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The Relaxing Treatment

January 5th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“The Relaxing Treatment”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(PHOTOS: Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center unless indicated.)



the ancient


treatment from

India, is sometimes

called the Relaxing


In Sandscript,  


means “head”

and dhara means “to flow”.

This describes the process of slowly pouring specially blended

herbal oil over the forehead or “Third Eye”, the chakra point

above and between the eyebrows.

The ingredients in the custom prepared oil are prepared in the

Oil Kitchen and depend upon what you need to balance

your body.

With my busy schedule, I was happy to experience the Relaxing


Two technicians (therapists) were waiting for me when I arrived in the

treatment room.

Two technicians really heightened the experience and made me feel like a queen.

A Shirodhara stand is placed behind the massage bed reaching up

around 10” above the client’s head. An arm extends out about 18”

holding a bowl.

I was lying on my back with my eyes closed when I felt a gentle

stream of soothing warm oil dripping on my head.

It flowed down from my

forehead into my hair and felt very

soothing as I drifted into a pleasant state of calmness.

The technician kept the oil flow constant while adjusting the

valve to keep it moving slightly so the oil would reach around the

sides of the face.

This beautiful specifically designed tap allowed accurate control of the flow of

the oil.

It maintains the oil at a certain temperature for the time needed.  

Instead of playing music on CD’s, the Shirodhara treatment is

practiced in silence so the client can be completely relaxed

concentrating on the feeling of the oil touching their skin and


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The Relaxing Treatment (Continued)

All of the technicians are well trained and

knowledgeable in the

traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

Usually there is a gentle, ever so light massage

before most of their treatments.

When you hear the word massage don't mix

it with the usual massage we receive at other spas.

This is completely different, a wondrous experience

in Ayurvedac techniques.

According to Vaidya Jagdish Vaidya, resident

Ayurveda expert at

the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in

Lancaster, Shirodhara

is composed of two words, which come from the

Sanskrit roots -

shiro meaning head, and dhara meaning flow.


involves a steady flow of an herbalized oil or milk,

being poured in a gentle steam over the person's

forehead while they are lying

on their back.

I think it has become so popular in the West

because many people are seeking

natural methods to counteract the build-up of

mental stress and pressures.

According to the classical Ayurveda texts,

the beneficial properties of the flowing

oil balances Vata Dosha, the main

mind/body principle in Ayurveda responsible

for mental clarity,

calm, and balanced functioning of the

nervous system.

People enjoy the natural soothing and cooling effect

on mind and body, and its benefits for reducing

stress naturally.

I commonly hear reports of less feelings of

worry or anxiety, less

headaches, more energy, better ability to

concentrate and

improved sleep.

Guests can enjoy the Maharishi Ayurveda Health

Center (MAHC)

as a spa or experience the Ayurvedic treatments

with the Vaidya's, Ayurvedic physician,

advice how to balance your mind

and body.

They offer 3-7-or 21 day treatments.

The surroundings are so pleasant surrounded

by 200 acres of


This is a beautiful retreat where you really

would be pampered.

The MAHC is located in Lancaster,

just one hour from Boston.

For information, call (877)-890-8600.