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Japanese Teppan Table

December 26th, 2010 • by Sandy Zimmerman

By Sandy Zimmerman

Sitting at a Japanese Teppanyaki Table is such a totally different experience

from the usual way of dining at other restaurants.

With the Teppan-style, we each have a great close-up view of the chef while

sharing a semi-circular table around the grill.

Most of the guests

are happy talking

to each

other as

they watch the chef

prepare and cook

their food.

This is not only dinner, but dinner and a show, the chef performs a show

using the food at the table.

Sometimes the chef creates a fire show, smoking volcano, igloo, flips a

shrimp up to land on his hat, or other tricks with food.

You can choose a different chef for a new show every time you visit.

The chef took his time preparing more and more and each time serves us

before beginning on the next food.

I ordered the Geisha Special for a taste of everything.

What a dinner!

First the salad was

served, a mixed salad

with a delightful ginger


I wanted an appetizer that wasn’t fried and

chose the grilled chicken Yakidori skewered on a stick like a kabob.

The teriyaki-style sauce tasted so delicious, I could have ordered another

one and made it my meal.

A complimentary glass of sake made it seem like a celebration.

The chef prepared rice,

onions, zucchini,


bean sprouts

and the


It was a banquet

of food

and a healthy meal.

The Geisha Special also included lobster, New York steak, and chicken but

substitutes are available.

Other dinners were prepared with only one or two entrees.

When you order any dinner, a second entree can be added

for an additional price.

Suddenly I heard a lot

of noise and saw the

Geisha’s waiters singing to

a happy couple in

the corner table.

They were celebrating a

birthday and received a plate of

Japanese green tea ice cream topped with cherries,

whipped cream and syrup.

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Japanese Tepan Table (Continued)

Geisha has plenty of room at their restaurant

for Asian-style birthday

parties and can also cater to your

home or office.

Eric Ha, the Bar Manager, 

invites inquiries, "We will make a really,

really good deal for parties

or events at a reasonable price."

NAKED SUSHI is scheduled every month,

an unusual evening of X-rated


Choose from a variety of sushi sitting

on the body of a naked woman.

It is a daring event not seen anywhere

else in Las Vegas.

Just $20 at the door, guests can have

all-you-can-eat sushi or Japanese


Everything is included except the drinks.

Two of the people sitting at my

Teppan Table, Trevis and his father have

been fans of the Geisha Steakhouse

for a long time.

Trevis explained, "I love the steak

but all of the food is always great

and the entertainment is amazing.

All the chefs do a great job."

The Geisha House Steakhouse

comes alive Friday and Saturday 

evenings with a DJ spinning

your favorites until 2 am, 


The music touches everything

from R&B, R&R, Hip Hop,

and surprises.

Teppanyaki Teppan Table Dinners: $15-35.95;

Children?s Teppan Table Dinners (12 years

old and under): $10.50-16.50;

Sushi (Appetizers, Sashimi Salad, Nigiri,

Regular Rolls, Fresh Rolls, Tempura

Rolls, Deep Fried Rolls, Baked Rolls,

and Fruity Rolls):  $2.95-13.95;

For information, call 399-3329. 

The Geisha Steakhouse Restaurant offers

four locations:

6572 North Decatur Boulevard, #150, North Decatur and #215;

6125 South Fort Apache Road, #200, Russell and #215;

3751 East Desert Inn Road, Sandhill;

3650 South Decatur Blvd., #31, Decatur and Spring Mountain;