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A Romantic Mexican Restaurant

March 26th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman
Tableside Guacamole Bowl

“A Romantic Mexican Restaurant”

By Sandy Zimmerman

Most people want a special place to celebrate and enjoy a romantic evening,

but it doesn’t have to be one of the expensive restaurants.

Yes, there is a romantic Mexican restaurant!

You can dine at El Segundo Sol for a great romantic evening and

it doesn’t have to be a birthday, anniversary, or other

special occasion because they make EVERY NIGHT a special occasion.

The restaurant offers a reasonable Mexican culinary adventure.

Executive Chef Terry Lynch explained, “El Segundo Sol is

especially romantic as it feels like a Mexican honeymoon

where you walk off the Mexican beach, through a

grove of trees and into a cool beach side margarita bar!

I think the atmosphere is truly romantic.

It is as though you went through a door and suddenly

you feel you are in Mexico without leaving Las Vegas.

You would not find anything like this on the Las Vegas Boulevard strip.

A lot of our food and drinks are meant to be shared,

a perfect way to spend a romantic evening.”

Guacamole Girl

I love the way the guacamole is prepared.

A special Guacamole Girl mixes it right in front of you.

Tell her exactly how spicy you want it and which ingredients

should be included, then a gigantic bowl –for- two

is brought right to your table.

Chef Terry feels, “This is really a special affair.

The girl is making it just for you at that moment, she will modify

the mixture to make special.

Tableside guacamole is the #1 seller in the restaurant.

You must see the sizzling fajita platter in order to believe it!

Our fajita platter is not the same as any of the other restaurants.

Tableside Sizzling Fajitas Platter

Two fajita platters are placed in front of the couple while

the server makes a presentation of pouring a

special liquid over the platters.

They hear the sizzling as steam dances around the couple.

Just the presentation is a WOW factor.

Other guests are amazed and quickly order the sizzling fajita platters.

Discover the Ultimate Dining chose El Segundo Sol as a Romantic Mexican Restaurant for great Las Vegas dining.

Tableside Sizzling Fajitas Platters

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El Segundo Sol (Continued)



It is like dinner and show all at once!   

The fajita platters are filled with a

variety of fresh grilled

and roasted vegetables, 

a choice of grilled all-natural herb

and garlic marinated chicken,

cilantro and  lime marinated

jumbo shrimp, or marinated steak.  

Each of the entrees has their

own marinades with

four awesome dipping sauces. 

I went to see what the other

Mexican restaurants were

doing and wanted to top it.  

I think the fajita platter is one

of those dishes that really,

really does that.  

It is a spectacle."

This is the only restaurant I have

found that includes

corn-on-the-cob and  asparagus

on their fajita platters.  

Chef Terry commented, "We use a lot of

fresh vegetables shipped to us

once or twice  a week from the

Santa Monica Farmer's Market."

I am on a "health" diet and the

sizzling platter was my choice

especially since it was  grilled.  

After the server presented the

sizzling platter show

in front of me, I took time to  savor every bite.  

Trying each of the marinades and

sauces added a

delightful spectrum of flavors.   

                             (TABLESIDE MARJARITAS)

Finding just the right formulas took

us awhile to get those flavors down.   

People will be pleasantly surprised

when they try our Margaritas.  

Again, it is a show.   

When people come to our restaurant

they want to

          experience the fun of being here.  

          We purchase fresh strawberries,

          mangos, raspberries,

          and fruits in season then mix  

          our own fruit puree blends and

          kick it up a notch. 

         The appetizer menu is built around sharing.  

          If they want melted ooey-gooey

          cheese queso fundido

          on a hot cast iron platter,  we have that.   

          Of course, they offer quesadillas,

           taco platters, enchiladas,

chips and salsa platters, 

 ahi ceviche, tortilla soup, taquitos,

tostadas, tamales,

and other great Mexican favorites.  

On the FIFTH day of EVERY MONTH,

El Segundo Sol

celebrates Cinco de Mayo, at with a DJ,

happy hour prices all day and specials!  

You do not have to wait once a year

for the fiesta.

Clink your glasses and enjoy the

romance of El Segundo Sol! 

Of course, El Segundo Sol is also

great for families, friends,

and business get-togethers offering

fun for everyone.    

Just listen for the sizzling fajitas and

watch for the large margaritas!   

For information, call 258-1211.   

The El Segundo Sol Mexican Restaurant is located

on the street in front of the Fashion Show Mall,

facing Wynn's Resort.   

There is free and valet parking inside the mall or

valet parking on the corner close  

to the restaurant.   www.elsegundosol.com 

Listen to El Segundo Sol on the Las Vegas Today Show- Look at the Navigation Bar, under PODCASTS- Dining;