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The Ancient Abhyanga Oil Therapy

November 28th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

The Ancient Abhyanga Oil Therapy

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by MAHC unless indicated.)

Visiting the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center was truly an

unforgettable experience of everything from their spa

treatments, the food we ate, and their eastern philosophy of life!

After reviewing

spas around

the world for

over 25 years,

I suddenly was in the

world of India’s

5,000 year old

classical Ayurvedic

treatments, and best of all,

I did not have to leave

the United States.

The entire Maharishi

Ayurvedic experience was planned to relax,

rejuvenate, and refresh their clients.

I was surprised to see two technicians (therapists) waiting for me

in the treatment room, not just one as in most of the other health

centers.  One professionally skilled technician could create a

feeling of serenity but two, at the same time, are the height of

luxurious indulgence.

I wondered about




oil therapy

treatment the









for me.

He composed the exact formula blend of massage oils

specifically for each client.

These massage oils are composed of carefully chosen organic

herbs, sesame seeds, or other natural ingredients all prepared in

their Oil Kitchen.

Gentle is the word for their treatments!

These are not the usual probing, kneading, intrusive massage.

Just before the treatment, they warm the massage oil to body

temperature in a pan over low heat.

This allows the oil to become more liquid and be able to penetrate

into the skin while the effect continues for hours.

It is important that the oil is not overheated.

First I sat in a chair with my feet on a

warm towel heated by a hot water bag.

The warm massage oil felt soothing as one technician

gently rubbed the oil into my head, then they both

massaged my face, ears, and neck.





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The Ancient Abhyanga Oil Therapy (Continued)

There were two parts to the Abhyanga treatment,

applying the oil all over the body,

then the massage.

This leaves the herbalized oil time to be absorbed

into the skin.

I sat on the table while the technicians,

Daniela and Raquel,

applied the oil with synchronized movements.

They use as much oil as is necessary to

result in soft, smooth skin.

The special sequence of strokes allowed

the absorption of the

warm herbalized oil deep into the skin and

tissues to loosen the

impurities and toxins which accumulate

inside the body.

The detoxifying process continues with the

technicians applying

gentle circular movements with their finger

on the Marmas pressure points.

The gentleness of their touch added to

the overall feeling of floating on a cloud.

They both kept applying long, slow movements,

sometimes beginning from the tip of a finger

moving down the arm, across the

body, to the leg, and finally the toe.

I have not experienced this long sweeping

technique before.

Such perfect timing and ability,

the two women were in tune

exactly touching the same spot on each

side of the body.

The leader would decide while the other

watched her every move

without pausing.

I have experienced the Two Hearts, Four Hands

Massage before but

no one has ever acted so closely as one person!

It is amazing how these two technicians

can make such a


Of course it is all of the elements combined, the

Ayurvedic massage techniques, warm oil,

the organic meals, and

staying at the beautiful 100 year old mansion

surrounded by 200

acres of forest.

I traveled back to Las Vegas and feel wonderful!

The Vaidya provides information for each guest to

assist them in

continuing their wellness routines.

Ayurveda (Sanskrit: ayur?ve?da/ i″yur?ved-ah/


Guests can enjoy the Maharishi Ayurveda Health

Center (MAHC)

as a spa or experience the Ayurvedic treatments

under the direction of the Vaidya with his

advice how to balance their mind

and body.

They also offer the 3-7-or-21 day Panchakarma


The MAHC is located in Lancaster,

just one hour from Boston.

For information, call (877)-890-8600.