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Backstage with Claire Sinclair-Playboy’s Playmate

March 26th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“Backstage with Claire Sinclair”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman backstage after the show except the poster by Playboy.)

The MGM Grand’s intimate “Crazy Horse Paris” French spectacular revue

has been thrilling Las Vegas audiences since 2001.

When they added Claire Sinclair to the mix, Claire brought her blazing

sensuality blended with a classic beauty. Clair’s performance added a touch

of innocence to her act as she moved around the show’s famous signature Red Lip-shaped “Dali

Couch” and suddenly transformed herself like a firecracker exploding.

It was like a “Dance of Love”!

Claire won Playboy’s 2010 “October Playmate of the Month” and it seemed as though the world

opened up to her.

She made her first solo appearance as guest star in “Crazy Horse Paris”, last October,

again during the year, and is now returning April 20-27.

After the show, I met Claire in the backstage lounge.

Even though Claire was just wearing a long red robe, she really looked great.

Clair spoke about her act, “This was my first time on stage and

I have never danced professionally before in my life, or been on a stage for anything.

It was pretty intense for a first time thing.”

I asked, “How long did you have to train for your solo number?  Clair answered,

“About one-and-a-half weeks.” This was amazing because she had

never taken dance lessons and still had the ability to capture the “feeling” of passion in her

movements on and around the lip-shaped couch.

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Backstage with Claire Sinclair (Continued)

Claire did train seven hours a day as well as spend

time practicing her dance routine.

Only 19 years old, Claire is the youngest guest star

in Crazy Horse Paris.

Following her opening night show, Claire was not

allowed to attend her own after- party

because they were serving alcoholic beverages.

Her classic vintage appeal brought Claire the

honor of being the face and

spokes model for the Betty Page stores.

I have always enjoyed the originality and creative

approach to choreography

of the Crazy Horse Paris show.

Looking more like the girl next door until you see

her dance, Claire's act

was filmed and aired on E!'s Holly's World.

Holly's World showcases Sinclair's rehearsals with

the classically-trained

ballet dancers and features a behind-the-scenes look

at the making of a

Crazy Horse Paris dancer.

Additionally, the episode will feature Sinclair's

commitment and

time-intensive training, diet, and focus that

transformed her from a pin-up

into a Crazy Horse Paris star.  

Holly's World viewers can enjoy backstage sneak

peak with costume design,

stage preparedness and interaction amongst Sinclair

and the renowned dancers.

The MGM Grand's Crazy Horse Paris dancers

celebrate their tenth year in Las Vegas this June,

affectionately welcomed Sinclair as the newest and

youngest member of the cast.

MGM Grand's Crazy Horse Paris performs nightly

at 8 and 10:30 pm, dark Tuesdays.

Guests must be at least 18 years of age to attend.

Tickets are priced at $60.50 and

VIP seating at $70.50.

Guests may purchase a Meet and Greet with

Sinclair and the dancers

for an additional $50, which includes a

commemorative photo and

the opportunity to interact with international


For information or reservations, call 891-7777.

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is located at 3799

Las Vegas Boulevard South, off Tropicana Avenue.

Listen to Sandy's interview Backstage with Claire Sinclair.  See Navigation Bar, PODCASTS-Entertainment.