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Swirl with Us

May 8th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman


(Photos: Sandy Zimmerman)

Everybody is swirling since U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt has come to

Las Vegas! U-Swirl is unique, not like any of the other yogurt


Dana Cartright, Director of Operations and Franchise Trainer,

discussed U-Swirl, “We are the King of frozen yogurt.

There is lots of space for customers to enjoy themselves with

family and friends.

They can sit on the couches and lay back with their feet up

on foot stools.

The bright colors make people happy and relaxed when they

come in after a hard day of work.

The walls are filled with pictures of fruit to show what

is available.”

I eat yogurt everyday for breakfast and was anxious to try theirs

but I do not eat sugar.


Dana explained, “The majority of our flavors are non-fat, we have

a few low fat with no sugar added, non-dairy sorbet, low sodium,

and many options with over 60 toppings to add to your

experience of swirling.

If you have a sweet tooth, there are all types of candies, brownies,

and syrups or for the healthy diet choose fresh fruits.

We offer 16 or 20 flavors depending whether you visit our two

super swirlers or the other five.”


I have never tried to use a yogurt machine before but it was easy.

Walking down the aisle looking at all those flavors was fun.

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Swirl with Us (Continued)

Customers will want to try this, try that, and

a little of everything.

After you fill- up the cup it is weighed.

They have free small sampler cups to taste

the flavors before putting them in your big cup

(16 or 20 ounces).

Fill your cup with whatever you want then

go to the first table with fresh and frozen fruit.

Next are 60 toppings beginning with their

tempting candy and brownies.

Then there is even more!

Choose from all different types of peanuts.

Make room for the syrups and whipped cream!

Dana agreed, "Even little kids love to

swirl their own.

It is people friendly easy to handle controls.


     Besides the regular popular yogurt flavors,

     you can try apple pie,

     carrot cake, peanut butter, cheesecake,

     and others with less calories and no fat

     That's what you want when you are

     indulging in something sweet that is

     still good for you.

     Our Red Velvet Cake is an excellent flavor

     which tastes like red velvet but as you

     swallow it seems more like chocolate cake.

Yogurt is good for your bones as a source

of calcium and good for

your tummy because it is easy to digest.

Eat yogurt as a snack, for a light lunch,

or big dinner it all depends

on how much you want.

Just build your cup and fill it up.

The price is .36 cents an ounce without

any charge for the cup.

You control everything."

They specialize in the best quality yogurts because

both the customer and U-Swirl wants the best yogurt.

I love yogurt and never knew it was good for me!

U-Swirl Yogurt promote a healthy lifestyle today

and you hear the expressions We are going swirling,

keep swirling and come

swirl with me all around Las Vegas.

The family also owns Pizza Hut, Blockbuster,

and U-Swirl Yogurt,

everything that goes together for a

great party at home!

For information, call 982-2700.

Open: 11 am- 11 pm, Sunday- Thursday; 11 am- Midnight, Friday and Saturday;

U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt.s seven locations for swirling: 

790 Coronado Center Drive, (South Eastern Ave.

and Coronado Center), 305 N. Nellis Ave.

(Nellis and Washington), 7595 W.

Washington Ave. (Buffalo and Washington);

9360 W. Flamingo

Rd. (Ft. Apache), 9795 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste.

#101 (Hualapai),

6592 N. Decatur Blvd., #100 & 105 (#215 North),

2300 Paseo Verde

Pkwy (Green Valley Ranch Casino),