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The Family Music Center has so many possibilities.

June 17th, 2011 • by Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos By Sandy Zimmerman)

Looking for fun places to go where you can meet people and have a great time? 

An attractive patio leads into the store with each room specializing in a different musical instrument. Whatever you want, it is probably in one of the rooms.

During the tour of the center, I stopped to watch their organ class and it was obvious they were enjoying themselves. The teacher made learning to play the organ fun. The feeling continued at their get together afterwards with snacks and soft drinks for everyone.

Jim Mason, the owner, explained, “It is almost like a social club tied to music.  That’s the way to do it. We introduced so many people to music over the years and developed the love of music and friendship outside music.”

Maybe romance!

Jim is proud of their lessons. “The ages range from 4 up to 85 years old. Everybody loves music, it is universal. Whether they are rich or poor, young or old, music transcends everything. Some people have no experience they cannot play a single note and you should see their progress. They have over 50 teachers providing from 6-8,000 private and group lessons every month on organs, pianos, guitars, violins, and all types of instruments. With the American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and all of the other shows, young budding stars can get that clarinet or trombone and take lessons. Our store has the largest private lesson program in Nevada.

I saw a unique Steinway Square Grand piano which is now obsolete,  (Continued)

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The Family Music Centers Have so Many Possibilities (Continued)

obsolete, although it was made in 1869, the piano has been fully restored and still plays. This piano is not just for show. 

There is a bar around another piano like you see at a cocktail lounge where people sit around the bar. This is an add-on for any baby grand piano. It would be good for a person who hosts a lot of parties. 

He has Player pianos but with the evolution in style, they are computerized today. Just connect an iPod online and download all of your favorite tunes or load it with CD's. Some pianos sound like an orchestra with full arrangements and even vocals. Jim sells from the finest to reasonable pianos in all price ranges. He compares it to shopping for cars. Some of the imported pianos' handcrafted versions took several years to build. You can also buy, sell or trade musical instruments.

When a person has an organ or piano in their home, friends and family can    spontaneously enjoy singing together.

This would be a great place to start your own band, meet musicians and network.

The Family Music Center has a special state-of-the-art auditorium seating 200 people for shows, recitals, plays, seasonal events, business conferences, and concerts. Call for information about their schedule of events.

The public is invited also not just the people who are taking the lessons. This store is different and has so much to offer for music enthusiasts. Walk in and check out what's going on.

The Family Music Center is located at:

 8125 W. Sahara Ave.

 2714 N. Green Valley Pkwy.

      1915 W. Craig Rd.


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