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A Sustainable Organic Farm

August 30th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


By Sandy Zimmerman

 (Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

It all began with a story similar to those I have heard from so

many people, the Sostheim family visited Costa Rica and fell in

love with the country. They purchased 400 acres on the shores of

Lake Arenal, near eleven natural springs, the Arenal volcano,

rainforest, and a large river, in the middle of nowhere, as they

said, “Where the middle of nowhere is somewhere special.”

Instead of  just wanting to make money, their intention was to

develop the ranch as

a model of


conservation, to

save and preserve

the environment.

The family worked together developing the wilderness into a true

organic run farm in the rainforest.

Many people talk about sustainability, but the owners have

succeeded in creating their own environment, to make

themselves self sufficient!

After we ate a delicious buffet lunch in the open air dining room, I

interviewed the Executive Chef Anthony.

(photo: Rancho Margot)

He proudly

explained, “Our

meals are so

healthy everybody

has to come here to


We serve all of our

own cheese, milk,

bread, desserts,

fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other food without preservatives.

Even natural food has to taste good.

We use recipes from early times.

A guide took us on a tour of the ranch and farm.

It was amazing to see the latest innovations in sustainability.

The ranch does not pay for their electricity.

They feed their cattle 100% chemical- free products produced on

the ranch.

The cows and calves’ waste is made into compost, worms,  and

methane gas in the bio-digesters.


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A Sustainable Organic Farm (Continued)

(Photos: #1-3-&-4 by Rancho Margot)

There are no cables, tubes or wires that come into

Rancho Margot.

Electricity is generated with two hydro

turbines located on the ranch.

Methane gas, for cooking, is produced with

bio-digesters, and hot water is produced

by heat exchangers located inside their

compost ovens.

They have no waste, only reusable resources. 

Rancho Margot is now affiliated with 25

universities for students to come here on study


Visitors can enjoy a hike, fish, rappel, take yoga

classes, watch the volcano erupt, swim in the hot and

cold pools, or just relax. 

Their bungalows are available for up to four people.

Or join in with the chores by milking the cows,

learning to make cheese or yogurt, working in the

gardens, tending the chickens, horses or pigs. 

If you have never lived on a farm, this could be a

great experience.

Rancho Margot wants to spread awareness for the

need to preserve nature, located near La Fortuna, in

Costa Rica.

Relax, Explore and Discover

Costa Rica offers a paradise with 852 species of

birds, an abundance of wildlife, thousands of orchids

and other verities of flowers. 

You have a choice whether to just relax and enjoy

the beach or take advantage of the adventure tours

into the rainforests.

You can stay at hotels that have been certified by the

Sustainable Tourism Certification Program created

in Costa Rica.