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February 8th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman


By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Everything about the Yassou Greek Grill Café is really Greek.

The owner, Peter Papas, was born in Cyprus and came to the United States with his entire family

when he was only 5 years old.

When I entered the Yassou Greek Grill Café, I wanted to start dancing!

The Greek music and the atmosphere brought back memories of Greek cafés when I was in Athens

and the Greek Islands.

Each dish I tasted at

Yassou’s Greek Grill Café

surprised me with flavorful bites

that stood out from

the usual Greek cuisine.

Chicken is more than

just chicken at Yassou.

As Peter explained,

“We spent a lot of time and money

into our special marinades.

Vegetable oil was added to olive oil to break it down because olive oil could be very strong if you use it

by itself.

We found the right formula of garlic, oregano, pepper, and a little parsley  mixed together with some

secrets for a creamy texture which holds up well when put into our food.”

Besides being a tender piece of meat, I felt their steak’s marinade created a special taste all of its own.

Peter continued, “A good product turns out to be a great product after we prepare it.

We always buy quality calamari, filet mignon, cheese from Greece, and other ingredients.

All of the meat is cut and marinated for 48 hours.

Everything that is served is really, really prime quality.

The owner Peter Papas explains,

“This is the Greek experience.

There are many nice restaurants

in Las Vegas which call themselves

Greek, but they serve Middle

Eastern cuisine.

When you taste our food,

you will taste the difference.

The value is outrageous, the quality

is amazing, and our service impeccable.”

Why did he call their restaurant Yassou?

Yassou has many meanings- welcome, to your health, good appetite, and hello.

It was his wife Rita’s idea.

Peter is always looking for something new in these challenging times he tries to be creative.

For example, a mini-combo does not cost as much as a regular combo because there is five ounce

skewer of chicken and a five ounce skewer of steak at $3.50 including rice and salad for the plate.

If the person does not have a big appetite he/she could taste both the steak and chicken without

being overly filled and still save money.

“We are finding ways for guests to save money and still have the Greek experience.

The open kitchen allows people to see us, and we can watch to make sure the guests are treated well

and are happy.

Customers can talk to us in the open kitchen.

We wanted to be part of the experience, to be able to see the people who come in, and not miss


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Yassou (Continued)

We get complements about the flair

in which we do things and we think

of our customers as friends."

Peter serves authentic traditional

Greek specialties, all of the tantalizing

flavors of Greece!

Of course they have Spanakopita- spinach

and feta cheese in a flaky filo wrap,

and Saganaki- imported

fried cheese flamb?ed with brandy.

Peter does not just have regular french fries, but

serves Greek fries with special herbs, spices, and

feta cheese.

Another treat is smearing the pita bread with


Yassou offers some dishes that people do not usually

see too often, like Greek pizza and

Mediterranean pizza.

They are prepared on a 9 inch pita which comes out

crispy and crunchy with a different taste

altogether- a Mediterranean "feel".

His Greek plates have over a half of a pound of meat

on two skewers.

Whether it is a combo of chicken and steak,

chicken and gyro, or whatever combinations you


They marinate meat for 24 hours to really get that

flavor in it.

After the meat is marinated, they do it again while it

is cooking, and after the food comes off the grill.

It is a three step process.

Another one of their cooking secrets is searing the

meat on the grill then finished it off on the flame.

They seal all the juices from the marinade into the

meat, then flame it just a little to give

that special taste.

Before we opened the restaurant, we experimented

with cooking and marinating each of the dishes.

Finally we got the right temperatures, perfect

marinades, and the most tender, juiciest, lemony,

herby chicken.

We are enthusiastic about the expression on our

guest's faces when they leave we always get thank

you for this great experience.

You have to taste our food to understand what I am

talking about."

Sandwiches: $4.59-7.49;  Salads: $5.99-8.59;  Pizzas & Pastas: $6.99-8.49;

Greek Plates:  $8.59-10.79;  Vegetarian Plates: $7.49-8.99;

For information, call 798-8989.

Yassou Greek Grill Cafe, is located at 7871 West Charleston, Suite # 110, off Buffalo.