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Dining for Your Health

December 22nd, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Dining for Your Health

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos:   Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center)

Food is very important when you are on vacation especially at a

health center.

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center coordinates all of the

meals with their guest’s health in mind.

Everything is prepared fresh, never reheated or precooked.

They strive for delicious, healthy organic vegetarian food that

stimulates and satisfies all the senses.

And I really enjoyed the difference!

The tantalizing aromas, the wide variety of selections, and

surprising flavorful tastes made each meal an experience.

Chef Mosa is specially trained in the Ayurvedic- style of cooking.

Usually when we are invited to a cooking class at other

restaurants or hotels, there are just one or two dishes to prepare.

Tonight we


Chef Mosa cook

the entire dinner

for all of the guests

in the health center.

While she was busy cooking, cutting, or mashing all of the

ingredients for each dish,

Chef Mosa discussed her recipes and instructions for preparing

Ayurvedic meals.

She explained, “We believe the food you eat reflects in your

health and our food is part of the treatment.”

Some guests were taking the Ayurvedic program under the

supervision of the Vaidya while others had the option of deciding

for themselves.

Cooking is an art and Chef Mosa creates a healthy menu with just

the right mix of spices that taste good!

Chef Mosa recommended, “We wanted to give our guests the

opportunity to cook this food at their home because it is not


You can still have great taste bringing healthy food into your


Their meals consisted of grains (wheat products), pastas, soup,

nuts (except peanuts), seeds (in small amounts), spices, fruits,

vegetables, legumes, and more.

They do not use onions and garlic but leaks instead.

Some types of cheese are better for digestion and health.

Since cooked food is easier to digest, most of the fruit and

vegetables are cooked in different ways.

The guests took notes about Mosa’s cooking techniques and

received the recipes.

They had previewed the cooking process and finally everyone

walked to the dining room curious about tasting the meal she

had just prepared.

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Dining for Your Health


All of the meals were served in the large

 dining room or guests

could use the private enclosed terrace

 section in the 100 year old


Their all-you-can-eat buffet presents

each course sitting on its

own heated silver tray.

Some guests have special diets which

were prepared in a separate

silver tray.

The mansion was very elegant with

the charm of the past, the

guest were able to wear casual clothes

or even the turban and

robe supplied by the health center.

I always looked forward to the snack

they would leave on the

table at the door to my room.

Sometimes the snack would be a baked

apple, rice pudding, or

other healthy dish.

It was a great lift between meals.

Some recommendations for

Proper Eating Behavior:

Only eat when you feel hungry,

stop when you have had enough.

Eat in quiet, pleasant surroundings.

Remain seated for 5-10-or-15 minutes

after the meal.

After the meal, rest for 10-20 minutes

with the upper part of the

body slightly raised or 30 minutes while

 lying on your left side.

Allow 3-6 hours between meals.

Sip warm or room temperature liquids

 during the meal.

Chew the food well, digestion begins

in the mouth.

Do not watch TV or drive while eating.

Avoid artificial foods, colors

or preservatives.

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center is located in Lancaster, just one hour from Boston.  For information, call (877)-890-8600.