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The Hair Artist

March 16th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

“The Hair Artist”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

You will feel so fantastic after relaxing in the traditional Turkish co-ed Hammam.

One of the few spas offering the famous domed, mosaic Hammam baths, a beautiful

reminder of the Ottoman’s Baths of Roxelana, built in 1556.

The Turkish bath cleanses and relaxes the body similar to being in a sauna.

Some of the other indulgences are a wet spa, Jacuzzi, cool dip, steam sauna,

and gym awaiting you at the Primp Salon, by Michael Boychuck, inside the Palms Place Hotel.

Arrive early before your treatment in order to take advantage of all of these extras which are

complimentary with any treatment.

Now you are ready for one of Primp’s talented texture experts, Helsi Maya the Hair Artist.

Helsi analyzes your hair first before making decisions.

“We have to determine the hair’s texture and to choose the product and design for your style.

Is the texture medium or coarse?

Sandy Zimmerman- AFTER-

There are ways to control coarse, unmanageable hair, or to add volume to other types of hair,

whatever your hair needs.

Next, I determine the most attractive color for your complexion, eyes, and lifestyle.”

Just like an artist painting a picture, Helsi’s choice of colors is very important.

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The Hair Artist (Continued)

I was invited into the Color Room

and saw hundreds of different colors

and unlimited combinations.

She mixed four colors together

for a rich auburn base.

Then Helsi prepared a

highlight color base.

This is all customized for

each client's hair as a canvas.

It was interesting seeing all of the steps

she took in determining

the exact mix in the Color Room.

Helsi measured the colors into

a bowl then mixed them.

I did not realize all of the preparations

coloring hair.

Today the choice is more than just blonde,

red, brunette and black colors.

Highlights have to be complimentary to

 the base color.

There are several processes and

finally the transformation of the hair

into a radiant color with a healthy glow.

In fact, there is a color gloss which shines

at night, under lights, and looks glossier

 even in day light.

Wouldn't the color gloss be romantic with

 the light of flickering of candles?

It is amazing how a hair style and radiant

color can change a person's look


For the women who are seeking

a "look" for night clubbing

or a special date,

the glittering streamers

in your hair will really be noticed.

If you see a woman

wearing feathers she probably

got them at the Primp Salon.

Primp Salon offers a full-service

salon with high-quality

hair care, styling, color, updo,

gloss, manicures,

pedicures, paraffin, and waxing.

Men's services are also available.

Salon Hours: 10am- 7pm.

For information, call 944-3229.

Primp Salon, inside the

Palms Place Hotel & Spa,

to the Palms Las Vegas Hotel & Casino,

located at 4381 W. Flamingo Road.