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Gourmet Meals can be Reasonable

April 17th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos: Sandy Zimmerman)

There is a place where you can relax, take a break, and recharge


The Hammer Bar and Grill offers the perfect down-to-earth


As the co-owner and Executive Chef, Chris Sarret explained, “We

do not have a theme.

There are no palm trees or anything like that.

I wanted to create an atmosphere where people could come in

and not feel they have to dress and just have a good time for a

minimal amount of money.  This is one of Las Vegas’ reasonable


This is a friendly bar with great food, what more could you want?

And you can win money too.

There is nothing wrong with that, two of my favorite things.

My partner and I try to create an atmosphere that is fun for


You would not expect a gourmet restaurant in a cocktail lounge,

but Chris takes a lot of pride in their food.

He is the man who prepares all of the great food himself and it

really is great.

He graduated from the famous Le Cordon Bleu School so you

have a first class chef here.

I should describe my “tasting” as dining. The shrimp were

crusted with garlic while being toasted on the grill for a crispy


The Remoulade dipping sauce and cheesy garlic bread were

perfect complement to the dish.

After eating Hammer’s shrimp, I would say, “Their food is

reasonable and WORTH EVERY BITE!

Another great reason to come to the Hammer, you can probably

find almost any game from Keno, poker, slots, Black Jack,

including 10-15 different games on every slot machine.

Change your luck by changing games with their big selection of

games from .05 cents to $5.

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Gourmet Meals can be Reasonable

When you win points, you get a chance to use them in the

restaurant or bar for food and liquor. 

Chef Chris has a player tracking system

when you sign-up, they

 give you a card. 

Whenever you play you put it in the machine

and it keeps track

 of your points.

It is just like the player's clubs at the hotel casinos.

Chef Chris discussed Sport's Nights, Sports

are big at the

 Hammer Bar and Grill, you can watch the

game and receive the

whole combo of a big screen television,

food, and friendly


It makes a difference. 

The food is definitely our specialty

around here for sure.  

We have a very big recipe book and can

food from around the world.

We are going to schedule a food challenge.

Our customers can fill out a paper and vote

which cuisine they

want us to cook from all of their favorite countries.

When the winning country is scheduled,

you vote which chef did

the best job, and have a little bit of fun with us. 

We might have food from Thailand,

Argentina, anywhere. 

The feed-back from our customers tells us

what they want. 

We are able to cook any cuisine you want. 

Just name the city and he will make it happen. 

I have researched food from around the world,

a little bit of

research never hurts.

Between the two of us, we can come

up with something.

We have a big recipe book.

Our banquet room seats 50 people and you can

have any style

 cuisine or order something off the menu.

As for music, type the song's name into

our juke box and enjoy

any type of music you want all night long.

The theme can be from Tahiti, Asia, Argentina,

or whatever sort

of party you wish.

We also cater events.

Before opening here my partner and

I owned a catering company

for 5 years which enabled us to open this bar. 

 We can cater weddings up to 500 people

and can either drop off

the food or have our staff come

in and do everything."

Sandwiches-$5.00-9.95; Appetizers-$4.50-9.50; Salads-$6.00;

Try the Build-your-own half-pound Angus burger

with four

 different cheeses, mushrooms, chili,

avocado, salad, onions, and

 bacon- $9.95. 

This feast comes with fries, onion rings or

side salad included.

You can walk in 24 hrs, 7 days a week and

have a good time for a

 minimal amount of money. 

For information, call 597-1550.

The Hammer Bar and Grill is located at 3990 W. Russell Road.