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Kim Vo’s Latest Creations

December 22nd, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Kim Vo’s Latest Creations”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Is your hair dull and listless?

Known as the “Blonder to the Stars” (Vogue Magazine), beauty

expert Kim Vo, of the Kim Vo Salon in the Mirage Resort,

suggests a luster glaze for color enhancing with UV protection.

It’s the Ultimate Shine!

Kim has just

used his


magic touch on



hair “Glazification”,

“The shine awakens and brightens your face.

This actually is a glaze we put over the hair to create a patent

leather shine.

Forget color, shine is really the hot thing now.

It is amazing what we have been doing here.”

Kim invented two of the hottest trends right now, the “Hombre

Look” in caramel colors with dark roots fading to light at the tips

and highlights around the face and “American Tailoring”, an

effect with sun kissed highlights.

The “Messed-Up Look” is not the same as the way I look when I

wake up.  Kim explained, “Absolutely, we call that the “Bed Head”,

it’s amazing how much energy, time, and products

it takes to make

your hair look like you just woke up.”

It is very interesting watching some of Kim’s videos at the

entrance to his salon.

He is not only busy making everyone look great, Kim has been

appearing on the Red Carpet interviewing the celebrities at the

MGM’s Country Music Awards, the EMMY’s, and at other Red


Kim arrives early to perform his magic on their hair.

“Some of the celebrities are our clients and others I make

comments about them while I am on the red carpet.

I love doing appearing at the red carpet because it really is so


Kim Vo’s Salon is different from all of the others.

He spends time


the colors


for each client.

“It is all custom


and really, really


That is why my clients come to me because they want the

perfect shade for the perfect skin tone.

We definitely do not just squeeze from a bottle or throw

everything together.

Big news for Kim Vo, he recently signed with Mattel

to be named the Barbie Doll’s Official Hairdresser and make

her into a celebrity.

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KIM VO's Latest Creations


Kim said, "It is going to be so much fun."

Now his clients can choose

Barbie Blonde as their color!

Kim has won many awards.  He feels, "I

 am very lucky to win all

those awards which enabled me

to become a judge on the show

"Shear Genius" for three yrs

and gave me the caliber and pedigree

to judge other hairdressers.

It's such an honor."

Now you can look like the stars.

"I recreate the hair styles and

hair colors of the stars.

Everybody can be a celebrity.

You celebrate anniversaries, birthdays,

holidays, and the amazing

thing is we make everyone

look like stars with the best look for the


Kim has suggestions if you are going

to a party or event.

"My best advice is to look like yourself

but just a little pumped up

and a little bit extra smoothness."

During the winter, you need just a little

highlights to brighten

your face because the sun is not as strong.

These are wonderful techniques.

People should also protect their hair

in the winter with moisture,

moisture, moisture.

The climate change from

your home to the car to work takes a lot

of moisture out of your hair.

You have to just drench your hair with moisture."

Kim Vo needs to clone himself because

there is ONLY ONE Kim Vo.

He continually travels from his

Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills,

to his Mirage Resort in Las Vegas,

and others in San Francisco and

Laguna Beach.

(Photo: Tony Auvinet-Artistic Director)

For information, call 791-7474.

The Kim Vo Salon is located inside the Mirage Resort,

3400 Las Vegas Boulevard, South.