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Mini-Treatments provide Mega Rewards

September 23rd, 2010 • by admin

“Mini-Treatments provide Mega Rewards”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

I went to a party at the Spa in the Monte Carlo Hotel and was

invited to indulge in a massage and facial to try their new product

line!  That is the kind of party I like.

It is wonderful how a massage or treatment can make you feel.

I tried Cures by Avance before at another spa and now they are

here at the Monte Carlo.

Sarah Glass, Spa Director, & Dee DeLuca-Mattos, VP Cures by Avance


Sarah Glass, Monte

Carlo Spa Director, gave

her reasons for

choosing Cures by


 Avance, “We wanted to make sure the products were designed for

the specific needs of our guests.

They were personalized and fitting for every treatment we offer

when we decided to go with the line.

Dee DeLuca-Mattos, Vice President of Cures by Avance, feels,

“That is very important for us because our concept always

remains the same.

We focus on creating curative and corrective therapies that really

work on skin conditions, however every spa has their own

unique factors and the

beauty about the Monte

Carlo, they are

smaller, but their unique

factor is that they really

focus on


The treatments are result oriented.

The line is versatile and we can use it in different ways.

We focus on results.”

I had the Reboot Facial, just like we have to reboot my computer.

Dee answered, “Sometimes our body and face gets sluggish, these

are the type of treatments that reboot us and make us look

fresher and more revived.”

I needed a reboot with my busy schedule.

The therapist used Vitamin C.

I know it is good because we drink it in orange juice and take

Vitamin C pills.

You use it in your product.

Dee gave some background, “Vitamin C is an anti oxidant.

The environment and everything around us creates free radicals

which slow down the regeneration and renewal process.

When we use Vitamin C, this helps to regenerate the cells at a

much faster rate.  

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Mini-Treatments provide Mega Results

You see instant results of lighter and

brighter skin but it has a

long term reparative process as well." 

After the treatment, my skin felt so soft I

did not want to put on

any makeup to spoil the fresh feeling. 

Summing up the theme of the spa, Dee

said, "Sara has worked

diligently in reinventing the spa. 

She wanted to take the menu

and redesign treatments which will raise

 the bar of what she is

offering to her clients. 

The theme is reinventing and refreshing

the body."   


You will not find 30 minute Mini-

Treatments in many spas, these

are for clients who are busy and do not

have time for the full 50-

80 minute treatments. 

Sara wanted to make certain they offered

 a variety of different

services so there is something for


It is amazing what a huge impact Mini-

Treatments can have on


Or you can take a half hour facial and a

half hour massage, mix or

 match any way you wish. 

There are Mini-Treatments for the face,

eyes, d?collet?, body,

feet, and more.   

The Spa and Salon at the Monte Carlo, on

the second floor, in the

 Monte Carlo Hotel, 3770 Las Vegas

Boulevard South.