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The Sexiest place on earth: Nikki Beach.

June 17th, 2011 • by admin

(Photos were shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the White Carpet and at Nikki Beach.) 

Imagine the most fabulous beach designed for your pleasure. It’s more than just a beach but a complete luxurious lifestyle filled with nightclubs, restaurants, pool parties, shopping, entertainment, a beach club, and everything else to enhance your stay.  

After spending over 180 million dollars on the transformation of the legendary Tropicana Hotel, Nikki Beach sparkles as the latest spectacular addition.

With so many choices, once you visit Nikki Beach you will long to repeat this incredible experience.

It is important to identify which Nikki Beach because there are so many of them. Most of the guests I interviewed this evening never had the thrill of being at any of the Nikki Beaches. The famous Nikki Beach group have thrilled guests in eleven cities in nine countries: Miami Beach, Florida, USA; St. Tropez, France; St. Barth, French West Indies; Marbella, Spain; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Marrakech, Morocco; Koh Samui, Thailand; Cabaret, Dominican Republic; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; and also at the Cannes Film Festival, France, and the Toronto International Film Festival, Canada.  

When I finally had a chance to take a tour, the entrance led into an enormous night club, and then finally, there in its white splendor was the dazzlingly radiant Nikki Beach.

Like a movie set, the action flowed from one tiered section to the next. You can watch from the pool, have privacy in the Teepee Cabanas, or try the extra large elevated Opium Beds, and special lounging areas everywhere. 

Dine . . . Drink . . . Play . . . and Continue the Party Day and Night. 

During the opening festivities, girls wore tables around their waste that were filled with food like human tables.

The entertainment is all around you!  With stilt-walkers dancing on top of railings and any other space available, the infectious music continued to entice the crowd to dance.   

In 1998, Nikki Beach introduced the world to the ultimate beach club concept, bringing together dining, fashion, art, music and entertainment.

Over a decade later, Nikki Beach continues to make its mark in the world’s hottest addresses and trendsetting locales, “It’s going to be a mix between Miami and St. Tropez,” says Nikki Beach’s Mike Penrod.

Adds his father and Nikki Beach owner Jack Penrod, “What we’re doing is taking the best of all of the Nikki Beach locations and bringing parts here.

 This will be the largest venue in the Nikki Beach family at The Tropicana Hotel, in Las Vegas, recently claiming the #1 spot on The Travel Channel’s “World’s Sexiest Beach Bars.”


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The Sexiest Place on Earth: NIKKI BEACH (Continued)

I was interviewing and photographing celebrities/ VIP's along the White Carpet. 

Dan Aykroid arrived looking striking in his white suit, "The Tropicana Hotel spent millions refurbishing their facility to bring it back to a period in history that we all have affection, for a beach of the fifties in ancient Miami or ancient Havana.

The rest of the hotel, they have achieved in its decor now to have them take on the Nikki Beach concept going to be the best Nikki Beach in the world. 

And a very, very special place for people to come, no place like it in the city.

This is my first time seeing any of the Nikki Beaches tonight."

Rita Rudner wore a glamorous glittering blouse with shiny round spangles. "My husband was upset because I wore silver instead of white, but it still counts."  

I asked, "How do you like the NEW Tropicana"

Rita said, The Tropicana had quite a face lift.

My question of the evening, "Have you ever seen any of the Nikki Beaches around the world?"

Rita, "What is a Nikki Beach?

Is it a Nikki?

I don't know what it is." 

I answered, "This was my first time, I heard it's supposed to be very sexy."

Rita has appeared in Las Vegas for years and now is at the Venetian Resort.

She explained, "They made my room special by spraying it with Funny Gas so everybody laughs whenever I say anything."

I saw Holly Madison, the star of Peepshow at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, relaxing at the pool.  

The Tropicana Hotel's latest headliner Gladys Knight took time to walk the White Carpet and enjoy the opening before her show.   

Join the excitement at Nikki Beach Las Vegas in the Tropicana Hotel, 3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South.