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A Healthy Restaurant with Delicious Food

November 28th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“A Healthy Restaurant with Delicious Food”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

The idea for Wendy Clark’s restaurant happened in Italy when fate changed his

life from doing business into a gourmet feast!

Wendy spent 30 years traveling

around Italy with two associates as a computer consultant for restaurant


He described their experience, “We ate our way through Italy tasting

all of their great food especially in Naples.”

They traveled from Naples to Venice, Rome, Pizza, Sicily, the Riviera, and

back to Naples.  What a life!!!

He explained, “Italy is a wonderful country, we had a lot of fun but also

learned from their famous chefs.

After spending hours and hours in different restaurants, the chefs came out

and dragged me into their kitchens to show me their cooking techniques.

We spent countless hours and days working with

these chefs




along with



of quality


and patience.

In Italy,

their work

hours are


than ours.

Most homes have small refrigerators that are only three cubic feet and

restaurants have very small refrigerators so everything is fresh.

They go to the grocery, work, have a little siesta and work again from 5-8 pm.

The Italians work long hours, live well and enjoy life.

I always liked the way the Neapolitan pizza tasted.

It had a bubbly crust and

was prepared with a lot of garlic.

The distinct taste and the freshness of the ingredients made the pizza stand

out from the other sections of Italy.”

With all of their knowledge accumulated while living in Italy, the three men

opened two restaurants- “Brothers Italian Bistro” here in Las Vegas.

Although they were not brothers, their strong friendship created a bond like

being brothers.

This is one of

the few “HEALTHY


in Las

Vegas, Brothers

offers great tasting

Italian meals that

are specially

prepared with the

diner’s health in mind.

So many people hesitate going out to eat because of their

diets or health problems. Wendy suffered a major heart attack, called the

Widow Maker, four years ago and follows a strict diet.

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A Healhy Restaurant with Delicious Food (Continued)

He feels using no salt, citric acid, or preservatives during

cooking, and keeping the fats down, is the healthiest way

to dine on Italian meals that won't

bother you later.

Grocery stores add citric acid to preserve the life of

tomatoes but it is bad for

you and causes stomach aches.

We have gluten free pasta and cheese substitutes.

My sister in law has not eaten pizza for 10 years but now

she can.Wendy's secret recipe combining several different

spices really brings out the flavor.

"Everybody can eat our meals.

Our pasta, sauces, and everything is made to order, not


This is not a fast food restaurant.

We cook your order the way you want it."

With a big menu from appetizers to whole dinners,

diners will find a great variety of dishes.

Keeping with their policy of only using quality ingredients,

they use 92% lean Black Angus beef for their meat balls,

burgers and steaks.

Wendy proudly mentioned, "Everybody who comes in is happy with the taste of our food."

Because their burgers are prepared with mushrooms,

bacon, Swiss and

Mozzarella cheese, sauteed onions, and other toppings to

your request, it makes a big meal.

"No one goes away from this restaurant hungry.

We feed them well."

I liked the "Did You Know" stories on the menu,

telling the little known facts

about "How the first Philly Steak Sandwich" and the "Queen Margarita Pizza"

was created!

Black Angus Beef Burgers: $4.95-7.95; Philly Steaks: $5.50-8.95;

Napoli Pizza Pies: $5.95-12.95; Specialty Pizza Pies: $12.95-16.95;

Pizza Slice: $1.95-4.95; Strombolli/ Calzone: $8.95-14.95;

Salads:  $4.50-7.95;

Cold Heros/ Subs:  $3.95-7.95;  Hot Heros/ Subs: $5.50-6.95;

Lunch: $5.95-9.95; Dinner: $7.95-11.95;

American Fare/ Steaks & Ribs:  $11.95-22.95;

Kid?s Menu: $3.95;

It is more fun to eat at a healthy restaurant where you have

the food prepared

exactly the way you want it!

I toured Italy twice and can appreciate the love the three

men have the country and the way they strive to please

their customers.

My salad was so big and the raspberry dressing so

delightful, I was very happy

to eat a delicious healthy meal!

Both of the Brothers Italian Bistros caters parties, delivers,

and offers take out.

Call 270-8838, 7575 S. Rainbow, between Warm

Springs and Robindale, in

the Eldorado Plaza;  Call 837-8888, 3300 S. Decatur,

southeast corner of

Decatur and Desert Inn; www.brothersitalianbistro.com