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Wine Tasting, Dining and Sport’s Parties

September 22nd, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Wine Tasting, Dining and Sport’s Parties”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Schedule of Events

Join the Wine


every Friday, 


and Sunday,

at CR Buns

Bar and Grill.

Their special

Wine Tasting is

only $20 for 3 flights.

The Worldly

Whites flight (5 oz. pour),

Pinot noir flight (5 oz. Pour),

and Flight

of Five (3 oz. pour) includes wines from New Zealand, France,

California, Oregon, with weekly changes.

They stock 52 different wines.

You can hang out and enjoy a live band on Fridays and Saturdays, from 8-11 pm,


Don’t miss the big sport’s  Parties at CR Buns with champagne, giveaways, fun,

and an NFL brunch.


Rich Hogan, the owner/manager is eager to please his customers,

“I have created dishes for everyone whether they are seeking a reasonable

dinner or want to splurge.

Our pricing is very important.

The prices are low enough that you would want to come back because it meets your budget.

I challenge anybody to find any restaurant that has better pricing

than mine.”

The portions are really large! The chef marinates the chicken 24

hours to bring out the burst of flavor.

Their 12 ounce

chicken is served not only as a sandwich but several ways.

You can also try one of the surf and turf dinners with interesting

ways to mix the two.

Choose steak and chicken, chicken and fish, or steak and fish.

This comes with sirloin, teriyaki, ribeye, or filet mignon.

The fish selections are flavored shrimp, salmon, twin lobster tails, or one pound king crab legs.

Even the chicken is exciting prepared in Italian, Teriyaki, Teri-bleu, or Hibachi-style.

Rich likes to use cranberries in several of his dishes.

“When we put cranberries in a salad, burger, sandwich, or other dish,

they give it that deep taste that really makes the food enticing.

I usually add blue cheese crumbles to everything that is

supposed to have cheese.

And for that really big guy who is hungry, for $1 you can add another patty and have

double cheese burger that is a half a pound of meat.

It is a lot of food with everything.

Since the restaurant is separate from the bar, families can bring their kids.

The Kid’s Menu includes hot dogs, chicken strips, and many other items.

3 Responses to “Wine Tasting, Dining and Sport’s Parties”

  1. Larry Jay says:

    My cousin really appreciate this blog post, we are just discussing about this lol

  2. Pafdco says:

    I am not positive if this is the correct place, but I thought you should be aware that I read this post awhile ago on a different site. I think it was a wordpress blog with a similar title. The content was practically the same, but I noticed that this one here has an older date. I guess they took it from you, but maybe not who knows. Thought you might like to know.

  3. mary says:

    Mate, you are a good writer. Your article is so interesting. You ought to do it professionaly

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Wine Tasting, Dining and sport's Parties (Continued)

Wraps: $4.99-6.49; 

Burgers: $4.79-4.99; 

Sandwiches: $4.99-5.99;

Subs: $5.99-7.49;   

Salads: $5.99-7.99;

Pizza: $4.99-16.99; 

Dinners: $9.99-24.99; 

Combinations: $13.99-15.99; 

Appetizers: $4.99-14.99; 

Wings: $4.99-12.99;

The CR Buns Bar and Grill gives you many choices!

First you decide where you want to eat either

in the wine bar lounge, the main dining room,

the bar, or the outside terrace.

Wine Bar

I like the Wine Bar, just tucked away from everyone

in its own section. 

There are tables made of barrels,

regular tables, comfortable furniture and a large

cabinet with different wines. 

Their special Wine Bar

menu offers Angus beef sliders, coconut shrimp, a

cheese and fruit board, pizza, antipasto plate, and

grilled shrimp. 

When you see the wine list and the

wine bar, you will want to have them cater your


Appetizers/ Sliders/ Pizza/ Cheese: $5-10

This is the place for parties or social gatherings

because Rich has a lot of experience arranging

wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, and other


"I give the best prices for appetizers,

buffet, or sit down meals depending on your budget

room as at some other restaurants.  

The chef knows all the different food for any theme

you wish.  Our rooms are also specially designed for


We will cater to all your needs.

With our portable liquor license, we can cater to

parties at your home or office with everything from

food to alcohol.

Don't worry about the party, we

bring everything even the entertainment.

When you

their 4,700 square feet building is well planned so

you do not feel that it is crowded."

For information, call 837-0400. 

CR Buns Bar and

Grill is located at 467 East Silverado Ranch

Boulevard, at Bermuda, inside the Walmart

Shopping Center.