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You Can Live the Fantasy

February 23rd, 2011 • by admin

“You Can Live the Fantasy!”

By Sandy Zimmerman

It all began in DJ Loczi’s vivid imagination and later became a fantasy

of lights, sounds, animation, special effects, and everything else he

could squeeze into his “Electric Dream” extravaganza.

An incredible


awaits you unlike

anything you

have ever


Let yourself go

and feel the

excitement while

all of your senses

are reeling.

Electric Dream surprises everyone because it is only happening AT

THAT MOMENT and changes according to the whims of the star DJ


Better not look away or you will miss something.

He revs up the dancers with his music then completely changes the


For the first time, a spectacular production show is appearing in a

night club setting combining all of the thrills of “Electric Dream” with

the romance of dancing.

Some people watch the show while they are dancing, than stop to see

the special effects and continue to dance, while others want to give

their full attention to the show.

DJ Loczi is really an important part of the show.

Watch his face changing with the beat sometimes he seems captivated

caught in an uncontrollable frenzy.

Loczi is ONE with the music.

Like a conductor, Loczi is aware of everything that is happening,

giving cues to the next act, orchestrating all of the pieces that are

involved in this multi-dimensional production.

DJ Loczi explained, “Realistically what I offer and what is very unique

is I might play Aretha Franklin or James Brown, and then an original


Realistically the music is very diverse. We take songs which were

iconic at the original studio 54 and rebuilt, re-mastered, remixed to make them fresh and

relevant for today’s dance floor.

So someone who never experienced that song and never understood

how powerful that song was at the iconic studio 54 in New York are

now hearing it for the first time and realizing WOW this is a really

amazing piece of music.

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You Can Live the Fantasy

It is almost like refreshing and revamping

old styles of music, but

at the same time we are playing the

hottest, most current tracks

available today.

I also produce and build songs that I think

are going to be driving

the musical scene in the future."

The excitement continues to build.

Intrigued with the name "Electric

Dream", I had anticipated

visions of a kaleidoscope of lights and


Well that was partially right.

During the evening, I was happy to have a

chance to get together with Loczi.

He discussed his concept," "Electric

Dreama" lends itself to an

opportunity for surrealism so at any

moment in the

night you might be surprised by an aerial

act above your head or

 someone walking up a wall.

You do not know what is going to happen

 and from what angle it

is coming.

There are tremendous amounts of moving

 parts with 35-40 people working on this

show at any given point.

Electric Dream combines elements of a

live show bringing into a night club


We are providing an opportunity for an

 evolved and almost

revolutionized form of entertainment for

the public.

Mark Butler, our EMMY award winning

animator, handles all of

the animation and is building a nine piece

 animated movie series with different parts

that play periodically

throughout the evening.  

At the same time, it is just about engaging

the crowd

on the dance floor in front of the stage at

any specific moment.

I guess you can call me a professional


I am the producer of the show, I created

 and wrote the show, and am

in charge of striking and pushing forward

the activities that happen during the night.

If you just watch one visual

representation, you would have an

entire experience than anyone else.

                              Just listening to

                               the music

                               provides you

                               with a different


                              If you hear pieces of the


                              music and see pieces of

                              the movie

                              that is a third


                              This amazing man has

                               created a truly

                               spectacular show.

                               Can't wait for my next

                               visit to Studio 54,

                               at the MGM Hotel, to 

see all of DJ Loci's surprises!

Come for your own special experience at

DJ Loci's "Electric

Dream", appearing every Friday.