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A One- Stop Pain Medical Center

November 13th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“A One Stop Pain Medical Center”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

I was impressed with the  Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical

Center because they have conducted extensive research about


Dr. Ho Dzung, MD, Anesthesiologist, explained,

“Our doctors help to create the path of a diagnoses,

to gather all of the information and confer with our

colleagues and specialists

in order to formulate a

care plan tailored for each patient.

We diagnose patients using imaging such as the

MRI, Cat Scan, and X-Rays all here at our medical center.

We like to utilize everything from conservative medical

management to minimally invasive procedures

and physical therapy.

I think the initial visit with a patient is most important.

The patient has been in pain for a little while,

or sometimes he/she spent years going from doctor to doctor

taking different medications.

Within the

half-hour to

forty-five minute

first initial


we try to develop a

rapport with patients

to understand their symptoms.

Pain can take a tole in a patient’s activities of daily living,

their personality and mood. Our doctors try to

tune into those issues and address all aspects

affecting the patient and not only treat the pain itself.

There are not too many pain symptoms that

we have not seen, the more common ones are

neck and back pain which count for three-fourths

of the patient’s visits.

These could be neck generated headaches, headaches, nerve

damage, symptoms from trauma, and much more.

We diagnose and treat all types of pain from head to toe with

simple joint injections, minimally invasive procedures,

to spinal cord stimulators and other more invasive therapies.

This is a multi-disciplinary institution.”

Many people have pains because they walked too much

or picked up a heavy object.

What are the tell tail warning signs that you should see a doctor?

Dr. Dzung recommends, “When a person begins to experience

pain and it doesn’t feel right.

Perhaps the stomach feels weird, the chest feels heavy,

or the person has trouble breathing.”

Dr. Dzung and I walked through their large medical, surgical,

and physical therapy facilities while he stopped

at times to see patients.

Later he dressed

in surgical scrubs with

a lead shield around him

and entered the

procedure room.

Dr. Dzung was

administering a right lumbar block as part of his diagnosis of  a

female patient who suffered from low back pain.

(Photos of the procedure are shown in this article.)

He felt this was a therapeutic tool to find the origin of her pain.

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One Stop Pain Medical Center (Continued)

Another patient had developed Arthritis at

an early age and did not want surgery. 

Dr. Dzung gave her injections in her knee

every few months with good results

in managing the pain.

"Arthritus does not only affect seniors but people in

their 40's, 50's, and all ages"

Minimally invasive treatments are a

contrast to the traditional surgeries because

there is less blood,

the patient is usually able to return back to work

faster and recuperate faster.

Dr. Dzung commented, "Since I started my

medical training their has been a push for

minimally invasive procedures

for any type of treatment.

It is first line therapy for patients

experiencing pain.

Many times while checking a patient's

blood sugar, heart, and

vitals in the medical center,

we notice their blood pressure is

elevated or other concerns which do not look right.

They may be referred to their primary care physician

to manage problems before they get worse.

The Las Vegas Pain Institute & Medical Center's


We believe in service beyond expectation, achieved

through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill

evolving patient needs.

The honesty, intelligence, and commitment

of our people are vital to the Las Vegas Pain

Institute and Medical Center's mission.

We share pride in the Company and

respect each individual's

contribution at every level.

Exemplary patient relationships drive the

Las Vegas Pain Institute and

Medical Center's growth and prosperity.

The Las Vegas Pain Institute and

Medical Center is dedicated to

pushing the limits of excellence,

standing at the forefront to

provide the finest and healthiest medical

environment for patients and employees. 

The Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical

Center always strives to exceed its best.

Procedures are performed at both surgery centers, both are

Medicade and Medicare accredited.

For information, call 880-4193.

The Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center:

Las Vegas (Medical and Surgery Center)

3836 South Jones Boulevard, Ste. #104, in the Jones Plaza,

near Flamingo Road.

Open 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday,

Saturday and Sunday on call only.

Henderson (Office and Surgery Center)

Henderson (Medical and Surgery Center):

2705 W. Horizon Ridge, Suite #120, Henderson. 

Online Appointment/Contact Form.

Open 7 days a week 8 am to 6 pm.   Walk-ins are welcome.