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Yoga is good for your Health

January 23rd, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Yoga for your Health

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman unless indicated.)

After enjoying the luxurious Ayurvedic spa treatments, there is so much more.

I felt like discovering what else the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center had to offer.

Everything is about attempting to improve your health.

Their program includes three delicious organic vegetarian meals a day, accommodations,

DVD’s, lectures on health and the prevention of medical problems, yoga, cooking classes,

and planned activities.

The sign said, “Yoga Tonight” so I walked into the large living room which alternates as a lecture

room, a place for yoga, and a comfortable setting to relax and meet the other guests.

Since I do not have time to exercise in Las Vegas and have not participated in yoga before I

wondered if they had a beginner’s class and was very happy when I found out that Robin, the

instructor, tailors his class to each person.

Robin explained, “We do not use complicated positions or strenuous poses.


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 You only need very light stretching yoga postures.

There are 12 different postures and can be performed easily at home, the best time

is before breakfast.

One is the very unique Sun Salutations.

The Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) posture is great because it tones every major muscle in

your body.  You only practice 5-15 minutes a day.

The Sun Salutation is a complete Ayurvedic exercise that simultaneously

integrates the whole physiology including mind, body and breadth.

It strengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups, lubricates the joints,

blood flow and circulation is increased throughout the body.

It is a cycle of 12 postures performed in a fluid sequence

one right after another.

Each motion should be synchronized with the breath.

By moving smoothly into each pose, breathing fully

and easily through the nostrils,

holding a pose for a minimum of three seconds, each cycle takes

about one minute.

These 12 poses will help you on every level of physiology.

Your mind will be clearer, yoga will increase your vitality, feel balance and more strength.

If you have a problem sleeping at night, yoga can help.

Yoga can also assist in eliminating many superficial imbalances that people have.

Yoga goes along with the Maharishi Ayurvedic program because they want to

the body and mind.

Everything we do at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center is to balance the mind and body.

Yoga compliments the program.”

(Photo: MAHC)






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Yoga is good for your Health (Continued)

             (Photo: MAHC)

I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga class with a

 sense of accomplishment in being able to

 do the poses and felt great!

Robin provides a booklet of yoga poses

 and instructions to all of the guests

to take home and try to practice a

healthy regimen.

His class was easy, a perfect 40 minute

 beginner?s session yet he also teaches the

 advanced classes.

They can arrange an individual or group

 yoga class as well as in your room.

Clients lie down for the spa treatments

 and become sleepy ready for a nap.

Everyone is being pampered with fantastic


Yoga rejuvenates the body and gives it a

 chance to stretch and wake up.

Clients can take the full Ayurvedic

 package program or just select the spa

treatments they wish.

Yoga is included at the health center.

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center

 focuses exclusively on the most

authentic form of Ayurveda called

 Maharishi Ayurveda.

Among its outstanding features are:

the high standards of training for their

technicians (massage therapists),

the purity of products, and authenticity

of their treatments.

Maharishi emphasizes preventative and

 rejuvenative approaches which

include stress management, lifestyle and

 wellness education and dietary


According to Maharishi Ayurveda,

perfect health is experienced when mind,

 body and environment are in

complete harmony.

Maharishi Ayurveda offers effective

natural programs for health and well


For information, call (877)-890-8600. 

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center

is located at 679 George Hill Road,

Lancaster, Massachusetts,

just one hour from Boston.

Sandy Zimmerman is an award winning travel writer, entertainment and dining reviewer, and talk show host of the Las Vegas Today Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials.