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The Academy Awards, Las Vegas-Style

March 14th, 2011 • by admin

Australian Bee Gees

“The Academy Awards, Las Vegas-Style”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Sandy Zimmerman shot the photos on the Red Carpet and interviewed the celebrities.)

I was excited about interviewing the celebrities, VIP’s and contributors

along the Red Carpet on Oscar Night in Las Vegas.

Kevin Burke-Defending the Caveman & Fitz of Laughter

Yes, all of the glamor and special moments experienced at the Academy Awards®

as one of 50 parties sanctioned by the Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

across the United States.

Around 100 special guests were transported by limousine to the

Palms Hotel’s Red Carpet entrance where they arrived just like stars

at the Academy Awards in California.

The excitement began to build as the public watched them walk the

Red Carpet to the open lounge in the Brenden Theater lobby.

I began my Red Carpet interviews with Travis Cloer,

“Frankie Valli” star of “Jersey Boys” (Palazzo) and his wife Jennifer,

co-star of “Peepshow” (Planet Hollywood) as they were ready to enter

the open celebrity lounge.

Travis had appeared in Jersey Boys” on Broadway for 1-1/2 years then

joined the Las Vegas production for 2-1/2 years. Jersey Boys” is a number one show

and they are not changing anything.

Travis: “We’re staying strong, and we’re staying consistent, giving the crowd what they want.

It is a great show, great music, and we’re happy the way Las Vegas is accepting us.”

Jennifer co-stars in “Peepshow” with Holly Madison. “Peepshow”

Marc Savard-Hypnotist-

was modeled after

nursery rhymes

but not like any

nursery rhymes

we have ever heard.


“The show is based

on a nursery rhyme

but with a little bit of a sexual twist.”

I had to add, “A little bit” No a lot.

There are some very sexy scenes!”

Watch for Jennifer in the Spider number.

You never know who is coming to these Red Carpet events and here is

Anthony Crivello, the star of “Phantom of the Opera” (Venetian Resort).

He won the Tony Award and others.

I love the sets, the falling chandelier, and everything.

Anthony: “It is a sterling production, a $35 million dollar production

this is our fifth year and going strong.”

DJ Baby Chino

I found the shortest celebrity on the Red Carpet line, DJ Baby Chino,

the World’s Youngest Professional DJ.

He is now eight years old  and has been a DJ since he was five.

I asked, “Where do you work?

Eight years old and he has a job!”

DJ Chino travels around the United States appearing at parties and events.

How did he get involved in this profession?

DJ Chino: “First I did break dancing but wanted to become a DJ because the DJ controls everything.

I DJ, dance and mostly do kid stuff.”

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Academy Awards, Las Vegas-Style (Continued)

(Please note- Photo above: Murray Sawchuck-Finalist on America's Got Talent)

We have celebrities Dean Martin

(Johnny Edwards), Frank Sinatra

(David De Costa) and Sammy

Davis, Jr., (Doug Starks),

who appear in Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack

 show (Riviera). David feels,

"They are all winners, everyone

is celebrating their efforts,

just to be considered

and to be nominated is the

winning stroke."

I loved the Rat Pack show especially

 Sandy Hackett's shticks, he is so funny

 and still remember

reviewing Sandy when he began his

career at the Sahara Hotel as host of

their talent show in the 1980's.

This year the films had quite a mixture

of subjects with everything from

stuttering to mountain climbing,

boxing, a Lesbian marriage, dancing,

the re-make of the classic western

True Grit, animated toys, social

networking, and more.

Who would have anticipated that a film

 about stuttering could be so vivid, so


Of course, the stutterer was HM King

 George VI, the King of England,

at the time

Great Britain was about to go

to war with Germany.

In these modern times of making families

with sperm donations, the concept of

The Kids Are Alright looks at a situation

which is likely to happen and just

think of all of the other possibilities!

I feel the film 127 Hours has a message

and a warning to everyone who goes

 hiking alone.

Even an experienced mountain guide

be trapped in a life-threatening situation.

One of the defining works of today, the

Social Network has changed the world.

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards were a

wonderful affair and best of all,

we do not have to travel to California to

 attend the Academy Awards,

the second highest rated television event in

 the United States.

I joined the guests for the private party in

Brenden's luxurious

Celebrity Suite and had a chance to

socialize and watch the Academy Awards.

This was a combined effort to raise money

 for Variety, the Children's Charity.

Variety offers these programs:

Kids on the Go! Mobility,

Sunshine Coach Transportation;

Kids at Play Recreation Equipment;

 Learning for Kids Experiential Tools;

and Kids in Need Temporary Assistance;

Oscar WINNERS: Best Picture-

The King's Speech, Best Actor-

Colin Firth- The King's Speech,

Best Actress- Natalie Portman-Black

 Swan, Best Supporting Actor- Christian

Bayle-The Fighter,

Supporting Actress- Melissa Leo-

The Fighter, Best Animated Feature Film-

  Toy Story III;