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Dr. H. L. Greenberg Cares

December 30th, 2010 • by admin

“Dr. Greenberg Cares”

By Sandy Zimmerman

With the Motto, “For a Healthy and More Beautiful Life,” how can

you do better than that?

Dr. H. L. Greenberg, MD & Dermatologist

at Las Vegas Dermatology, feels, “That is what I am trying to

achieve making everybody’s life happy and hopefully more


If I can help people look better and feel good, they are happier.

Before: Botox

After: Botox

When patients cry in my office saying how happy they are

because their Psoriasis has cleared up,

that their joint pain is gone, and so many other positive things.

It is a great feeling, I love what I do and feel blessed.”

Dr. Greenberg’s specialties include all type of Dermatology from

lasers, surgical, medical, to cosmetic concerns for children and


Lasers are used to remove blood vessels, brown spots, hair, and

for so many other medical problems today.

Many patients do not like to see their blood vessels showing,

which is a personal choice.

When brown spots suddenly appear due to the sun, or aging

without sun exposure, sometimes the options call for

Cryotherapy- liquid nitrogen treatment.

Dr. Greenberg advises, “Here in the desert the sun damages your

skin.  The more sun exposure the more likely that you would get

skin cancer, wrinkles or other signs of aging.

It is very important that you should be sun smart when you are


Wear protective clothing and sun screen.

I examine my patients for skin cancer and like to educate them to

watch for the a-b-c-d’s signs of Melanoma.

Look for a change in the appearance of your skin, a new growth or

sore that will not heal.

If it has an irregular border, many colors, or large diameter

then have it checked.

Protection is the key especially with young children.

Before: Juvederm

AFTER: Juvederm

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  1. 離婚 says:

    Good blog! Can be considered a lesson, ok.

  2. Schiebel says:

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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Dr. H.L. Greeberg Cares (Continued)

Look for a change in the appearance of your skin, a

new growth or sore that will not heal.

If it has an irregular border, many colors,

or large diameter then have it checked.

Protection is the key especially with young children

There is no charge for a cosmetic

consultation to evaluation to

see whether I have something to offer to

improve or enhance

your appearance.

I would be happy to discuss any questions

about your skin or

cosmetic concerns.

Watch my educational videos on our website.

There are sections regarding different

skin conditions,

treatments, cosmetic Botox, Collagen,

medium Peels, fillers,

mole removal, etc.

You have many choices from mild

topical creams, Wrinkle

Reduction Therapy, to CO2 laser resurfacing.

Botox causes the muscle to retract so you do not

see wrinkles.

I give a complete evaluation to patients

who have acne in order

to determine the cause.

You may not need surgery because

if it is not serious, there are

lotions or other treatments.

We start with creams and sometimes 

antibiotics whichever is the

best choice or sometimes nothing at all.

There are a lot of different options.

Typically the sooner I see an eruption, the better.

Acne therapy is not only for children and

adolescents but also


The condition could also be caused by

ormones or stress."

Dr. Greenberg is the only physician

involved in a research study

taking the patient's own hair and stimulating

their own cells to


This could be a significant step in future

stem cell hair induction

easier than hair replacement.

Known around Las Vegas for his television

appearances and

lectures about the prevention of skin problems

and importance

of skin screenings, Dr. Greenberg's extensive

training reaches

beyond becoming a Dermatologist.

He studied for 11 years and also received

an Internal Medicine

Board Certification.

Most insurance is accepted including

Medicare, Medicade, and

special cash payments for those who

have no insurance.

Dr. H. L. Greenberg, Las Vegas Dermatology,

is located at 653 North Town Center Drive,    

Suite #410, in the Summerlin Hospital Medical

building, in Summerlin.