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Do You Want Red or Green Chilies?

December 25th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Do you Want Red or Green Chilies?

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

The name Carlitos Burritos is whimsical because it rhymes!

Everything about this restaurant is different.

David Samuels, the owner, explained, “Our cuisine is not Mexican

but New Mexican from the state of New Mexico.

In New Mexico, the food revolves around red and green chilies

grown in the state.

A lot of people have heard of Hatch Green Chile from a village in

the Hatch Valley known as the Chile Capitol of the World.

The red chilies

are a

riper version

of the

green chile


from WOW,

spicy, to mild.


upon the

amount of water

used while growing chile,

the less water the hotter it will be.

Red and green chilies are two of the main staples in New Mexican


When you dine in a New Mexican restaurant, the server usually

asks, ‘Do you want red or green’, “referring to the chilies.

That’s the official New Mexican state question as well.

Or someone might order Christmas which means mixed red and

green chilies.”

I always thought

people should drink

plenty of water or

beer with their chilies

but David disagrees,

“If you ever eat

something too

spicy do not drink water

that will

make it worse.

Drink milk or eat ice cream to sooth the spice’s effect.”

The restaurant is decorated with chilies hanging from the walls

like a tribute to New Mexico’s chilies.

The New Mexican green chilies are historically said to be an

influence of the early Spanish and Native Americans.

Monday night Sliders, $1 Santa Fe Sliders, from 4-9 pm;

Tuesday nights are “Taco Tuesdays” with their $1 beef tacos

available from 4-9 pm.

They are so popular

David sold 400 tacos in

a few hours last


The price is so

reasonable who

wouldn’t want one?

Wednesday is “Hump Day”, the middle of the week, a time to eat

half price breakfast burritos from their regular price of $3.95

(meat, chicken, shrimp add .25 cents), until 11 am;

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Do You Want Red or Green Chilies?

Thursday is the bottomless

bowl of green chile stew one of the

staples of New Mexico.

Carlitos are pretty spicy because

they are made with a lot of green

chilies in them.

This all-you-can-eat stew is $6,

from 4-9 pm, no sharing.

In addition to their specials, Carlitos has FREE Santa Fe-Style Entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays, NO COVER, NO MINIMUM.

Fajita Friday: $5-chicken;  $6-steak; 


I will be returning on Saturday,

Steak Night, for a 10 ounce rib

eye steak dinner with

mashed potatoes,

Calabacitas topped with

green chile and cheddar cheese,

for $12, from 5- 9 pm;

Sunday you can have 2-for-1 Breakfast

Burritos all day;

Last year during chile season from

August through September,

David transported 20,000 pounds from

New Mexico, yes 20,000

pounds of fresh Hatch green chilies

right in front of the door of

Carlitos Burritos Restaurant.

David was roasting the chilies in

the parking lot.

This is his yearly event.

David feels, "People are looking

for green chilies when they come

here to eat.

These chilies are additive.

Anyone who grew up in

New Mexico eats a lot of

green chilies with their

burgers, spaghetti sauce,

and everything else.

Some of the other selections include

 Navajo Taco fry bread

topped with Pork Verde or Carne

Adovada, cheddar cheese,

lettuce and tomatoes.

David's stuffed Sopapilla is prepared

with fry bread filled with

meat and smothered in red or

green chile.

Chicken, beef, Pork Verde or Carne

Adovada-$5.95, Steak or


The food is served in a warm aluminum

 pan to eat at the

restaurant or ready for take-out if you

have eaten too much and

can just heat it at home.

Open:  Monday-Friday, 7:30 am- 9 pm;

Saturday, 9 am-9 pm;

Sunday, 9 am-4 pm;

For information, call 547-3592. Caritos Burritos is located at 3345 E. Patrick Lane, near Pecos. www.carlitosburritos.com