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Bacio means KISS!

May 23rd, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos By Sandy Zimmerman)

The two piece band were playing while guests

filled the restaurant;

it was a food tasting party to introduce the press and VIP’s to

Bacio by Carla Pellegrino’s Mediterranean cuisine.

I walked around the buffet table and was thrilled to see all of the


Once I noticed Carla’s jumbo shrimp I was hooked!

Their jumbo shrimp were really jumbo, six to a pound, and

tasted great with a delicate butter, garlic, and lemon juice sauce.

The shrimp were not swimming in the sauce, yet they held the

taste in every bite. With such large shrimp, I decided to make

them my meal along with some of the caprese and spinach


There were several different Italian rolls and bread as well as

bread sticks.

A chef stood at the carving section ready to cut your port

reduction crusted ribeye exactly to your specifications.

Of course Carla’s menu offers pasta, not only one or two choices

but penne, spaghetti, linguine, and rigatoni.


Sidewalk Cafe-Patio-

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Bacio Means KISS! (Continued)

Just add a bit of fresh Buffalo Mozzarella and what a meal!

I had a chance to interview Carla Pellegrino during the party. 

Carla expressed her feelings, "I'm happy everybody RSVP'D and everybody is here.

We have all of the foodies, all the media, and I am so happy.

I feel loved right now. 

Once you cross my door, you are family.

You will find a lot of seafood, risottos, and especially lighter food,

 that's from where I lived, in Liguria, Northern Italy."

Sandy: "This style of cooking is healthier than the thick sauces

 and heavier meals served in other Italian provinces."

I think it is always important when a restaurant provides a

 healthy menu for their guests.  

Carla answered, "We make everything fresh day by day.

You will eat like your mom's cooking for you.

I felt, "Better than your mom sometimes."

Carla laughed, "Thank you. I do respect my guests and know the

 American culture's love for spaghetti and meat balls with thick

 meat sauce.

I keep that for my guests who want it.

But healthy meals don't have thick sauces so you won't feel guilty.

They need to be fresh, light, and well seasoned.

The entire menu features my recipes and specialties.

I enjoy when people are happy and love to see them eat.

I put a lot of love in my cooking and really love what I do.

Sandy, "You are brimming with happiness!

Everyone can tell how enthused you are."

Carla added, "Another reason I am excited is the opportunity to

 work with those brilliant men who did wonders with the new Tropicana.

I am happy and proud to be a part of it. 

The moment you see the restaurant, your first impression is of a charming sidewalk cafe in Italy or on one of the Greek islands.

  I liked the restaurant's design flowing from the       gate around the

   enclosed patio with open windows facing into the     dining room.

   Inside you have a choice of a pool view along  the

   wall of windows or people watching.     

   Salads: $12-16;

   Antipasti: $7-21;

   I Primi: $15-29;

   I Secondi: $22-42;

  Contorni: $9-10;

  Desserts: $8.50; 

  Happy Prefix Menu, 5-6:30, 3 course menu, glass    

   of house wine,

   $33 with a choice of six antipasti;

Carla's passion for food brought her to the United States where

she found love and success.

Carla married Frank Pellegrino, the owner of Rao's, in Harlem,

 and they opened the Baldoria Restaurant in New York's theater

 district, in 2000.

After beating the celebrity chef Bobby Flay on his annual

 Christmas "Throwdown" on the Food Network,  she cooked on

 the Today Show and is a VIP member of the James Beard

Foundation and a Woman in Food Honoree at the 2009 James

Beard Foundation Awards gala.        

Open: 5-10:30 pm, 7 days a week.

Bacio means KISS, Carla would love to kiss your lips with her


For information, call (800)-462-8767.

The Bacio by Carla Pellegrino is located on the Mezzanine, just

take the elevator or escalator, inside the Tropicana Hotel, Las

 Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue.  www.troplv.com/dining/bacio