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Change your Hair and Change Your Personality

August 29th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman


“Change your Hair and

Change Your


By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

The change makes you feel better,

inside and out.  Our wigs can

change your

personality.  A good fit should

make your eyes, lips, and other

features in your face POP out,

which is what we do during the

fitting.  A wig should take away 10

years easily.”  When I heard a

wig would subtract 10 years from

my face, I decided to buy 2 wigs

to take off 20 years!

Pat feels, “A wig provides the perfect look; it does what you want

your hair to do when it just won’t.

We have long, dramatic hair, 

super sexy, short


funky styles, the


look, or others

depending on what you

want we can make it for


You may live a

conservative life but want to become another

person for one night.

Wigs are really


and definitely will

do that for you.


even make you feel

different, it is fun to do.

First we look at the

face, look at the shape, skin color, and tones

than we choose a wig based on that. That is what we do.  If you

have very bright eyes

we select a style that

makes them POP.

With full-figured

women, we want to

have something that


into their cheeks.  We

want to bring out a

woman’s sexiness.

Wigs are really magical in a way because they make you look

perfect when you want that special look.

They are very popular with many of the hotel concierge in Las

Vegas for hair emergencies.  Just call us, we are 911 for hair

emergencies.  Sometimes you go into a beauty salon and are

given the wrong cut or color and the big event is that night.  A wig

will fix that right away.  We make sure it looks completely


You will not leave until we are certain you look just right.  A wig

is ready to go, just shape and wear.”

Pilar Moyette, the Hair for Her store manager, modeled several of

their wigs for this article.  Just to prove that a wig can take you

through many looks, she became sexy, timid, very corporate, and

then quickly changed to appear Asian, and Italian, with a choice

of colors and many, many other styles.  You can see how a style

and color can change your hair and look altogether.






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Change Your Hair and Change Your Personality (Continued)

Pat has such a wide selection of over 700 wigs

with an additional 1,500 they can order. 

The Rachael Welch wigs are designed for

fashion, longevity, and fit.  Rachael's wigs have a

memory cap because the wig only is worn by you. 

The memory caps stay at a certain stretch level and

are great fits.

Rene of Paris is one of the most popular designers in

the industry, on the cutting edge when it comes to the

modern styles.  Rene will do everything in style

whether it is a new look or fashion.  She

and Rachael have an amazing palate of colors and

the best highlights.

Our ladies can help you choose the right wig because

they are very good in reading different features in

your face and know what needs to be added or taken

away.    Originally trained for a year, each has an

average of six years experience in  the store.

We have people who walk in here and say,

"We want a salt and pepper look.  I do not want to

look my age."  Your age is how you

feel and you are as old as you feel.  We have

whatever you want.

Well known designers work with famous celebrities

so we begin to have styles that belong to that

celebrity.  They set the styles in the fashion industry,

in many instances,  people ask for the

Jennifer Adison style, the Drew Barry look, etc.

I liked the hair piece Pat wore, the braided chignon

can be changed from the traditional way in the back,

to the modern style wearing it on the side like a

flower, then you can decorate it.  The

later is a softer look from being old fashioned to

being modern.

Mention this article and receive 10% DISCOUNT

OFF the price of the wig.  In addition because the

Las Vegas Outlet Center is a discount mall, all of the

stores are forced to take at least 20% off their retail


Ask for the special 10% discount.  For information,

call 382-9447.

Hair for Her is located at the biggest shopping

center in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Outlet Center,

7400 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Suite 49, at Warm

Springs Road, just south of the Mandalay Bay Resort.