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Interview: Murray Sawchuck-America’s Got Talent semi-finalist,Part#1-

May 29th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

Murray Sawchuck-America's Got Talent, Semi-finalist

By Sandy Zimmerman

I was happy to see Murray Sawchuck again and followed my GPS directions to his home.

Before entering I asked, “Murray, you perform illusions with tigers and other wild animals, do you keep any wild animals in your home?” I didn’t know what to expect.

Murray laughed, “No, only two Chihuahuas, that’s as dangerous as it gets.

It was a charming home with exceptionally big rooms, high ceilings, and plenty of space for comfort but not for disappearing a train or any of his other grand illusions. Murray’s memorabilia and souvenirs of his trips filled the walls. Upstairs he had a great balcony-style view of the living room. Outside there was a golf tee and garden.

Murray, “I love living here in Las Vegas.  The yard is my yoga, a place for me to relax.

Sandy, “You have a new title as Historical Magic Consultant for the Pawn Stars television program on the History Channel.”

Murray, “People bring items in to be pawned, whenever the Pawn Stars have memorabilia or anything that is magic related they bring it to me. I examine the memorabilia to determine whether the item is real and authenticate it.”

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Murray Sawchuck, America's Got Talent semi-finalist, #1-(Continued)

Sandy, "I saw a picture on your wall of you wearing Houdini's straight jacket. Was it really the one he used in his acts?"

Murray, "That is exactly the one he used in 1915, in St. Louis, Missouri. After extensive research, I found a photo of that exact jacket. The value was determined from $38,000- $42,000.

Just like a famous artist, people want to collect magician's works.

Pawn Stars will have a program with Houdini's handcuffs, magic kits and props airing soon.

Being a Historical Magic Consultant is exciting! So much memorabilia is available from Houdini, Blackstone, Kellar and other famous magicians."

When the Pawn Stars program goes on the road to do their live weekend shows, Murray is the host with meet and greets across the United States. This is a different side of Murray without his magic.  These shows are similar to the Antiques Roadshow but not taped for television.

Murray, "From 1,000 to 2,000 people bring their junk to the road show's experts who decide what they want to purchase. I ask the history of each item, the era when it was created and value to be certain that the item is an antique. They do not want to accidentally buy something from Toys R Us."


Sandy, "How did you become involved with the Pawn Stars television program?"

It was fate!

Murray, "They saw me on America's Got Talent and wanted a host for their road show, then later realized as a magician, I would be knowledgeable about magic memorabilia.

Celebrating their fourth season, the Pawn Stars program is #1 on the entire History Channel."

Murray continually travels in the United States and internationally performing his one-man comedy magic act.  Some of Murray's next stops include one week in the Caribbean then one week at the famous Magic Castle, in Los Angelas, July 11-17, with three shows each night. Kids are allowed to the shows on Saturday and Sunday during brunch, from 11 am- 2:30 PM.

His magic tour will also include Hawaii, another trip to the Caribbean, traveling back to Hawaii, than Tahiti, and a nice warm Christmas in Hawaii. What a schedule! Twitter and Facebook