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It’s All About Lobsters!

September 26th, 2010 • by admin

Executive Chef Kikko Ojeda is inside the lobster cold room

“It’s All About Lobsters!”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

I was happy to have a chance to return to the Palm Restaurant

and see Larry Close, the General Manager.

FOUR Pound Lobsters

now we will be discussing lobsters, lobsters and lobster specials.

There are so many recipes with lobster in soups, pastas, salads,

and other dishes, but why fool around with just pieces of lobster

when you can have

the whole lobster at a

really reasonable


Larry explained,

“The Palm Restaurant

started serving large

lobsters, crustaceans,

back in the 1950’s and

has continued serving them ever since.

Our staff does an awesome job!

We sell anywhere

from 50 to 75,


lobsters a day.

They are flown in

fresh from Nova

Scotia, Canada, on a

daily basis.

Nova Scotia lobsters

have a very

hard shell and the

harder the shell,

the better the meat.

Right now we have

extended our 4 pound lobster dinner for two

people for $89.95 good through September.”

Yes, FOUR pounds of the finest,

tastiest lobster split into two

pound halves for two

people to enjoy.

You will not find lobsters

that large at that price!

The dinners also come

with mixed green

or Caesars salad and one

signature side dish.

It is a really BIG


And they have a second

lobster special $49.95 per person for a

FOUR course Surf and Turf dinner (good until November 30).

Larry suggests,

“If you are

a lobster tail man,

order the female

lobster and if you are

partial to lobster claws

the male lobster is

for you.

The males have the larger claws and smaller body.”

he Executive Chef, Kikko Ojeda showed us how to

tell male and female lobsters apart and the staff are

happy to demonstrate this for all of their guests.

Dining at the Palm Restaurant became a memorable

experience when we were invited into their kitchen to see all of the

steps in preparing a lobster dinner.




4 Responses to “It’s All About Lobsters!”

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  4. Sarellano says:

    This is one of my favorite Sea Bass recipes of all times…Always rinse under cold water, then pat dry with a paper towel. Brush fillets with olive oil first, then salt, pepper and oregano lightly over the top of each fillet. Put on a piece of aluminum foil skin side down and bake at 350 for about 12 minutes depending on the thickness of each fillet. When the fish is done the skin will stay stuck to the foil and the meat will slide off. While the fish was cooking you were also boiling some spinach or other favorite greens. When the greens are done, “about 25 minutes” take them out of the boiling water. Strain thoroughly by pushing all of the water out of them using the proper kitchen utensil, be careful they are very hot. Pour olive oil over the greens. Salt, pepper and squeeze fresh lemon over the top and enjoy!

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It's All About Lobsters!

(Photo: Larry Close,
General Manager)

First we entered the cooler where they store the


Lobsters are kept at very cool and damp

temperatures, in the dark, so they do not fight among

themselves in the cooler.

Larry described the process,

"When we get a call for a four pound lobster, the

chef selects the lobster in the cooler, then takes it to

the kitchen to cut off its claws, split the body down

the middle, and throw the halves on the broiler or

boils them.

He adds some heavy cream on each half and cooks

them until they are almost done. 

Then the lobster is finished in the oven."

It was time for the lobster bibs and the waiter to

bring out the large lobster halves which completely

filled our plates for the presentation.

As Larry noted, "My staff is fully trained and

knowledgeable to answer any questions about

lobsters. We would be happy to show you the

lobsters and talk about the males and females. 

If you want to know the age of a lobster, a three

pound lobster is probably about 21 years old.

The formula is seven years for the first pound and

five years after that. 

The largest lobster ever caught was 42.4 pounds,

in 1934. 

It was a monster lobster! 

They must have asked for a doggie bag to take some


Larry added, "You would have a lot of friends at the


Our Server Assistant, Miguel Agular has been with

the Palm Restaurant for 26 years and can crack a

lobster?s knuckles and claws like nobody else!

Miguel is so fast, guests always enjoy watching his

technique at their table.

The $49 per person Surf and Turf Lobster dinners

are customized to suit your taste. 

They offer a choice of aged Filet Mignon (9 ounces)

and Nova Scotia Lobster Tail, aged Filet Mignon

(9 ounces) and Jumbo Shrimp Scampi (U-12), aged

Filet Mignon Oscar (9 ounces) with Jumbo Lump

Crabmeat, or the Potato Crusted Chilean Sea Bass

Fillet.  The dinner includes a salad, choice of one of

their signature vegetable or potato sides and either

Key Lime Pie or Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Larry enthusiastically invited everyone,

"If you have never eaten a whole Nova Scotia

lobster before, you have to come in and try us,

it is just amazing.

And amazing can't totally describe their Lobster

Experience at the Palm Restaurant! 

Mike and I wanted to take our time eating the

tender lobster to savor every bite. 

This was very different from just being served a

lobster dinner and the price made luxury affordable.

For information, call 731-7256.  The Palm

Restaurant is located in the Forum Shops,

at Caesars Palace.