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Enjoy an Enchanted Evening

May 3rd, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the live show.)

The Tropicana Hotel’s showroom was filled with the soulful

sounds of seven-time Grammy award winner Gladys Knight.

She sang about love with so much feeling you realize

it came from her heart.

With such intensity of her emotions and an earthiness in her

voice, Gladys’ new show “A Mic and a Light” brought the “real”

Gladys Knight.

Gladys’ warm friendly introduction set the mood,

“Welcome to my house.

I am honored, excited, and all of those things.

We have got things to do and places to go.

Tonight I’m gonna’ take you back where we started.”

That’s exactly what the audience wanted and they showed

their appreciation.

Beginning with a stirring “Midnight Train to Georgia”, Gladys’

musical selections included “You’re the Best thing that ever

happened to me”, “The Way we were”, and many of her classic

hits as well as songs from her new album.

Bubba Knight is featured in the show.

I interviewed Merald Bubba Knight, Gladys’ oldest brother

during the VIP/Media party before the show.

Bubba was excited, “The show’s title “A Mic and a Light” means

just that.

Early days- Gladys Knight and the Pips-

We’ve seen so many of the other performer’s shows with

fireworks, people getting shot from canons and fanfare.

Gladys said, ‘I’m going to eliminate all of that and sing to the people.

It is just going to be me, a light and a mic.

I am going to do what my gift is and just sing.’

The audience loves her songs.

Those songs are invaluable, priceless and she does such an

outstanding job with them.  It is the best of R&B and Soul!


Your Wedding Planning Just Got Easier!

Your Wedding Planning Just Got Easier!


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Enjoy an Enchanted Evening (Continued)

I just love this kid and you know

I've been with her all of my life

but she is still gets to my spirit

when she sings songs like that.

I get chocked up, can you believe that?"

Bubba was with Gladys from the

beginning as one of the original

members of the Pips along with their


Even before that time, he remembers,

"It all started at my birthday party when I

was 10 and we have been Gladys Knight

 and Pip'ing ever since.

I am thoroughly enjoying myself here at

 the Tropicana, it feels so

good to be home again and have a home


I'm having so much fun and Gladys gave

me my own spot in the


I have creative freedom and she also

helped produce my spot."

I always noticed Bubba in Gladys' shows

and now as a featured

performer at the Tropicana, he really

stands out.

Bubba's high energy level, exceptional

talent and sparkling

personality are a great addition

to the show.

Bubba proudly added "The singing part

came naturally to Gladys,

she was a child prodigy.

Gladys has been singing ever since she

was four.

I found out when she was four that I

wasn't a child prodigy

because she picked up songs so fast."

I have been reviewing Las Vegas shows

since 1978 and saw her

many times throughout the years.

Gladys' golden voice is still a thrill to hear

 as in the earlier days.

Bubba answered, "She is blessed because

 she sounds good, and

looks good, a lot of artists who started out

 with us don't have the

pipes anymore.

I am so proud of her."

Neil Taff, one of the singers in the show,

 appeared with Gladys

Knight for 10 years.

"This has been a wonderful ride and

a wonderful experience,

something you can't really describe.

Singing behind a legend, hearing the

 stories first hand and the

whole experience is priceless.

These are classic songs that everybody

 loves and they love

Gladys Knight.

Her recent album adds a new flavor.

One song? is called "Settle",

"I Who Have nothing" was a remake

which has a nice twist.

We worked together in Smokey Joe's

 Cafe and I have been with

her show ever since.

She is going to be here for a while at the


We won't have to travel.

I can get to sleep in my own bed at night."

Neil's singing career has brought him

 touring around the world

yet his talents also include being a

 massage therapist, dancer,

actor, model, personal trainer,

and bartender.

Perhaps the Tropicana Hotel can

offer a package with Neil- show,

massage, workout and drink.

For information or reservations, call (800)-829-9034.

Shows: Tuesday to Thursday- 8 pm, Friday & Saturday-9 pm.

Tickets: General Admission-$65, VIP-$75.

Gladys Knight appears

in the Gladys Knight Theater,

at the Tropicana Hotel.