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Svendana: Tent Instead of a Sauna

January 12th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Svendana Tent Instead of a Sauna”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

The ancient Ayurvedic (Means the Science of Life) philosophy follows the principals of living a healthier life in order to balance your mind and body.  According to the World Health Organization, Ayurveda is the oldest continuously practiced system of health-care in the world.

Each of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center’s treatments is unbelievably the ultimate pampering you can experience. Some clients visit the center just for the luxury, the sensations of the treatments. But if you are seeking a way to reduce stress and calm your nerves, this is the place to visit


Svendana (Sway-d-na), Sanskrit for heat therapy, is a sweating treatment designed to open the pores and detoxify the body.  After one of their very pleasurable warm oil massage treatments, you lie naked on your back just covered with a towel as the two technicians (therapists) prepare a pot of boiling specially herbalized liquid for the treatment.

A specially designed, curved wooden-framed tent, or dome, covered with canvas is unfolded and brought to you. In just a few minutes, you are in the Ayurvedic-style sauna. Although the tent covers the entire body, your head and face remain outside. You do not feel anything because the tent is around you but not touching. It is not attached to the table.

The herbal concoction runs through a tube to bring the steam inside the tent. While you are surrounded by the warm steam inside the tent, the technicians are continuously trying to find your comfort level so you are not too hot.  One technician rubs your head with a piece of cold coconut until it melts or places cold towels across your forehead.  The continuous controlled flow of warm steam combined with the cold feels good. The Svendana Treatment seems to be more enjoyable than a usual sauna. After this 20 minute treatment you will be heading for your room to be lulled into a restful sleep.

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center’s motto: Prevention . . . Rejuvenation . . . and . . . Relief.  Their other treatments include the Abhyanga, Udvarthana, Pizhichill, Basti, Shirodara, Nasya, Netra Tarpana, Pinda Sveda, and more.  Very seldom do you find a spa health center that specializes in Ayurvedic Treatments.  Each treatment is unique and recommended by the Vaidya (Eastern Ayurvedic physician) for different health problems.

The technicians even provide instructions so you can to continue some of their treatments at home to keep that wondrous feeling of tranquility. Of course nothing compares to being there! These Ayurvedic experiences are worth the trip!

According to the Lancaster Health Center, “We focus exclusively on the most authentic form of Ayurveda, called Maharishi Ayurveda.  Among its outstanding features are: the high standards of training for our technicians, the purity of products, and authenticity of the treatments. Maharishi Ayurveda gives special emphasis to preventative and rejuvenative approaches that are essential for proper comprehensive health care.  These include stress management, lifestyle and wellness education and dietary recommendations.”

They have thought of everything for your mind and body from eating healthy, taking care of yourself, proper exercise, treatments, and lifestyle.

If you are ready to really be pampered from head to toe, contact the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center.  For information, call: (877)-890- 8600.  They are located at 679 George Hill Road, Lancaster, Massachusetts, just 1 hour from Boston.

(Contact your doctor about your medical condition before taking any treatments.)

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