And it was the ULTIMATE gastronomic experience!

Entering a fine dining restaurant for the first time is always

exciting because of the anticipation of the delights we will

discover tonight.  Look at the menu closely, but even more

important, learn about the quality of the meats, produce

and seafood.

Corporate Executive Chef John Piccolino is the man who makes

the decisions about their food and creates all of the special dishes.

Chef John explained, “We only use USDA Prime meats, the best

quality meat in the United States.   Out of 500,000 head of cattle,

only 2% yields this quality.

Corporate Executive Chef John Piccolino

It is important how

the meat is aged.

We have walk-in


rooms n all of our

restaurants and dry

age the meats

between 21 and 28 days.

During that process, the enzymes in the meat start to break

down to take on a new buttery flavor characteristic, to become

even more tender and juicy while the marbling dissolves into the

meat.”  I have never been in a dry aging room before with shelves

and shelves of meats each in their own sections.

Chef John only purchases Midwest grain-fed meats from Chicago,

Atlanta and New York.  “The quality above average quality and

they have the specs for our meats and hand-select the cattle for us.”


Butcher's Cutting Room

Not only does S&W age their own beef, they also have

butchers cutting the meats exactly the way they want as far as the

portion sizes and trimming the meat to the proper specs.

After the tour, I could hardly wait to taste one of the steaks.

Looking at the main menu, I was amazed at the wide selection of

steaks and Mega-portions.  (Continued)












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#1-The Ultimate Dining Experience (Continued)

(Photos Above: Lamb Chops, Bar, and room by Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group.)

The ribeye steaks weigh 30 ounces,

porterhouse 48 ounces, New

York cut sirloin steak 22 ounces, and

sirloin 16 ounces.  Smaller cuts are served

 from the Smith & Wollensky Grill's

menu.  The Cajun ribeye steak is

marinated in spices, onions and oil for 48

 hours.  I thought the Cajun marinade

would be too spicy but it had sparks

without being overpowering.

Chef John included some interesting ways

 of eating shellfish.

Either order the Shellfish by the piece or a

 large Seafood Bouquet platter- $35.50

per person.  Pick what you want, as much

as you want, of Littleneck Clams and

Oysters on the half shell- $4.50 a

piece, Jumbo Shrimp- $6, Colossal lump

crab meat 2 or 4 ounces- $10/19.75.

Appetizers can be so tasty when you try

 seared scallops tossed with

peanut vinaigrette, oh, so delicate mixed

with the flavors of Asian

slaw and lemon teriyaki sauce.  Most

restaurants fry their crab

cakes but Chef John prefers the healthy

way with a light coat of

corn flakes crumbs then baking them, and

 served with a mustard sauce.

Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse and Smith

 & Wollensky Grill are in

one building.  You can choose whichever

 menu you wish.

For information, call 862-4100.  Smith &

 Wollensky Steakhouse/

Smith & Wollensky Grill are located at

 3767 South Las Vegas

Boulevard, across from the Monte Carlo,

near the MGM Grand

Hotel.   www.smithandwollensky.com