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There’s a Horse for Every Rider

February 13th, 2011 • by admin

This horse has a golden mane and tail with a chocolate body.

“There’s A Horse for Every Rider”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

I wanted to visit a ranch to get away from the city and I did, but was surprised that this ranch is right

in Las Vegas!

Sitting on just under two acres, the Dream Walker Ranch is not a dude ranch.

The owners, Jenn and Matt Soria, really love their horses.

Jenn feels, “One of the greatest things about horses is that they are so therapeutic.

When you are on your horse and out in nature,

the only thing you think about

is relaxing, all your problems and week stress

seems to go away.

When you come back and put your horse up after a great ride

puts a smile on your face and really puts

things in perspective.

The tough challenges of life are not so bad any more.

This is what it is all about, enjoying life.”

You do not need a psychiatrist!

It is so nice to be able to get away from the city.

I like to go to the mountains, wilderness, desert and places near Las Vegas.

Jenn agreed, “Absolutely, we feel the same way about

riding on the weekends.

Matt and I bring our horses in the trailer along with some friends

and we go up to Mt. Charleston, Lee

Canyon, Kyle Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire.

We are so close.

There are some beautiful places to ride, a lot of choices.

We try difficult terrain each week as a test for the horses.

Most of our friends are not experienced riders.

It is a great way for us to get a feel for the horses and interview the riders

to see how they liked them.

This is a great experience

and so much fun to go up

there and ride.

We are very lucky that they are in our backyard.

You are on your horse, one with nature, for a wonderful experience.”

Just like in the old west, they ride around Las Vegas but there are no hitching posts.

Since I don’t know one horse from another, I would want to deal with a ranch that is reputable, one

that we can believe when they say the horse is trained especially if someone has a child the family

does not have to worry.

Jenn feels, “There is a horse for every rider whether you are looking to do things more advanced or for

a family horse.

This way the buyer can be sure the horse is adaptable to trails as well and can cross streets around

stores without having issues.

We try to make the best match possible because ultimately I want them to be happy and the horse to

have a good home.

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There's a Horse for Every Rider (Continued)

When our customers come here,

we tell them to be as involved or as

uninvolved as

they want.

If they want to put the halter or tack on

the horse they can,

if they want to watch, that is OK too.

We try to give them as much hands on

experience as possible so if they buy the

horse and bring it home,

they know exactly what the horse is going

 to be like.

We encourage them to do anything they

want while they are here with-in reason

just so they get a good feel for the horse.

You can tell a lot about a horse while you

are handling them.

How respectful they are of your space.

How well they listen to you when you ride


Jenn took me on a tour of their ranch

where I met a black horse with blue eyes,

a rarity in horses.

What a beauty!

And another horse's unique color scheme

of golden mane and tail with a caramel

body was very striking.

The horses are like their pets.

Jenn said, "We love each one individually,

it is a pleasure to spend my time

with them."

They specialize in the Tennessee Walking

horses and the Spotted Saddle horse

known to be very

comfortable to ride, great for trail and

pleasure riding.

The happy couple makes trips to

Tennessee about once or twice a month to

find the best horses for

trail and pleasure riding.

Jenn explained, "After deciding which

horses we want, our friends and family

ride the horses and do

all of the things people want to do with the


If the horses do all the right things we

bring them back to Las Vegas and ride

them through the

streets around traffic, in order to test the

horses to be sure they are ready to sell to


Being in the city, our location is great for

horses with all of the distractions we have

to ride them by, so

it works out great."

For information or a free consultation,

call 468-0915.

By appointment, Winter: 9 am- 5 pm,

Summer: 9 am- 7 pm.

The Dream Walker Ranch, 5310 Grand Teuton Drive, near Durango and #95.