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Thai Cuisine from 4 Regions

February 19th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Thai Cuisine from 4 Regions”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Crying Tiger

You have the opportunity to taste some of the finest Thai cuisine from four different regions-

North, Northeast, Central, and Southern Thailand.

It is like a culinary trip through Thailand but it is right here in Las Vegas at the Thai Grill.

I toured Thailand twice and found all of the different styles of cuisine intriguing.

Their spices really bring out the sauces and add zest to the dishes.

It was great being able to review the Thai Grill’s tasty food bringing memories of

the exciting restaurants in Thailand.

After dining in Thailand, I know the real Thai cuisine and can honestly say,

This is really authentic!”

The owners of the

Thai Grill,

Wayne and Nattanuch


were both

born in


Wayne is from Bangkok


Nattanuch from the north, in Chiang Mai.

Chef Nattanuch has created some of the most delicious dishes with the magic touch

of a woman who loves to cook.

She learned from her mother, a famous chef and restaurant owner in Chaing Mai,

Thailand, bringing all of the secret recipes to Las Vegas.

With a seven page menu, Wayne says, “If you come into our restaurant and pick a

different item on the menu every day, you would probably finish in EIGHT


Hot Pot to Share

When I was ready to review the restaurant’ food, Chef Nattanuch said, “Tell me what you

prefer and I will do it any way you want.”

This was not just for me but for every guest who enters their restaurant!

Depending on your health or diet, she prepares everything herself.

I decided to try the Crying Tiger steak and was thrilled with my choice.

Her Crying Tiger appetizer is an ancient Thai dish of sirloin steak grilled with

Thai spices and only an unbelievable $6.99!

Chef Nattanuch marinates the meat overnight and allows it to soak through.

The sirloin steak was grilled with mild spices but I did not have the hot chile sauce.

She added thick slices of steak on top of a salad with an interesting twist of sliced

apples, lemon grass, and mango.

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Thai Cuisine from 4 Regions (Continued)

The spring rolls are very Asian, served with

peanut as well as sweet & sour sauce.

Naked Shrimps are not X-rated.

Wrapped in thin noodles and fried until crispy,

you have six pieces to dip in a tasty

plum sauce.


Crab Rangoon originated in Burma and is placed

inside a hand-wrapped rice wrapping filled with

Philadelphia cream cheese, water chestnuts,

and crab meat.

Usually Sukiyaki is cooked at the table,

but at the Thai Grill you can order

Sukiyaki Soup.

Chef Nattanuch buys curry from India, mixes,

and adds her own ingredients.

One of her spice mixtures includes

10 different spices.

Lunch specials: Monday-Friday,  11 am-3 pm,

choice of chicken, beef, pork,

vegetables, tofu, Shrimp, salmon, tilapia, catfish,

or mixed seafood served with

steamed or fried rice and cup of soup. $5.99-6.99;

            Appetizers: $6.99-10.99;

            Entrees:  $7.99-10.99;

            Curry:  $7.99-11.99;

            Salad:  $8.99-10.99;

            House Specialties- Fish & Seafood:


            House Specialties-Chicken, Duck, Pork


            Exotic Specialties-Four Regions-

            North, Northeast,

            Central and Southern:  $8.99-12.99;

            Why not have a Thai party in the Thai Grill

             Restaurant or at your home or office.

             Free delivery within three- miles or 

             anywhere for parties.

             For a distinct Thai taste, Wayne explained,

             "Our visions are to see customers come

             here to eat and leave happy."

             Part of the thrills of visiting Thailand was the 


            Whether I was in the jungle or at a resort,

            the food was delicious and we can dine at

            the Thai Grill without the trip.

For information, call 631-4480.

The Thai Grill is located at 1901 North Decatur Boulevard. www.thaigrilllv.com