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The Mob Returns to Las Vegas

September 4th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Meyer Lansky's personal belongings (Photo by Murder, Inc.)

“The Mob is Returning to Las Vegas”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

My invitation to the press event offered a peak at a new exhibit

“The Las Vegas Mob Experience” which is open at the

Tropicana Hotel.


Tony Spilotro's exhibit (Photo: Sandy Zimmerman)


I interviewed Jay

Bloom, Managing

Partner of Murder,

Inc., with

Eagle Group

Holdings.  Jay

explained, “The

boys are coming back to town.

Our Mob Experience is unprecedented because there

has never been anything like it before.

We have the mobster’s relatives who are going to tell a lot of their


(Vincent Spilatro, Nancy Spilatro, Meyer Lansky II, Cynthia Duncan, Antoinette Giananna, Janice Honicutt, Millicent Rosen.) (Photo: SZ)

A number of these

families are very

private and have



to the press.

There is Millicent

Rosen (daughter of


“Bugsy” Siegel),

Meyer Lansky, II (grandson of Meyer Lansky),

Cynthia Duncan (granddaughter of Meyer Lansky), Antoinette

Giancana (daughter of Sam Giancana), Nancy Spilotro (wife of

Tony Spilotro), Vincent Spilotro (son of Anthony Spilotro), and

Janice Sachs (wife of Allan Sachs).

These mob families see this as an opportunity to contribute their

voice and tell the story truthfully and accurately.

In doing that, the families provided us with unfettered access to

the largest collection ever assembled of authentic personal items,

memorabilia, photos, videos, and artifacts stored in their attics

Jay Bloom (Las Vegas Mob Experience, Murder, Inc.) & Meyer Lansky II (Photo: Murder, Inc.)

The public can

experience the world of

organized crime, learn

about the role its major

players had on the

building of Las Vegas.

You can see Meyer

Lansky’s 200-page

hand-written diary that has

jaw dropping entries in it.

We have “Bugsy” Siegel’s home movies taken in the back yard

with his daughter.

Tony Spilotro’s home

movies show him dressed as Santa Claus giving presents to his

kids.  There are even some pictures at Disneyland on the Jungle

Cruise and with Donald Duck.  Just like a regular person, but

some were vicious killers who were loving fathers and loving














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The Mob Returns to Las Vegas (Continued)

(Photo 1-President of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel Tommy McCartney.)  (Photo: SZ)

(Photo 2-Sam Giacanna's exhibit.) (Photo: Murder, Inc.)

(Photo 3-Benjamin Bugsy Siegel's belongings.) (Photo: Murder, Inc.)

(Photo 4-This bus will pick up the public around the strip.)  (Photo: SZ)

Photo: Holigram of Meyer Lansky with his Medal of

Honor presented by President Harry S. Truman.) (Photo: Murder, Inc.)

They could be your neighbor and you would never


We are going to tell the whole story, the story that

has never been told.

Although these men murdered people, they were

deeply religious.

They would steal, but were extraordinary generous.

They are a bundle of contradictions.

We will have an apparition of Tony Spilotro as a

hologram, to address you by name and say,

"I am glad you are in from California."

We will have all of this personal information that we

collect and with special technology incorporated this

into the script.

Bugsy Segal, Meyer Lansky, and others, will tell

their story of the history of the mob in the first

person while addressing some

of the audience by name.

This incredible story covers a 100 year period from

the time they immigrated to the United States, when

the mob began, how it rose, and what they did.

We use the latest Theme Park Technologies to

immerse guests in the presentation of the rise and

fall of organized crime in first-person commentary,

in the form of hologram apparitions of the

famed gangsters themselves.

After the tour and presentation, we had a chance to

meet the families of the mob and dine on a delicious

buffet luncheon.

The Las Vegas Mob Experience is scheduled to

open in the Tropicana Pavilion, in December.