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Doctor House is Amazing!

February 6th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Doctor House is Amazing!”

By Sandy Zimmerman

I have enjoyed watching the “House” television program ever since the first episode and have not missed any since. Dr. Gregory House, portrayed by Hugh Laurie, is the doctor with an attitude, a man who ignores all of the rules and niceties that people usually learn in life.

House is a man absorbed in his medical puzzles and that is all he cares about. House cures diseases that most doctors are not even aware that they exist. Kudos to the television program’s medical advisors who have really performed outstanding research about the rare diseases which usually occur in House’s patients each week.

But the House television series is successful because of many other factors as well. The television program’s brilliant writing and plot development, the actors, and Hugh Laurie’s award- winning interpretation of House. I especially appreciate the twisting and turning plots and suspense which keeps us drawn to the television set until we see House finally determine the right diagnoses.

Unlike any of the other medical dramas on television, “House” has its own unique flavor as a controversial doctor who uses unorthodox methods of finding the truth and always thinks “outside the box”. Yet we do see the human side of House at times.

With the large numbers of patients seeking diagnosis today, I hope they have the opportunity to find a “real life” Dr. Gregory House even if he may be arrogant and sometimes irritating. You may not want to be friends with House but he is the first person to call for a baffling medical emergency. We need doctors who look beyond the obvious and search for answers to unusual medical conditions. Perhaps House is a symbol of what modern medicine can become a hope for the future.

I think the program’s message reaches people in all walks of life, “Do not stop searching for the answers while you are trying to solve your problems.

I feel the FOX network should be complimented because they had the nerve to take a few steps forward beyond what the other channels have done by airing “House”.

This is my review of the “House” television program which is followed by my review of Barbara Barnett’s “Chasing Zebras”.

As a fan of “House”, I know why the show pleases me, but what about all of their eighty- two million other viewers in 66 countries around the world?


Barbara Barnett’s book “Chasing Zebras, “The Unofficial Guide to House, M.D.” is a very thorough compilation of facts and opinions. She tediously breaks the story apart practically word by word, sentence by sentence.
Similar to a text book for a university course on the “House” television program, Barbara seems somewhat obsessive in choosing some of the most minuscule points to analyze, e.g., discussing House’s antiques, residence, musical instruments, Wilson’s office, Cuddy’s office, and other factors which are not that interesting or essential to the plot. Discussing these bits slows down the momentum of reading and breaks the excitement of the story line. Perhaps Barbara wanted to make her book longer.

I enjoyed Barbara’s “Cast of Characters” section, a close-up view of Dr. Gregory House, Dr. James Evan Wilson, Dean of Medicine/ Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dr. Eric Foreman, Dr. “13”, Dr. Christopher Taub, Dr. Lawrence Kutner, Dr. Allison Cameron, and Dr. Robert Chase.

Her “Guide to Seasons 1-6” is a condensed outline of the “House” television program’s plot and main story points. This reminds us about the episodes we watched and fills-in for those that were missed.

In “Zebras”, Barbara mentioned a new diagnostic medical center, the National Institutes of Health an established center for rare and undiagnosed diseases which evaluates patients for diseases resistant to diagnosis. Real Life may be imitating art at the Institute ushering the .

One of the few reviews of “Chasing Zebras” was written by Josh Hathaway, a man associated with Blogcritics which is perhaps a conflict of interest. I also read an interview conducted by Lisa McKay, also another member of Blogcritic. They disclosed that a significant part of the evolution of the book happened at Blogcritics where Barbara is a writer and editor.

Barbara drew the title of her book from this premise: “Medical students are taught that when they hear hoof beats, they should think horses, not zebras, but Dr. House’s unique talent of diagnosing unusual illnesses has made House, M.D. one of the most popular and fascinating series on television.” Dr. Gregory House said, “I look for zebras because other doctors have ruled out all the horses.”

Sandy Zimmerman is an award winning features columnist, entertainment & television reviewer, travel writer, as well as talk show host of the Las Vegas Today Show and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials. She is syndicated with 1,000 newspapers and magazines around the world and in the U.S.

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  1. Gavin says:

    Superb! Generally I never read whole articles but the way you wrote this information is simply amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it.

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