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East Coast Pizza

October 25th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

By Sandy Zimmerman

I did not realize there was so much to know about making a pizza!

Joey Buceta, the owner of Upper

Crust Pizza, discussed his


“I ship our dough

from Boston because

the most


part of the

dough is the


Back in Boston,

the water from the Quabbin Reservoir

makes incredibly tasty dough.

It gives you the texture

and crispiness that you do not get in Las

Vegas because of the quality of the water and the elevation.

Water means everything because the dough is a mixture of flour,

yeast and water.

The water provides

the taste.”

In order to have a

true East coast pizza,

you must have the


You can bring the

water from the East

coast, but there are a lot of

other factors like the elevation and dryness.

You will not get the same result, it will

be a sticky pizza which is hard to rise.

Our East coast pizza is not like any other pizza in Las Vegas!

Anyone who knows East coast pizza will appreciate ours because

it is the flavor and look of the special crust.

Water is that


Joey was originally

from Boston, “I grew

up in Boston’s Little

Italy, then I lived in

Manhattan’s Little


I have been around restaurants for 30

years when I was 11 years old standing on a

milk crate in order to reach the counter.”

Las Vegans love pizza and will want

to try theirs.

The fact that the pizza dough comes from

Boston is


You get that quality of dough that is very

crispy and crunchy.

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East Coast Pizza (Continued)

They believe in quality and spend a little

more money to give a better meal to their


I watched Joey as he was adding a lot of toppings to

the pizza.

He explained, "I prepare 16" and 12" pizzas, the

12" has eight slices, big enough for three people.

Everything we use here is top quality, the best

peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, snow white

mushrooms, Dole pineapple, smoked ham, real

bacon, so everything we do is quality.

Our sauce is made fresh four times a week.

You are really going to taste the difference here.

You must taste Joey's Marinara sauce, a special

five generations  old recipe, which is great on

sandwiches, pizza, pastas, meat balls,

and more.

With such great food, this would be a perfect

place to have a party.

Joey has experience with all types of

functions up to 150 people.

order from the menu or tell him what you want.

You can find out all about pizza, just ask Joey.

He loves to talk to his customers.  "I come from

another area where food is very important.

An Italian family can spend four hours sitting at the

table discussing artichokes.

Customers know when they come here, it will taste

great and they will be happy because my wife, son,

daughter and I are here.

If you are not happy, I will fire the whole staff and

start all over."

Find the FREE COUPON on the internet, a large

16? pizza for $9.99

or join the FREE club for weekly specials.

Pizza:  $9.25-17.25; Specialty Pizza:  $12.25-19.25;

Salads:  $5.50-6.50;   Calzones:  $10.75-15;

Pasta: $4.75-6.75;   Subs- 12?:  $6.75;

I haven't tasted pizza on the east coast, but it is delicious here at

Upper Crust Pizza.

Dine in, order delivery, or take out.

Open:  Monday-Saturday, 11 am-9 pm, and Sunday from 12-9 pm.

For information, call 243-1700.

Upper Crust Pizza is located in Summerlin, at 1910 Village Center

Circle, in the Von?s Shopping Center. www.summerlinpizzalasvegas.com